[ovs-discuss] Please tell me how to enable the TCP checksum HWofflo ad function of outgoing packets on the NIC in the OVS + DPDKenviro nment.

"h-nakase.wm@docomo.ne.jp" h-nakase.wm at docomo.ne.jp
Wed Jul 21 06:42:13 UTC 2021

Hello everyone.

Regarding the subject, I would like to enable the HW offload function of TCP checksum on the NIC in the following server configuration.
If you know how to set it, it would be greatly appreciated if you could teach it

The server configuration is a configuration in which the host OS is CentoOS and the container and NIC are connected to the OVS + DPDK bridge.

With this configuration, I would like to know how to perform the TCP checksum HW offload function of packets sent from the container to the NIC on the NIC.

Thank you very much.

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