[ovs-git] Open vSwitch: vswitch: Send gratuitous learning packets when bond slaves go down. (v0.90.0)

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Thu Aug 27 21:21:44 UTC 2009

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 tagged by  Justin Pettit
        on  Mon Jun 8 14:20:37 2009 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag release 0.90.0.

Ben Pfaff (1263):
      Don't treat $(CC) as a list of compiler candidates if provided by user.
      Ignore lots of files.
      Rewrite vlogconf manpage to reflect current implementation.
      Fix backoff.
      Support SSL in secchan and controller.
      Add missing #include.
      Fix arguments to printf in usage message.
      Document that we use TLSv1.
      Remove support for 512- and 1024-bit Diffie-Hellman.
      Change fatal errors in SSL connection from VLOG_DBG to VLOG_ERR.
      Change tabs to spaces in ofp-pki to make indentation consistent across text editors.
      Punctuation and grammar fixes.
      Mention additional required software for working from a Git tree.
      Initialize pad byte in ofp_packet_in messages, to avoid leaking kernel state.
      Fix LIST_FOR_EACH_SAFE macro.
      Add additional definitions for Ethernet addresses and headers and for VLAN headers.
      Make vlog preserve errno.
      Add 1024-bit Diffie-Hellman parameters to vconn-ssl.
      Add the ability to connect to a vconn asynchronously.
      Add abstraction of packet queue, and use it in the controller.
      Add pointers to headers to buffer, and initialize them in flow_extract.
      New function list_replace(), to replace a list element in-place.
      Add tag to enum for OpenFlow statistics type.
      Implement userspace switch.
      Set l4 pointer properly in buffers that contain IP options.
      Documentation wording improvements from Justin.
      Improve comment.
      Add list of to-do items for userspace switch.
      Compile, but do not distribute, the generate file dhparams.c.
      Fix memory leak in poll-loop.c.
      Use LIST_FOR_EACH_SAFE, not LIST_FOR_EACH, when deleting from a list.
      Support jumbo frames, by allocating enough memory for the device MTU.
      Get rid of mac.h, migrating its users to packets.h.
      Get rid of ip.h, migrating its users to packets.h.
      Clean up and comment netdev implementation.
      Clean up and comment poll-loop module.
      Add comments to queue module.
      Hide contents of sw_chain.
      Reverse the dependency of controller.c on forward.c.
      Better abstract controller_connection.
      Merge datapath.[ch] with forward.[ch].
      Make the datapath responsible for the controller connection also.
      Get rid of tables' dependency on the datapath.
      Add clarifying comment.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Allow timeout implementations to block, by using a kernel thread instead of a timer.
      Fix logic bug in userspace switch that could cause reading invalid memory.
      Fix bug in vconn-tcp, vconn-ssl that prevented minimum-length OpenFlow packets from being received correctly.
      Add vlog functions and macros for testing whether a module and level are enabled.
      Add new functions for pretty-printing an OpenFlow message to a string.
      Make vconn log all incoming and outgoing OpenFlow packets at debug level.
      Make vconn-tcp log an error when the connection drops mid-packet.
      Rename controller_connection to rconn and use it in secchan also.
      Allow secchan to listen for management connections also.
      Break data_hello and control_hello messages into multiple messages.
      Factor out printing the list of available vconns.
      Factor out parsing vconn-ssl options.
      Send replies to OpenFlow requests only to the sender.
      Implement OpenFlow statistics in switches and in dpctl.
      Don't read info->attrs[DP_GENL_A_OPENFLOW] twice, unnecessarily.
      Add missing calls to htons/ntohs in accesses to miss_send_len.
      Make duration in ofp_flow_stats a 32-bit quantity (instead of 16).
      Make table_id in OpenFlow messages 8 bits, since 255 should be enough.
      Expand tabs to spaces in dp_send_flow_stats.
      Merge remote branch 'repo/master' into stats
      Mark functions not meant to be exported as static.
      Handle memory allocation failure in dp_output_control().
      Support NETLINK_ADD_MEMBERSHIP even when compiled with old kernel headers.
      Get rid of build dependency on netlink-related headers from Linux 2.6.
      Drop stray debug messages.
      Add missing header to Makefile.am.
      Improve list traversal macros.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Make nl_sock_sendv properly implement 'wait' option.
      Enable the netlink library to dump more verbose debug output.
      Add missing NLM_F flags constants (oops).
      Make dumping large numbers of flows possible.
      Get rid of union in struct sw_flow, because only one member is ever used any longer.
      Rename variables with duplicate names, so as to be less confusing.
      Fix openflow.h compilation with GCC 2.95.
      Revamp OpenFlow kernel module build system.
      New utility function xmemdup().
      Initialize rconn "connected" member.
      Initialize n_flows member in table-hash.
      Clear padding bytes in fill_flow_stats(), to avoid state leakage.
      Drop prototype for function that does not exist.
      Implement new statistics format in kernel and userspace switches.
      Convert tabs to spaces to fix indentation issues.
      Add max_idle field to flow stats messages.
      Send actions as part of flow statistics messages.
      Remove MAX_ACTIONS (which was 16) as a limit on the number of actions in a flow table entry.
      Reduce spurious recompilations for Linux 2.4 datapath.
      Implement aggregate flow statistics in kernel and userspace switches.
      Suppress Automake warnings about GNU make extensions in Modules.mk files.
      Add build directory to include path.
      Compile fix for Linux 2.6.26-rc1: don't use the removed list_for_each_safe_rcu macro.
      Support pre-Linux 2.6.20 genetlink, which didn't have "done" functions for dumps.
      Fix compilation on Linux 2.6.20: declare NLMSG_DEFAULT_SIZE with this kernel.
      Fix memory leak in secure channel.
      Fix a secure channel memory leak that appears only under high load.
      When deleting flows, only insist on matching priority with strict matching.
      Treat flows without any wildcards as maximum priority.
      Add-on hardware tables initial implementation.
      Don't ever send frames on OpenFlow devices to the host stack.
      Fix buggy table-linear iterator function.
      Don't allow CONFIG_PREEMPT with Linux 2.6.x before 2.6.21, because it's busted.
      Always do exact-match on undefined flow fields, so that such flows can be in table-hash.
      Demote warning about runt frames to debug message.
      Get rid of obsolete, commented-out debugging code in datapath.c.
      Print more special ports by name in ofp-print.c.
      Put newline before packet info in ofp_packet_out pretty-print output.
      Print special ports by name in ofp_packet_in messages.
      Pretty-print port numbers when printing ofp_switch_features messages.
      Print actions in ofp_flow_mod messages.
      Move netdev from switch to lib.
      Expose device IP addresses through netdev.
      New functions for getting and setting network device flags.
      Break MAC learning out of controller into library.
      Make the OFPP_LOCAL port work in the kernel OpenFlow implementation.
      Make in-band communication work.
      Fix typo in error message.
      Fix use-after-free bug.
      Ignore NLMSG_DONE Netlink messages in dpif.
      Fix "make clean" to delete symlinks created by "make".
      Fix "make dist" by distributing some more files.
      Remove vestigial support for auto-running unit tests.
      Avoid wild pointer write in del_switch_port().
      Free ofX network device when we're done with it.
      Don't try to destroy dp_dev while the local port holds a reference to it.
      Don't oops on deldp, by avoiding use-after-free on net_bridge_port.
      Use kernel build system for linux-2.4.
      Prevent deadlock in OpenSSL.
      Improve formatting of manpage.
      Make boot.sh give an error if pkg-config is not installed.
      Fix "make dist" in datapath/linux-2.4 when --with-l24 not used.
      Delete unneeded line.
      Fix "waiting for of0 to become free" message on deldp.
      Only log unprocessed packets in the controller if debugging enabled.
      Factor learning switch out of controller into library.
      Add "fail open" feature to secchan.
      Move manpages from man directory to next to their programs.
      Fix "NOHZ: local_softirq_pending 08" message.
      Set fail-open explicitly as default.
      Add --detach and --pidfile options to daemons.
      Make flow specifications more general in dpctl:
      Allow priority to be specified in dpctl del-flows command.
      Bring manpages and usage messages up-to-date.
      Implement Debian-based packaging and deployment infrastructure.
      Drop "send_openflow_skb: send failed: -3" warning.
      Add --max-idle option to secchan and controller.
      Don't special-case broadcast packets in in-band mode.
      Modified the naming scheme for hardware tables.
      Fix commit 8bdd107e0 (jiffies linking error) when not running on Red Hat.
      Fix typo in user message.
      Fix -v, --verbose options to userspace programs.
      Add utility functions for generating random numbers, and use where appropriate.
      Respond to echo requests in OpenFlow implementations.
      Add "ping" command to dpctl for testing echo requests.
      Add "benchmark" command to work like "benchmark-nl" with echo requests.
      Drop "benchmark" netlink message and "benchmark-nl" dpctl command.
      Make the secure channel and controller send out keepalives.
      Announce fail-open mode more aggressively in secchan.
      Fix segfault when SSL_connect or SSL_accept reports an error.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Prevent switch implementations from complaining about echo-reply messages.
      Add "probe" command to dpctl.
      Include date and time in vlog messages.
      Adjust OpenFlow to have same structure layout on 32- and 64-bit platforms.
      Assert on structure sizes in openflow.h.
      New function vconn_get_ip().
      New function rconn_get_ip().
      New function netdev_arp_lookup().
      New function eth_addr_is_zero().
      Answer ARP requests from controller directly in secchan.
      Fix behavior when system date is negative.
      Log an error when the time is negative at vlog startup.
      By default, log to syslog also.
      Fix "make dist".
      Set skb->dev before calling netif_rx().
      New header file "type-props.h" for testing properties of types.
      New header file timeval.h for time-related functionality.
      New function random_range().
      New function ds_clear().
      New function xmemdup0().
      buffer: Make buffer_pull() return the start of the pulled data.
      buffer: Rename buffer_reserve_headroom to buffer_prealloc_headroom.
      buffer: New functions buffer_reserve(), buffer_push(),
      packets: Make Ethernet broadcast address available as a global object.
      packets: New IP header macros.
      packets: Distinguish max Ethernet length with and without VLAN header.
      packets: Move IP checksum functionality into new csum.c, csum.h.
      packets: New macros for detecting IP fragments.
      packets: Make flow_extract() output a pointer to L7 data also.
      netdev: Do not modify the caller's buffer in netdev_send().
      netdev: Add argument to netdev_open() to specify Ethernet type to capture.
      netdev: New function netdev_drain().
      netdev: Add more functions for manipulating device flags.
      netdev: Use SOCK_RAW instead of SOCK_PACKET.
      netdev: Add ability to permanently set device flags.
      netdev: add ability to set IPv4 addresses and add a default gateway.
      rconn: Add new max_backoff argument to rconn_new().
      rconn: Log when a connection attempt starts.
      rconn: Time out connection attempts when the backoff deadline passes.
      rconn: Push detection of send errors into try_send().
      rconn: Rewrite to use explicit state machine.
      rconn: Add questionability.
      Add new --max-backoff option to secchan and switch programs.
      vconn: Add utility functions make_openflow() and update_openflow_length().
      vconn: Add new function vconn_transact() and use it to simplify dpctl.c.
      vconn: Add assertions to vconn_send() to check consistency of outgoing messages.
      vconn: New function vconn_ssl_is_configured().
      vconn: Make errors in vconn names non-fatal errors.
      Implement DHCP client.
      Make facility and level optional in -v, --verbose options.
      Don't truncate flooded packets at the amount sent up by the switch.
      Use an IP ID of 0 for transmitted DHCP packets.
      Fix build on Linux 2.6.26.
      Make openflow.h SWIG-friendly.
      Get rid of useless use of rcu_read_lock.
      Simplify use of dp_mutex.
      Properly synchronize dp_dev destruction.
      Get rid of unnecessary synchronization in tables.
      Don't use atomic_t for tracking table flow counts.
      Don't need 'deleted' member of struct flow.
      Verify that sleeping is allowed in chain contexts where Broadcom will need to.
      Get rid of now-excessive levels of indirection in hwtable_dummy.
      Only link programs that need it against OpenSSL.
      Don't explicitly link against libdl.
      Drop use of libtool for libraries.
      Move Autoconf's macro definitions into config.h.
      Distribute new rculist.h headers.
      Don't unnecessarily link against -lresolv and -ldl.
      Do the Debian package build in a _debian subdirectory.
      Don't include unneeded header file.
      dpctl: Get rid of effectively unused variable.
      Make set_pidfile() easier to use.
      dhcp: Be more precise about updating 'changed' flag.
      dhcp: Break out netdev configuration from DHCP binding.
      dhcp: Make dhcp_msg_to_string() support a multiline format also.
      dhcp: Make output of dhcp_option_to_string() more uniform, to ease parsing.
      dhcp: Don't attempt to drain netdev if we ran out of packets.
      dhcp: Only print "entering" message if state actually changes.
      dhcp: Fix race condition in test-dhcp-client.
      dhcp: Always build test-dhcp-client.
      Add SIGALRM to blockable fatal signals.
      New program ofp-discover.
      Lock pidfiles with fcntl and create them atomically.
      secchan: Improve logging when rejecting a controller vconn.
      New function make_pidfile_name().
      New utility ofp-kill.
      Support controller discovery in Debian packages.
      Enable secchan, ofp-discover to update /etc/resolv.conf.
      Only generate private key and certificate request if ssl enabled.
      Be less picky about precise name of process in init script.
      Don't log messages to the console by default in Debian package.
      Update Debconf templates PO file.
      Fix kdist_clean target in debian/rules.
      Verify OpenFlow version number in vconn_recv().
      vlog: Send multi-line log messages to syslog() one line at a time.
      vlog: Reduce syslog level of VLL_EMER messages to LOG_ALERT.
      Don't invoke Debconf from openflow-switch postinst.
      Merge branch 'locking'
      Avert GCC false-positive warning.
      Be slightly pickier about going into fail-open mode.
      Drop unnecessary conditional and incorrect comment.
      rconn: Reconnect reliably when underlying vconn reports error.
      Fix typo in comment.
      vconn: Allow vconns to delegate to underlying implementations.
      vconn: Introduce infrastructure for stream socket-based vconns.
      vconn: Use vconn_stream to factor out code from vconn_tcp.
      Move unix socket helper functions into socket-util.
      vconn: Implement Unix domain socket vconn.
      Debian: Listen on Unix domain socket for management connections.
      netdev: Let netdev_get_in4(), netdev_get_in6() take null pointer argument.
      Clean up secchan code.
      dhcp: New function dhcp_option_equals().
      dhcp: Make dhcp_option_to_string() act sensibly with null or empty options.
      dhcp: Make client signal a change if renewing yields different options.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Don't try to extract UDP/TCP port numbers from IP fragments.
      Don't accept incomplete TCP headers when extracting flows in kernel.
      Fix bug in flow_extract() for extracting VLAN from short packet.
      Make it easier for the compiler to optimize IP_IS_FRAGMENT.
      Mark functions not used in other source files static.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Drop controller-bound traffic that arrives on the controller's port.
      Fix memory leak when OFPP_TABLE is used for a packet that matches no flow.
      Maintain userspace switch configuration in host byte order.
      Reduce redundancy in datapath code.
      Implement OFPC_FRAG_DROP fragment handling policy.
      Don't allow unsupported flags to be set in the switch.
      Don't call kfree_skb() with interrupts disabled.
      Fix bug in clearing unsupported switch flags.
      Fix uninitialized struct member in userspace table-linear.
      Fix formatting of flow matches in ofp-print:
      Implement OpenFlow hard timeouts.
      Make vconn_open() consistently set *vconnp to NULL on failure.
      Fix handling of IP but non-TCP, non-UDP packets in kernel flow_extract().
      Set up flow to drop packets that come in on their output port.
      Make fatal-signal more willing to share signals with other handlers.
      Implement signal-driven time tracking.
      Initialize the timetracking module in each userspace program.
      Use signal-based timekeeping functions throughout the source base.
      Drop rconn's responsibility for limiting the tx queue.
      Implement rate limiting in secchan.
      Make discovery happen faster.
      Reduce default burst limit to rate limit / 4.
      Prevent the secchan from dying due to SIGPIPE.
      rconn: Queue packets for tx only if connected.
      rconn: Use rconn_send() to send echo requests.
      rconn: Wake up immediately if we drain the send queue.
      Add missing prerequisite to debian/control.
      Describe how to build and use Debian packages in INSTALL.
      Print OpenFlow ref. impl. and protocol versions at secchan startup time.
      Use proper byte order for dl_type of 802.2, non-SNAP frames.
      Use OpenFlow OUI for Ethernet address of local ports.
      Fix vlogconf EINTR error returns.
      Make hwtable_dummy compile again.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Use ETH_ALEN in place of hard-coded 6 in datapath/flow.h.
      Implement subnet mask matching in OpenFlow.
      Make ofp_packet_in() print the flow corresponding to the buffer also.
      Allow and use shorthands such as "ip" or "tcp" for specifying flows.
      Don't compare wildcards, nw_src_mask, nw_dst_mask fields in hash table.
      Un-learn the port on which a MAC is located after some time.
      rconn: Fix bug #100, "Inactivity time-out slow under heavy load."
      New function ds_put_printable().
      New functions ds_truncate(), ds_last().
      Change netdev_get_in4() to re-check the IP address on each call.
      Add functions for reporting dhcp client statistics.
      rconn: Add functions for reporting connection statistics.
      Implement new OpenFlow "switch statistics" feature.
      Allow multiple ports on dpctl addif and delif commands, for convenience.
      Eliminate dpctl dependency on /sbin/ifconfig.
      New header for saturating arithmetic.
      New functions ds_put_strftime(), ds_chomp().
      vlog: Simplify vlog() by using dynamic-string functions.
      vlog: Implement rate-limiting.
      vlog: Apply rate-limiting everywhere it seems warranted.
      Allow multiple -l or --listen options on secchan command line.
      Make OpenFlow kernel module print protocol version.
      Fix test for fcntl return value.
      Make -P or --pidfile keep programs from running if already running.
      Add license notice to acinclude.m4, configure.ac.
      Add ability to run fatal signal hooks upon normal termination too.
      Make the secchan report a few more switch-status items.
      Remove duplicate prefixes on switch-status items.
      Add support for extensions submodule.
      Fix "make distcheck" error due to failure to clean files added by Automake.
      Fix detection of OpenFlow extensions submodule.
      Make "make dist", "make clean" work without extensions submodule present.
      Update ext.
      Make vconns keep track of their names and include them in log messages.
      Minimal fix for in-band control loop with hub.
      Do not send in-band control traffic to the controller.
      Also disable atexit hooks in fatal_signal_fork().
      Respin "Make vconns keep track of their names and include them in log messages."
      Initialize otherwise uninitialized variable.
      Simplify code by using rconn_send_with_limit() helper function.
      Rename struct buffer to struct ofpbuf.
      Add -Wpointer-arith to compiler flags.
      Avoid pointer arithmetic on void*.
      Rename struct queue to struct ofp_queue.
      Fix included headers.
      Tolerate existing definitions of MIN, MAX macros.
      Revert "Do not send in-band control traffic to the controller."
      Rename utility functions to avoid partner namespace conflicts.
      Don't use designated array initializers in code compiled outside of Linux.
      Don't use designated struct member initializers in code compiled outside of Linux.
      Drop unneeded inclusions of ofp-print.h.
      In userspace switch, don't truncate packets to 0 bytes with max_len of 0.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Use make_openflow() function to simplify send_features_request().
      Do not send in-band control traffic to the controller.
      Compatibility fixes for 2.6.18 kernel
      Re-add extensions submodule that was accidentally dropped.
      vconn: New function vconn_get_name().
      Add ability to monitor both ends of secchan connections from dpctl.
      Send of0 packets from workqueue, to avoid recursive locking of ofN device.
      Fix instructions for running ofp-pki: "new-pki" is now "init".
      Zero out otherwise uninitialized padding in make_unbuffered_packet_out().
      Implement 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol.
      Fix uninitialized data read in secchan.
      Add vendor-specific messages and statistics to OpenFlow protocol.
      Make switches send error messages when they receive a bad request.
      Delete OFPST_SWITCH and make it available as a Nicira vendor extension.
      Get rid of OFP_MAXLEN.
      Use vconn_init() instead of explicit initialization in one last place.
      Fix handling of port flags.
      Make "struct vconn" opaque.
      Break passive vconns out into separate pvconn routines and data structures.
      Implement OFPT_HELLO simple version negotiation.
      Merge branch "partner", to simplify partner integration.
      Merge commit 'origin/master'
      Fix OpenFlow extensions submodule to build again.
      Ignore some more generated files.
      Fix "make distcheck".
      Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement to CFLAGS.
      Change STP parameters to the minimum values allowed by 802.1D.
      ofp-pki: Give controller and switch CA distinctive names.
      Make it easier to bootstrap the PKI for SSL connections in OpenFlow.
      Use RSA instead of DSA by default for the OpenFlow PKI.
      Update ext submodule to make it build with latest OpenFlow.
      Make "controller nl:0" work again, by fixing a layering violation.
      Also distribute Debian packaging.
      Test Debian packaging at "make distcheck" time.
      Put "+ext" in the distribution filename if OpenFlow extensions are included.
      Ignore generated files in debian/.
      Suppress Automake warning about overriding distdir.
      Fix failure to back off when vconn_open() fails immediately.
      vlogconf: Don't abort when given unknown option.
      Fix boot.sh for the case where the extensions repository is not available.
      Add the ability to disable the STP implementation.
      Get rid of per-port STP implemented bits, by reducing OFPP_MAX to 255.
      Drop port_watcher support for editing ports.
      stp: Increase hello time to 2 seconds.
      stp: Turn off STP on ports that are disabled or have no link.
      Disable STP in secchan by default (but let --stp enable it).
      Avoid assertion failure connecting to unsupported remove OpenFlow host.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Remove unused, obsolete attributes from OpenFlow netlink protocol.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Random Ethernet addresses should be private and should not be multicast.
      Make ofp_error() preserve the value of errno.
      New function get_unix_name_len() to simplify code.
      No longer necessary to obtain Ethernet header in netdev_send().
      Add explanatory comment to make_unix_socket().
      In ofp_packet_to_string(), make tcpdump print Ethernet headers also.
      Fix use-after-free error.
      Add support for TAP virtual network devices in netdev.
      Implement dhclient_destroy().
      New function dhclient_get_netdev().
      New function stp_set_bridge_id() to change the bridge ID of a running STP.
      Make rconn_disconnect() a no-op if already disconnected.
      Remove secchan dependence on Netlink for connecting to the datapath.
      Update documentation to talk about userspace datapath.
      Fix inaccurate log message.
      rconn: Be pickier about what constitutes a successful connection.
      rconn: Improve log message when peer closes connection.
      rconn: Never report being in failure mode while connected.
      No problum any more.
      Support up to 0xff00 ports in OpenFlow, without changing the implemented max.
      secchan: Increase max number of local_cbs to accommodate STP.
      secchan: Remove unhelpful STP-related log message.
      New routine ofpbuf_put_zeros() to simplify a common code sequence.
      secchan: Log switch datapath id at startup.
      dhcp-client: Fix computation of timeouts.
      dhcp-client: Log DHCP messages at higher priority.
      Set DHCP maximum retransmission timeout to 3 seconds in secchan.
      Rework STP implementation in controller.
      secchan: Make sure fail-open doesn't drop the first messages from connection.
      Revamp build system to make it easier to integrate openflowext.
      Fix typo in manpage.
      Hardcode path to tcpdump as /usr/sbin/tcpdump.
      Delete trailing whitespace in vlog-socket.c
      Fix boot.sh behavior when OpenFlow extensions are not available.
      Centralize daemon option processing and usage.
      Fix lib/dhparams.c build failure fallout from earlier build system changes.
      Modify Makefile.am and configure.ac only if they actually change.
      Add missing Debian package dependency.
      Avoid leaving Makefile.am and configure.ac slightly modified by boot.sh.
      Add support for packaging openflowext.
      Make it possible to open more than one vlog client socket at a time.
      No need to pass -DVERSION=... to C compiler: Autoconf puts it into config.h.
      Add support for bootstrapping the CA certificate to the Debian packaging.
      Avoid making Emacs think that this file contains a local variable list.
      Enable SNAT in Debian packages.
      Consistently use AM_CPPFLAGS, not AM_CFLAGS, for -D and -I options.
      New functions ds_put_uninit(), ds_put_char_multiple().
      New functions xvasprintf() and strlcpy() and macro va_copy().
      Make the format of vlog messages user-configurable.
      vlog: Avoid calling any function if nothing will be logged.
      Introduce logdir (typically /var/log/openflow, by default /usr/local/var/log/openflow).
      Make pkidir, rundir, logdir modifiable from "configure" command line.
      Create rundir, logdir, pkidir at install time.
      vlog: Add ability to log to an arbitrary file, and following related changes:
      Update manpages to mention new --log-file option.
      Controller need not run as root now that we don't use a port below 1024.
      Break secchan into multiple files, to make it more maintainable.
      Fix typo in default switch config.
      Change the secchan "hook" mechanism to be easier to add new callbacks.
      Add Nicira extension for remote command execution.
      Add a warning when secchan is invoked with a controller specified as the datapath.
      Delete ununsed file Make.vars.
      Improve the command interface so that it sends back acks or errors.
      Fix typo in manpage.
      Add "self-sign" command to ofp-pki.
      Fix parsing of logging options in OpenFlow controller.
      New function netdev_set_etheraddr().
      Move exported headers to include/openflow, private headers to lib/.
      Fix support for out-of-band control in Debian switch init script.
      Break HTTP parts of openflow-pki package into new openflow-pki-server package.
      Simplify debian/rules by adding new openflow-datapath-source.install file.
      Fix vconn_transact() bug introduced in commit 65ac65a6d2,
      Add missing header file to datapath/Modules.mk.
      Ignore openflow-pki-server directory.
      In openflow-switch init script, do not re-load openflow_mod if already loaded.
      In openflow-switch init script, correct secchan option name.
      Improve the error message when vconn gets an unexpected version.
      Move ofp-switch-config into new package openflow-switch-config.
      Add extension hooks to debian/rules.
      Add settings for switch netmask and gateway for in-band mode to init script.
      Fix openflow-datapath-source bugs added in "Simplify debian/rules..." commit.
      Put ofp-pki logfile in log directory instead of in pki directory.
      Don't make ofp-pki --log option relative to log directory.
      Send openssl output to logfile on "ofp-pki self-sign" also.
      Add /var/log/openflow directory to openflow-common.
      Make secchan log to file by default.
      Implement log rotation in openflow-switch.
      Add libncurses5-dev as build dependency for openflow.
      Make COMMANDS option in openflow-switch defaults file work.
      Pass --enable-snat to configure for datapath module also.
      Fix location of installed commands.
      Call VLOG_WARN before send_child_message(), to get correct errno value.
      In reboot script, send SIGUSR1 to ofp-switchmon to make it display "Rebooting".
      Add build number to datapath version and --version output from programs.
      Add missing dependency on openssl to openflow-pki.
      Use "set -e" command instead of "#! /bin/sh -e" magic.
      Create vlog sockets after daemonizing, so that pidfiles can be used.
      Fix openflow-switch log rotation.
      Add "execute" to dpctl usage message.
      Make ofp-switch-setup preserve config variables that it does not set itself.
      New switch remote command for setting configuration parameters.
      Move "update" remote command from base secchan into Debian packaging.
      Add required "subst" script to EXTRA_DIST.
      Unload kernel module when stopping switch, in Debian init scripts.
      When a new OpenFlow kernel module package is installed, restart the switch.
      Ignore openflow-monitor and openflow-wdt build directories.
      Add new Debian package "corekeeper" to centralize and reap core files.
      Add openflow-switch settings for the limit on core files.
      Fix typo in code to set core limit that broke the openflow-switch init script.
      New package openflow-dbg for debugging symbols for the rest of OpenFlow.
      Add --with-build-number configure argument and support in debian/rules.
      Add build number to kernel modules built via Debian packaging.
      Make openflow-switch depend on dmidecode, procps instead of acpi-support.
      Fix " is running" and " is not running" messages from openflow-switch init.d
      Stopgap fix for bug #478, where kernel panics on SNAT to input port.
      Fix typo: = should be ==
      Check kmalloc() return value.
      Always compile openflow modules with debug information.
      Orphan and clone packets transmitted on dp_dev (proper fix for bug #478).
      Don't process packets in NAT that aren't destined for us.
      Make snat_skb() skb argument const.
      Factor common SNAT code into new functions.
      In update_mapping(), update m->hw_addr unconditionally.
      In handle_arp_snat() and snat_pre_route() pull enough payload into the headers.
      Make sure that do_port_input() always puts a MAC header on packets.
      When a packet arrives via bridging, clone it if it is shared.
      Verify in fwd_port_input() that we are not passed packets that are shared.
      Don't oops in dp_output_control() for skbs with null ->dev.
      Add comment.
      Make datapath's flow_extract() properly pull data into the headers.
      Fix datapath make_writable() function.
      Verify in execute_actions() that 'skb' is not shared.
      Verify in fwd_port_input() that 'skb' has no destructor.
      Use skb_copy_bits() to copy data that might not be pulled into headers.
      Reset mac header in flow_extract(), because it might initially be null.
      Pull data into headers properly, and checksum ICMP replies correctly.
      Pull arp header before grabbing the pointer to it.
      Never free an skb that has been passed to genlmsg_reply().
      No need to test argument of kfree_skb() for non-null.
      Fix double-free: NF_HOOK sometimes frees the sk_buff passed in.
      Simplify code for constructing skb in recv_packet_out().
      Copy skbs when we save them.
      Use "%zu" to print size_t, not "%"PRIu16.
      Fix printing of IP addresses in ofp_print_action().
      Prevent accidentally passing an integer value to IP_ARGS.
      Don't rate-limit packet_ins from flows that the controller set up.
      Get rid of unused parameter to rate_limit_start().
      Dynamically allocate switch status categories.
      Maintain separate async and sync connections to nl:0 in secchan.
      Free txbuf, rxbuf in vconn-ssl and vconn-stream destructors.
      rconn_destroy() should close monitoring connections, to avoid a leak.
      Make dpif_close() accept a null pointer.
      Simplify code in stream_recv().
      Allow the datapath ID to be configured by changing the ofX MAC address.
      Add DATAPATH_ID to switch packaging, to enable persistent DPIDs.
      Add missing "%s" to VLOG_WARN_RL call.
      Update prerequisite Autoconf version to 2.60 (from 2.59).
      Make ds_put_char_multiple() use the provided character instead of a space.
      Update required Autoconf version in INSTALL.
      Add userspace datapath to openflow.
      Style fix: f(x) is better than f((x))
      Fix typo in error message.
      Improve secchan.8 manpage.
      Fix mangled header guards in ofp-print.h.
      Add reminder comment to lib/learning-switch.c.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Reduce rate limit for short-packet messages even further.
      vlog: Optimize logging disabled, rate-limited messages.
      Move DP_MAX into public header file.
      Improve formatting of process termination messages in secchan logging.
      Make datapath interface library more flexible.
      Introduce x2nrealloc() helper function, and use it.
      Add new "fd" vconn, which takes a file descriptor number as argument.
      Make secchan exit if the connection drops and can never be reconnected.
      New function ofp_message_type_to_string().
      New functions for verify OpenFlow message types and lengths.
      New function ds_put_buffer().
      New function ds_get_line().
      Initial, skeletal implementation of vswitchd.
      Don't use separate asynchronous event connection for user datapath.
      secchan: Switch in-band control traffic by hand only on OpenFlow TCP ports.
      cfg: Fix functions for retrieving keys.
      Add support for VLAN tags to the MAC learning library.
      New functions put_openflow() and put_openflow_xid().
      vswitchd: Basic working VLAN support.
      vswitchd: Fix stupid thinko.
      vswitch: Pass --monitor to secchan processes, to allow monitoring them.
      vswitch: Implement basic bonding.
      Remove misplaced comment.
      Add faster and better-quality hash function hash_lookup3().
      Make flow_hash() use hash_lookup3(), for speed and hash quality.
      Inline flow_compare() and flow_hash(), for performance.
      New function flow_equal().
      Implement generic hash table.
      New macro IS_POW2().
      New functions random_uint8(), random_uint16().
      Implement generic tag library.
      Add support for tags to mac-learning library, and update client code.
      Implement revalidation.
      vswitchd: Automatically restart secchan if it dies.
      Fix learning-switch STP breakage from "out_port" in flow stats request.
      Drop message about short Ethernet frames entirely.
      vswitchd: Fix treatment of unbuffered packets.
      New function ofpbuf_clone_data().
      New functions for iterating through flow stats replies.
      Make tag_set_add() avoid adding tags that are already present.
      vswitchd: Implement stats request manager.
      vswitchd: Work on flow statistics gathering.
      vswitchd: Basic bonding rebalancing works.
      vswitchd: Actually tag flows that go out bonded devices.
      Factor out common parts of manpages.
      Document vswitchd.
      New functions port_array_destroy(), port_array_clear().
      vswitchd: Implement bonding link failure detection & failover.
      Make ds_cstr() always null-terminate the string.
      vswitchd: Fix svec memory leaks.
      vswitchd: Comment out annoying bonding-related logging, for now.
      vswitchd: Fix svec_diff().
      New function mac_learning_flush().
      vswitchd: Revalidate all flows upon bridge configuration change.
      vswitchd: Properly renumber port_ifidx values on iface destruction.
      vswitchd: Fix SIGHUP behavior for bonded ports.
      Make datapath compile with Xen kernel.
      brcompat: Indentation fixups.
      brcompat: Fix typo in user message.
      brcompat: Remove policy from Netlink code.
      brcompat: Build brcompat module only under Linux 2.6.
      Fix off-by-one error in looking up datapaths by index.
      Use rcu_dereference() before we dereference an RCU-protected pointer.
      Restore openflow-netlink.h ABI.
      Update dpif comments and prototypes.
      Fix GNU make warning about overriding commands for a target.
      Factor datapath common code into new function lookup_dp().
      Force DP_GENL_A_DP_NAME and DP_GENL_A_PORTNAME to be null-terminated.
      Simplify lookup_dp() now that we can assume that dp_name is null-terminated.
      brcompat: Add note about required kernel module to vswitchd manpage.
      brcompat: Fix usage message.
      Properly lock dp_mutex around changes to the datapath.
      New function nl_sock_wait(), to improve netlink socket abstraction.
      brcompat: Write temporary file to same directory as config file.
      brcompat: Remove line-length limitations from brc_modify_config().
      vswitchd: Don't try to delete local port from datapath.
      Fix bug in make_add_simple_flow() that busts secchan's in-band control.
      vswitchd: Add support for remote controller.
      vswitchd: Fix fd leaks by closing files that we read in read_file().
      vswitchd: Be careful to sort all the svecs that are passed to svec_contains().
      Make the datapath tolerate kernels that lack NLA_NUL_STRING.
      New function svec_equal().
      New functions for parsing integers.
      vswitchd: Implement port mirroring.
      vswitchd: Drop debug output that was accidentally included.
      secchan: Fix cut-and-paste errors in port speed determination.
      vswitchd: Prevent a single interface from being added to two different ports.
      Minor style fixes.
      brcompat: Mark variables "static".
      brcompat: Use ENOMEM to indicate out-of-memory (not EINVAL).
      brcompat: Remove unneeded RCU locking.
      vswitchd: Minor code simplification.
      vswitchd: Support limiting the number of VLANs carried by a trunk port.
      vswitchd: Change port mirroring to match semantics expected by users.
      vswitchd: Add support for untagged VLAN ports in VLAN 0.
      Discard OpenFlow messages not for us in dpif_recv_openflow().
      Merge master branch into vswitchd.
      Use separate Netlink multicast groups for different datapaths.
      Improve compatibility fallbacks for allocating multicast groups.
      vswitchd: Don't make and pass socketpair to secchan if we won't use it.
      vswitchd: Improve log options passed down to secchan.
      Prevent Debian package upgrades from prompting.
      New function to test for multicast addresses that must not be forwarded.
      Do not forward multicast addresses that must not be, in learning-switch.
      vswitchd: New function cfg_is_valid().
      Improve STP library.
      vswitchd: Implement spanning tree protocol.
      Fix "make dist" by adding forgotten files to sources lists.
      Fix datapath build by distributing all the necessary compatibility headers.
      Fix the previous fix.
      Fix "make dist" by adding forgotten files to sources lists.
      Remove userspace switch in favor of the superior userspace datapath.
      Convert GFP_ATOMIC to GFP_KERNEL where possible.
      Include "util.h" in hmap.h, to get CONTAINER_OF.
      Style fixes.
      datapath: Fix deadlock in network device notifier.
      datapath: Avoid deadlock on dp_mutex versus kthread_stop().
      datapath: Fix deadlock in switch port removal.
      secchan: Fix inverted logic (down vs. up).
      vswitchd: Make secchan subprocesses listen for management connections.
      vswitchd: Fix inaccurate comment.
      vswitchd: Fix port mirroring example.
      Remove 'wait' parameter from dpif_send_openflow().
      netdev: Remove unused 'netdev' parameter from dpif_add_router().
      netdev: Remove unused 'fd' parameter from set_flags().
      Remove unused function parameter from stp_received_tcn_bpdu().
      Remove unused function parameter from stp_start().
      Make function declarations into prototypes.
      Change external functions to static functions, where possible.
      Mark unused callback function parameters as UNUSED.
      Remove comparison of unsigned value < 0.
      Add missing function prototypes to header files.
      Remove unused functions.
      Fix bug that could have caused infinite loop in ofp_print_actions().
      vlog: Mark format_log_message() as taking a printf format string.
      vlog: Fix initializer in VLOG_RATE_LIMIT macro.
      Add missing header file to brcompat.h.
      Mark out_of_memory() as never returning.
      Add missing trailing initializers.
      Add missing switch case.
      Mark stubbed-out function parameter as UNUSED.
      Enable many additional GCC warnings by default.
      Fix memory leak in make_pidfile().
      Only enable warning options that the compiler actually understands.
      datapath: Don't drop oversize GSO frames, since GSO will break them up.
      vswitchd: Eliminate "can't forward to bad port" when interfaces disappear.
      rconn: Fix segfault when the idle timeout races with connection failure.
      vswitchd: Delete 'ifaces' pointer to interface when deleting interface.
      datapath: Add log level annotations to printk messages.
      datapath: Fix tracking of number of flows in hash table.
      Mark memory allocation functions with __attribute__((malloc)).
      Use a uint16_t variable to store a 16-bit value, not an int.
      datapath: Make 'length' local variable unsigned, for consistency.
      dhcp-client: Add comment about time going backward.
      dhcp-client: Don't report long time to expiration after lease expires.
      Use strtok_r() instead of strtok().
      dpctl: Exit unsuccessfully if a write to stdout or stderr failed.
      daemon: report error if daemon child process fails to start properly
      datapath: Avoid pointer arithmetic on possibly-NULL pointer.
      datapath: Check DMI strings for NULL.
      netdev: Fix file descriptor leak.
      dpctl: Fix use-after-free in "probe" command.
      Use xstrdup() instead of xasprintf() for duplicating constant string.
      fatal-signal: Fix bug in call_hooks() recursion detection.
      learning-switch: Remove unused variable.
      Make dpctl accept an arbitrary number of actions.
      Merge master and vswitchd branches
      New function process_run().
      Add libpcre3-dev to build-dependencies.
      Add ability to open null fds to process_start().
      Implement simple memory leak detector.
      Fix memory leak in nl_sock_transact().
      vswitchd: Fix memory leaks.
      Fix bugs in leak checker.
      vswitchd: Fix memory leak.
      leak-checker: Make output file unbuffered.
      brcompat: Don't try to write the config file if it isn't configured.
      vswitchd: Fix typo in comment.
      Fix typo.
      vswitchd: Fix more memory leaks.
      Add missing #includes.
      dpctl: Fix "add-flow" and "add-flows" when actions are specified.
      debian: Move ofp-switch-setup and manpage into correct package.
      secchan: Divide options in manpage into labeled subsections.
      secchan: Document --rate-limit and --burst-limit options in manpage.
      vconn: Ignore async messages before version negotiation completes.
      vlog: Add INFO level and apply it to messages for "normal" behavior.
      brcompat: Drop write-only variable.
      brcompat: Don't re-read configuration file from inside bridge code.
      New function svec_sort_unique(), svec_is_unique(), svec_get_duplicate().
      vswitchd: Avoid mishandling duplicate object names.
      New functions make_flow_mod(), make_del_flow().
      vswitchd: Delete flows on a deleted interface when revalidating.
      Revert "brcompat: Don't re-read configuration file from inside bridge code."
      vswitchd: Don't reset idle timer when updating flows.
      vswitchd: Reduce flow idle time when flow table grows large.
      Fix typo in comment.
      debian: Avoid aborting on switch startup when $COMMANDS is empty.
      daemon: Fix segfault in read_pidfile() when pidfile does not exist.
      daemon: Fix bogus error message in read_pidfile() when pidfile is empty.
      daemon: Fix behavior in read_pidfile() when pid file is not locked.
      process: Avoid stealing pclose()'s exit status.
      Debian packaging: Add several new settings to /etc/default/openflow-switch.
      New function svec_join().
      New function netdev_enumerate().
      Debian packaging: Remove IP addresses from netdevs within a switch.
      process: New function process_escape_args().
      Improve handling of unexpected 'status' in process_status_msg().
      Add support for dynamic library symbols to ofp-parse-leaks.
      Add lookup3-based hash for bytes, and remove FNV hash entirely.
      Make nl_policy_parse() compatible with non-Generic Netlink packets.
      netdev: New function netdev_nodev_get_flags().
      New hash table keyed on string data.
      netdev: Make carrier status available in device flags.
      netdev: Implement netdev_monitor, for monitoring network device status changes.
      Make port status change messages reliable.
      Fix minor bug in flow_extract().
      Implement pcap file reader/writer library and use it in ofp_packet_to_string().
      Move flow_fill_match() from udatapath to lib, so that other code can use it.
      Add new function ofp_match_to_string() to ofp-print library.
      Add unit test for flow extraction.
      Ignore more files.
      Eliminate unused second argument to OFP_CHECK_LINUX in configure scripts.
      Make choices to build and to distribute modules independent of each other.
      Backport the veth driver to Linux 2.6.18.  Build for that version only.
      Add comment.
      datapath: Move all fwd_save_skb() calls into a single location.
      datapath: Fix up checksum on Xen before forwarding to controller.
      Don't define skb_copy_{to,from}_linear_data_offset if it is available.
      Add AC_SYS_LARGEFILE, to allow writing log files over 2 GB.
      vswitchd: Add build number to --version output.
      leak-checker: Break backtracing code into new module "backtrace".
      poll-loop: Add support for logging the reason for wakeups.
      vswitchd: Avoid 100% CPU when secchan dies too many times.
      netdev: fix segfault in lookup_netdev().
      vswitch: Add startup and config files for the XenServer build.
      datapath: Disallow action length 0, preventing DoS due to infinite loop.
      dpctl: Fix assertion failure when second argument given to "dpctl status".
      dpctl: Don't print trailing garbage in "dpctl status" output.
      openflow.h: Fix typos in comments.
      Delete empty file.
      Avoid a "statement has no effect" warning from BUILD_ASSERT.
      Export network address mask logic in switch-flow.c for public use.
      New macro ALWAYS_INLINE to tell GCC that a function must be inlined.
      Add comment.
      Make flow_print() print nw_proto.  Print vlan in decimal.
      secchan: Make hook_class structures const.
      New function make_packet_out(), and reimplement helpers in terms of it.
      New function list_moved().
      Fix indentation error.
      New function port_array_count().
      hmap: New function hmap_moved().
      hmap: New function hmap_replace().
      hash: Make hash function pieces available to other modules.
      Generalize conversions between struct flow and struct ofp_match.
      New function and data structure for handling flow wildcards.
      Implement a flow classifier, plus tests.
      New function time_timeval().
      netdev: Fix typo in comment.
      netdev: New function netdev_get_stats().
      netdev: Set *flagsp to 0 if flags cannot be obtained.
      netdev: Avoid some system calls in the common case in netdev_open().
      netdev: Don't cache network device features.
      netdev: New function netdev_set_advertisements().
      netdev: New function netdev_nodev_get_etheraddr().
      vconn: Distinguish between parse errors and other messages in rate-limiting.
      New macro PORT_ARRAY_FOR_EACH.
      vconn: New function check_ofp_packet_out().
      Add new "union ofp_action" to make working with actions easier.
      openflow.h: Add new error types and codes.
      vconn: New functions for validating and iterating over OpenFlow actions.
      vconn: New function normalize_match().
      vconn: Make check_ofp_message() return value more useful.
      Refactor the OpenFlow implementation.
      netdev: Remove netdev_monitor, which is no longer used.
      vswitchd: Don't pass --monitor to secchan.
      vswitchd: Fix segfault when packet received on unknown port.
      vswitchd: Fix bad assumption about byte order of flow_t's "in_port".
      secchan: Fix logging of datapath ID.
      vswitchd: Fix typo in comment.
      datapath: Remove stray debugging printk.
      secchan: Make secchan into a library.
      secchan: Fix subrule revalidation.
      secchan: Implement OFPP_TABLE and NXAST_RESUBMIT actions.
      secchan: Make it possible to destroy an ofproto.
      datapath: Fix build on 2.6.18 (both upstream and RHEL/Xen variants).
      vswitch: Fix connection to a remote controller.
      netdev: New function netdev_nodev_set_etheraddr().
      datapath: Allow datapath device MAC address to be changed while it is up.
      vswitchd: Choose the bridge local port MAC address intelligently.
      datapath: Fix build on Linux 2.6.18 through 2.6.28.
      rconn: Make queued packet counting harder to screw up.
      Distribute needed file that had been forgotten (fixes "make dist").
      classifier: Allow classifier_for_each_match() callback to free the rule.
      classifier: Add tests for classifier_lookup_wild(), classifier_lookup_exact().
      classifier: Add tests for classifier_count(), classifier_count_exact().
      classifier: In testing, don't put cls_rule at beginning of test_rule.
      classifier: Style fix for test-classifier.
      classifier: Test exact-match flows also in test_many_rules_in_different_tables().
      classifier: Test classifier_for_each_match().
      secchan: Fix segfault at startup due to uninitialized br_name member.
      secchan: Fix read-after-free error in OFPT_FLOW_MOD implementation.
      secchan: Fix segfault when subrules are invalidated.
      secchan: Fix segfault due to access-after-free in expiration.
      secchan: Fix another use-after-free bug.
      secchan: Fix random memory corruption due to uninitialized pointer.
      secchan: Use classifier_for_each() instead of secchan_for_each_with_wildcards().
      classifier: Remove classifier_for_each_with_wildcards().
      rconn: Add new functions for getting/setting basic rconn parameters.
      rconn: Add new function rconn_reconnect().
      New function svec_clone().
      vconn: New function pvconn_get_name().
      secchan: Make ofproto reconfigurable after it is created.
      classifier: Tolerate old==new in cls_rule_moved().
      vlog: Add functions for testing a rate-limit without emitting a message.
      vswitchd: Log details of unexpected flows, to aid debugging.
      secchan: Flush datapath flow table when initializing the switch.
      secchan: Remove obsolete debug printf()s.
      ofp-print: Use ntohs() for 16-bit field, not ntohl().
      dpif: Fix uninitialized memory accesses.
      dpif: Don't rely on caller to keep dpif arg valid, in dpifmon_create().
      cfg: Fix behavior of cfg_get(0, "a") when a key "a.b" exists.
      vswitchd: Remove stray debug printf().
      executer: Make default dir part of executer.c, not main.c.
      more cfg fixes
      rconn: Tolerate negative argument in rconn_set_max_backoff().
      socket-util: New function guess_netmask().
      vconn-ssl: Log all errors when trying to create a connection, not just the first.
      ofproto: Change semantics of configuration parameters.
      ofproto: Make ofproto_set_controller() able to disconnect from controller.
      vswitchd: Integrate secchan into vswitchd.
      dpif: Improve logging messages, to ease debugging.
      vswitchd: Start adding ports at index 1, since index 0 is reserved.
      datapath: Fix querying the local port by name.
      secchan: Revalidate subrules when adding a wildcarded rule without displacement.
      secchan: Fix memory leaks.
      secchan: Initialize odp_flow members in other places that they were missed.
      dpif: Make it harder to randomly corrupt memory.
      netdev: Fall back to /proc/net/dev on kernels that don't support RTM_GETLINK.
      Add header for interacting with Valgrind, where it is available.
      dpif: Suppress spurious error from Valgrind.
      secchan: Correctly maintain rule's number of actions.
      secchan: Fix use-after-free by allocating rule actions as separate blocks.
      dpif: Don't log a warning in dpifmon_poll() for missing device.
      netdev: Don't log a warning for unsupported ethtool operations.
      flow: Properly translate port numbers in flow_from_match().
      shash: Don't free block we didn't allocate in shash_destroy().
      Make ODP_DP_CREATE distinguish conflicting name from conflicting number.
      dpif: New function dpif_get_name().
      vswitch: Keep existing datapaths when starting up.
      Keep secchan and vswitchd from consuming 100% CPU when a datapath is deleted.
      secchan: Remove an invalid optimization.
      vswitch: Fix file descriptor leak.
      dpif: New function dpif_id() for getting the datapath index.
      vswitch: Fix memory leak in error path.
      secchan: Add clarifying comment.
      secchan: Fix typo in comment.
      secchan: Retain original input port for NXAST_RESUBMIT action.
      Move ODP-related functions into new module "odp-util".
      secchan: Add comments.
      secchan: Optimize flow expiration when not connected.
      secchan: Make netflow expiration arguments more sensible.
      Stop using vswitch OpenFlow connection to ofproto, by adding ofproto features.
      vswitch: Eliminate OpenFlow connection to ofproto.
      vconn: Delete fd-based vconns.
      vswitch: Drop unused extern declaration.
      secchan: Drop unused function.
      vswitch: Fix typo in comment.
      secchan: Keep track of ofproto even when translating nested actions.
      secchan: Add wildcard support to ofproto_add_flow(), ofproto_delete_flow().
      secchan: Make ofproto_add_flow() able to add a permanent flow.
      classifier: New enum CLS_INC_ALL, for convenience.
      secchan: New function ofproto_flush_flows() to flush all flows.
      secchan: Fix memory leak, and flush all flows on ofproto destruction.
      secchan: Purge buffered packets on startup.
      vswitch: Work in terms of ODP port numbers.
      Implement OFPP_NORMAL action in secchan and hook into vswitchd.
      secchan: Fix segfault in handling OFPP_TABLE, NXAST_RESUBMIT actions.
      ofp-print: Support printing NXAST_RESUBMIT Nicira action.
      ofp-print: Make flow statistics and actions slightly easier to read.
      dpctl: Accept port names (e.g. "NORMAL") on in_port in flow specifications.
      secchan: In ofproto_set_controller(), only reconnect if controller really changed.
      vswitch: Fix sense of comparison.
      dpctl: Allow initial set of interfaces to be specified on "adddp" command.
      dpctl: New command "get-name", for symmetry with "get-idx".
      cfg: Fix collision between CFG_VLAN and CFG_REQUIRED.
      cfg: Add ability to parse datapath IDs.
      vswitch: Choose the datapath ID more intelligently.
      datapath: End load-time greeting message with new-line.
      datapath: Refuse module load if an active bridge exists.
      datapath: Always return EFAULT to userspace when copy_to/from_user() fails.
      secchan: Don't infinite-loop in switch_status_destroy().
      vswitch: Disallow bridges named "dpN" or "nl:N".
      cfg: Initialize lock_fd to -1.
      lockfile: Remove fd parameter to remove_lockfile().
      lockfile: Fix inverted comparison.
      dpif: Fix fd leak in dpif_create().
      dpif: More consistently initialize dpifs in failure cases.
      cfg: Make lock_fd, dirty static.
      cfg: Fix cfg_unlock() to remove the lockfile unconditionally.
      vswitch: Don't delete all flows on SIGHUP if a controller is configured.
      dpctl: Remove nl: special case that no longer makes sense.
      Make manpages come out better in PostScript format.
      dpctl: Update manpage.
      secchan: Drop configuration file support.
      secchan: Update documentation.
      Make sure that the .man include files get into "make dist" output.
      cfg: Write correct data when retrying a partial write, in cfg_write_data().
      svec: Add new argument to svec_join().
      cfg: Write "# This file intentionally left blank.\n" to empty config file.
      cfg: Make 'cfg_cookie' static.
      secchan: Remove unused variable.
      vswitchd: Improve formatting of manpage.
      vswitchd: Use datapath ID format instead of MAC format for management ID.
      Update documentation and fix up a few related inconsistencies in the code.
      debian: Remove obsolete --monitor support from switch init script.
      secchan: Treat invalid table IDs in stats requests as requests for no flows.
      debian: Fix confusion between dp0 and of0.
      secchan: Remove unused function ofproto_set_actions().
      secchan: Validate subrules before attempting to dereference their super-rules.
      dpif: Make dpif_port_group_get() work.  (It was never tested until now.)
      dpif: Make higher-verbosity flow logging available.
      dpctl: Add dp-dump-flows, dp-dump-groups commands.
      secchan: Drop redundant 'in_port' args to in-band, fail-open miss handlers.
      secchan: Fix in-band ODP->OFP port translation.
      brcompat: Fix netdevice refcount in non-2.6.18 when sysfs is available.
      brcompat: When adding or removing datapath ports, wait for them to appear/disappear.
      brcompat: Fix sign of return value.
      secchan: Only let the controller connection set configuration flags.
      dpctl: Allow requesting flow misses, expirations in "monitor" command.
      Add ability to snoop on the primary switch<->controller OpenFlow connection.
      datapath: Speed up ioctl fast paths.
      debian: Suppress printing out random numbers in init script.
      brcompat: Tolerate a race condition in deleting bridge ports.
      dpctl: Remove unused macro.
      dpctl: Add support for OFPAT_SET_DL_SRC and ..._DST actions.
      secchan: Add explanatory comment.
      secchan: Avoid dynamic allocation in xlate_actions().
      secchan: Centralize creation of rules in new function rule_create().
      secchan: Track datapath actions in userspace, to avoid system calls.
      secchan: Make expire_rule() slightly easier to read.
      secchan: Simplify code by making rule_uninstall() update stats.
      secchan: Remove idle flows from datapath even if their rules haven't expired.
      secchan: Get rid of static data in in-band control.
      secchan: Tolerate local port change in MAC address.
      classifier: Expand the classifier priority range to 32 bits.
      secchan: Support priorities over UINT16_MAX for internal use.
      secchan: Implement in-band control using wildcard rules.
      in-band: Use OFPP_NORMAL instead of OFPP_LOCAL for traffic to local port.
      Make ofproto manage the revalidation set, instead of vswitchd.
      secchan: Make default normal action do switching.
      dpctl: Allow datapath names to be given in place of switch names.
      dpctl: Make examples in the manpage more generic.
      dpif: Clear stats before deleting or query flows.
      secchan: Fix memory leak.
      secchan: Properly maintain super-rule's list of subrules when revalidating.
      Restore the default maximum backoff to 15 seconds for secchan and vswitchd.
      vlog: Trim trailing new-lines from log messages.
      secchan: Make NetFlow work with any flow, not just exact-match.
      secchan: Aggregate multiple NetFlow messages into a single packet.
      New function ofpbuf_trim(), for freeing up wasted space in ofpbufs.
      dpif: Accept 64 kB packets from the kernel.
      secchan: Fix rate-limiting statistics reporting.
      pinsched: Move rate-limiting sanity checks into pinsched.
      vswitch: Add rate-limiting support.
      Remove debug printf() that escaped.
      vswitch: Don't choose Xen's FE:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF address as bridge MAC or DPID.
      vswitch: Force local port into bridge when in-band control configured.
      secchan: Force revalidation in ofproto_add_flow(), ofproto_delete_flow().
      secchan: When we flush the flow table, add the in-band control rules back in.
      secchan: Make fail-open work using a wildcard rule (and flush the flow table).
      secchan: Remove ofproto hook functions that are no longer used.
      netdev: New function for obtaining the VID of a VLAN network device.
      packets: New function eth_addr_mark_random().
      sha1: Fix indentation.
      sha1: New function SHA1Bytes().
      process: New function process_search_path().
      vswitch: Fix duplicated DPIDs observed under XenServer.
      vswitch: Do not use "xe" on XenServer, to avoid deadlock.
      Be more liberal about what constitutes a virtual interface MAC on Xen.
      boot.sh: Avoid the need for Git repository information
      Add forgotten header files, to fix "make dist".
      Add missing debian/automake.mk.
      Fix typo in manpage.
      Fix failures in unit tests.
      Log a warning when the interval between poll_block() calls is excessive.
      cfg-mod: Fix --del-section long option parsing.
      cfg-mod: Make --help work.
      cfg-mod: Complain about non-option arguments, since we don't support any.
      cfg: Prevent infinite loop in cfg_del_section().
      cfg-mod: Add new --del-match option.
      cfg: Always null-terminate the cfg array.
      cfg: Avoid doing unnecessary work in cfg_del_match().
      brcompat: Add support for bonded interfaces; avoid multiple cfg_read() call.s
      vswitch: Let mgmt.fail-mode setting be default for bridge failure mode.
      vlog: Improve log message when rate-limiting.
      vswitch: Drop debug print that escaped.
      dpif: Improve dpif_execute() log messages.
      dpif: Optimize no-actions case in dpif_execute().
      secchan: Fix OFPPS_LINK_DOWN detection.
      vswitch: Fix handling of ARPs received on bonded interfaces.
      vlog: Make vlog_reopen_log_file() a no-op if no log file is open.
      Improve infrastructure for Unix socket-based local management.
      vswitch: Add unixctl command to reload configuration file synchronously.
      dpif: Remove duplicated functionality.
      dpctl: When parsing actions, don't let "drop" be preceded by other actions.
      vswitch: Strip VLAN headers correctly.
      datapath: Set only VID when adding a new header with ODPAT_SET_VLAN_VID.
      cfg: Keep configuration sorted when adding entries.
      vswitch: Keep list of old interfaces sorted when reconfiguring ports.
      svec: Avoid calling svec_sort() when it is not necessary.
      vswitch: Fix indefinite wait on reload.
      datapath: Fix build on 2.6.18, which doesn't have "bool" or "false".
      datapath: Fix VLAN tag insertion actions on Xen.
      datapath: Attempt to checksum packets sent to controller on non-Xen kernel.
      datapath: Define ERR_CAST on kernels that don't already have it.
      datapath: Fix Xen performance when adding a VLAN tag in presence of GSO.
      brcomapt: Delete VLANs and bonding entries for deleted ports.
      vswitch: Fetch interface MAC when creating an interface in iface_create().
      brcompat: Check for null pointer before reading netlink attribute.
      brcompatd: Make vars used only in brcompatd.c "static".
      brcompat: Add comments to netlink header.
      vswitch: By default, operate standalone when controller connection fails.
      vswitch: Fix typo in manpage.
      vswitch: Don't bring up interfaces when adding them to datapaths.
      brcompat: Add /proc/net/vlan, /proc/net/bonding compatibility support.
      Fix "make dist" by adding forgotten headers to the makefiles.
      datapath: Break up GSO packets before sending to userspace.
      brcompat: Use named macro in place of literal constants.
      brcompatd: Fix formatting of /proc/net/vlan files.
      leak-checker: Make output line-buffered.
      leak-checker: Stop logging after an output error.
      leak-checker: Stop logging after fstat() fails.
      datapath: Fix memory leak in port group.
      datapath: Eliminate synchronize_rcu() in port group update.
      datapath: Eliminate synchronize_rcu() in table swap.
      secchan: Update byte, packet counts for packets switched by hand.
      secchan: Fix OpenFlow matching on output port with OFPFC_DELETE.
      secchan: Reduce redundancy in handle_odp_msg().
      classifier: Make classifier_for_each() easier to use.
      secchan: Eliminate UNKNOWN_SUPER.
      secchan: Remove unused parameter from ofproto_add_flow().
      secchan: Factor common code into new function rule_insert().
      secchan: Factor common code into rule_remove().
      secchan: Optimize no-change case in modify_flow().
      secchan: Factor common code into new function rule_update_actions().
      secchan: Clean up and simplify handle_odp_msg().
      secchan: Fix flow statistics tracking.
      secchan: Fix TCP flags and IP TOS tracking for packets sent from userspace.
      secchan: Don't let queued packets exhaust memory.
      datapath: Generalize flow creation and modification.
      secchan: Reinstall flows deleted externally.
      secchan: When listing flows, uninstall rules that shouldn't be installed.
      Add support for coverage counters.
      vswitch: Eliminate dead code.
      vswitch: Restore MAC learning for broadcast ARP replies on bonds.
      datapath: Remove support for Linux 2.4.
      Fix complaint from "make distcheck" about failing to clean cfg-mod.8.
      datapath: Make sure that the "reserved" byte in user-provided flow is zero.
      datapath: Compare entire flow during lookup, not just first 4 or 8 bytes.
      datapath: Remove hardware table support.
      Rename the project to OpenVSwitch and change version number to 0.90.0.
      Remove spanning tree documentation, since STP doesn't work right now.
      Remove the ChangeLog since it is no longer relevant for OpenVSwitch.
      cfg: Improve comment.
      cfg: Log changes to config, not whole config, in cfg_read().
      cfg-mod: Make --query print all values, not just those that are valid keys.
      cfg-mod: Add --changes option for logging configuration changes.
      brcompatd: Log high-level actions and their results.
      datapath: Omit SNAT-specific data when SNAT is not enabled.
      datapath: Omit sysfs-specific data when sysfs is not enabled or not supported.
      datapath: Always call dp_process_received_packet() with BHs disabled.
      datapath: Call rcu_barrier() before unloading module.
      datapath: Add support for "internal" ports similar to the local port.
      datapath: Fix build warnings and errors on Linux 2.6.15, 2.6.16, 2.6.17.
      Add support for Citrix XenServer.
      xenserver: Fix --force up/down behavior in a resource pool.
      xenserver: Add comments describing open issues for interface-reconfigure.
      Move EZIO utilities from vswitchext into openvswitch.
      Apply temporary band-aid to VLAN-related OOPS on XenServer.
      datapath: Fix VLAN-related kernel OOPS on XenServer.
      Revert "Apply temporary band-aid to VLAN-related OOPS on XenServer."
      Delete OpenFlow spec.
      Delete OpenFlow management spec.
      vswitch: Give up hope that the config file delimiter will be changed.
      Add configure option --disable-userspace for building kernel modules only.
      Move ovs-monitor script from vswitchext to openvswitch.
      Move watchdog timer utility from vswitchext to openvswitch.
      Get rid of vswitchext entirely.
      brcompatd: Don't remove nonexistent ports if vswitchd will create them.
      brcompatd: Fix typo in previous commit.
      xenserver: Avoid printing log messages to the console from scripts.
      netflow: Report largest possible value when counters exceed 32 bits.
      Rename "controller" to "ovs-controller" and move to utilities.
      Drop stray references to udatapath, which doesn't exist any longer.
      xenserver: Fix path to invoke cfg-mod utility when removing a vif.
      Rename cfg-mod to ovs-cfg-mod, for consistency.
      Rename vlogconf to ovs-appctl, for consistency and as a better name.
      ovs-cfg-mod: Accept -v option before any targets are specified.
      xenserver: Fix package build.
      Break dpctl into two programs: ovs-ofctl and ovs-dpctl.
      ovs-dpctl: Remove get-idx and get-name commands.
      ovs-dpctl: Rename commands for consistency.
      xenserver: Make primary management interface on VLAN possible.
      xenserver: Delete code unneeded for openvswitch.
      xenserver: Choose correct management PIF even with --force.
      xenserver: Fix missing default route problem.
      xenserver: Drop unused variable.
      ovs-pki: Fix bashism.
      tests: Ignore test binaries.
      hash: Add unit test.
      lib/automake.mk: Fix odd typo that apparently did no damage.
      brcompatd: Improve error message.
      Remove vestigial SNAT support.
      cfg: Add new function cfg_is_dirty().
      dirs: Add variable for bindir.
      brcompat: Move more brcompat implementation into userspace.
      Revert "xenserver: Make primary management interface on VLAN possible."
      xenserver: Fix use of VLAN as primary management interface.
      xenserver: Fix VLANs on virtual interfaces.
      brcompat refactoring fixes
      xenserver: Make vif script log its changes to vswitchd.conf.
      datapath: Disable TX on internal ports before removing.
      Rename brcompatd to ovs-brcompatd, for consistency.
      Rename vswitchd to ovs-vswitchd, for consistency.
      xenserver: Remove now-unsupported commands from /etc/init.d/vswitch.
      xenserver: Only require confirmation for "vswitch restart" if interactive.
      xenserver: Delete port ingress policing settings when adding vif.
      cfg: Fix typo in comment.
      xenserver: Fix file name conflict.
      xenserver: Remove bridge configuration files when they become stale.
      secchan: Do not refresh datapath indexes from bridge_get_ifaces().
      datapath: Fix return value when ODP_FLOW_PUT fails to allocate a flow.
      secchan: Disallow port numbers not supported by datapath.
      datapath: Fix read of uninitialized data.
      datapath: Avoid double-free on skb_clone failure in ODPAT_OUTPUT_GROUP.
      datapath: Avoid bad array reference for missing group in ODPAT_OUTPUT_GROUP.
      xenserver: Create xapi database cache in RPM preinstall step.
      xenserver: Keep Centos network config files up-to-date even with vswitch.
      xenserver: Put XenServer network UUIDs into ovs-vswitchd.conf.
      datapath: Prevent bridge module from loading along with openvswitch.
      xenserver: Load llc module at boot time.
      Add coding style document.
      Drop -Wno-syntax from Automake options, because we no longer need it.
      Rename COVERAGE_SOURCES to COVERAGE_FILES to avoid Automake warning.
      Drop trailing white space from Makefile line that Automake warned about.
      vswitch: Fix typo in manpage.
      cfg: Reimplement vswitchd config file locking reliably.
      ovs-brcompatd: Log the time to reload vswitch, to aid with debugging.
      ovs-brcompatd: Don't bother to unlock the config file on fatal signal.
      ovs-cfg-mod: Add -T, --timeout option.
      hash: New convenience function hash_string() for hashing a string.
      hash: New function hash_int() for hashing a single 32-bit integer value.
      coverage: Don't output similar event coverage more than once.
      timeval: Refresh current time after every wakeup, not just false wakeups.
      timeval: Log additional statistics along with wall-clock time.
      vswitch: Don't push bad flows to datapath during reconfiguration.
      vswitch: Remove development debug logging code that escaped.
      Merge citrix branch into master.
      xenserver: Print better error messages when "xe" fails in RPM scripts.
      vswitch: Make bonded interface up/down detection happen faster.
      vswitch: Fix typo in log message.
      vswitch: Reimplement bond rebalancing.
      Correct copyright notices and simplify license.
      xenserver: Rename cache file to ovs-vswitch.dbache, for consistency.
      xenserver: Allow RPM to install only with correct Xen kernel version.
      xenserver: Bring up bond slave device before adding to bond.
      netdev: New function netdev_nodev_get_carrier().
      vswitch: Enable bond slaves based on carrier status, not up/down.
      mac-learning: Make data structures public.
      vswitch: Send gratuitous learning packets when bond slaves go down.

David Erickson (1):
      Fixed a linking collision where jiffies have been backported to kernel

Jesse Gross (1):
      brcompatd: Fix type in brcompatd man page.

Justin Pettit (243):
      - Increase version to 0.1.9.
      Merge branch 'master' of nicira.dyndns.org:/srv/git/openflow
      Correct the date of the 1.9 release.
      Make sure all the needed SSL files are included in generated distributions.
      Update 2007 copyrights to include 2008.
      Update references to point to non-alpha OpenFlow site.
      Increase version to 0.2.0.
      Remove dead linux-2.6-uml directory.
      Remove explicit addition of auto-generated dhparams.c, since it makes "make dist" puke.
      Increase the version number to v0.2.1.
      Remove dead "t" directory.
      Fixed some space/tab issues.
      Fixed some tab/space issues.
      - Fixed endian issue with action type.  Thanks, Ben!
      By more liberal (egads!) about allocating space for netlink messages.
      Fixed minor tab/spaces issue.
      Changes based on feedback from GigaFin.
      Fixes to configure script based on suggestions from GigaFin.
      Remove MAC table support.
      Fix compilation error in 2.4.20 kernels.
      Add support for OFPP_TABLE virtual port.
      MIPS fixes based on suggestions from Jiang.
      Finish removing references to the MAC table.
      Use new OpenFlow protocol versioning scheme.
      - Keep datapath config in host-byte order (and fix a couple of bugs related to this).
      Switch from "stat" to "stats" everywhere.
      Fix call from vfprintf to fprintf, which could cause seg faults.
      Fix a problem with not allocating enough room for netlink messages.
      Mark structures as packed that cause alignment problems on architectures like ARM.
      BUG #4.
      Fix tab/space issue.
      Add priority field to flow_mod...code to support this forthcoming.
      Fix problem where the add_flow command is reading an unitialized array.
      - Add support for flow entry priorities.
      Add support for deleting flow entries with "del-flows" command in "dpctl".
      Print the configuration of the switch in addition to the features when "dpctl show" is run.
      BUG #5
      Clean-up related to supporting priorities...mostly suggestions from Ben.
      BUG #6
      - On flow entries with wildcards, match priority field when doing a "strict" delete.
      Fix problem displaying duration when printing flow stats.
      - Add support for OpenFlow error message type.
      Add support for OFPP_TABLE virtual port to user-space switch.
      - Add priority to flow expiration messages.
      Send the features request before the set config to be OpenFlow-compliant.
      - Update man pages to reflect recent spat of changes.
      Finishing touches on v0.8.0 release candidate.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Clean-up OpenFlow main header a bit.
      Fix problem introduced by kernel threads when building for 2.4.20.
      Get rid of compiler warning under gcc 4.2.
      Officially designate the v0.8.0 release.
      Check whether kernel has been configured by "version.h" instead of "utsrelease.h", since that convention wasn't introduced until 2.6.18.
      Mark the "vlan_eth_header" struct as packed, because it's getting padded on some architectures.
      Fixed problem where the first line of a stats reply message was not showing up on its own line.
      Implement the OFPP_ALL virtual port.
      Zero-out invalid fields when extracting a "match" and transforming it into a "flow".
      IPv6 is not supported in OpenFlow, so don't try to parse it.
      Fix compiler warning about mismatch with format type.
      Don't try to use the IP addresses from ARP packets when matching.
      Fix problem with identifying SNAP frames when extracting flows.
      Remove definition of unused function "hash_in6".
      Prepare for 0.8.1 release.
      Cleanup extraneous printing of spaces when dumping flows.
      Make sure destroy function was defined before trying to call it.
      - Add Stanford License.
      Make capitalization consistent.
      Define skb_reset_mac_header for Linux 2.6 kernels older than 2.6.22.
      Fixed typos in dummy hardware table example that caused compilation errors.
      Fix identification of SNAP packets.
      Have the switch list all the stats types it support in the capabilities field.
      Add printing of all supported action types.
      Fix VLAN modification action in kernel switch.
      Fix a couple of problems when modifying VLAN tags.
      Fix extraction of flow data from match structure.
      Don't allow adding a flow entry with an output port of OFPP_NONE.
      Don't allow adding a flow entry with an output port of OFPP_NONE.
      Improve flow handling in dpctl.
      Export the "dp_mutex" symbol, since it's needed by the hardware tables.
      Don't allow the learning switch to send packets back out the incoming port.
      Properly track table match counts.
      Switch to new packet-out format and add OFPP_IN_PORT.
      Added new interface statistics.
      Add stats message that allows querying description of components in OpenFlow.
      Use a consistent naming convention for counts.
      Fix dump-flows to be usable by add-flows.
      Link to the normal OpenFlow lib directory, not this hidden one.
      Fix problem where packets never matched in hash table and flows always added regardless of whether they currently exist.
      Cleanup git-status by not showing some unnecessary files.
      Initialize the table structures to zero.
      Remove unnecessary AC_PROG_LD since OpenFlow no longer uses libtool.
      Send PORT_STATUS messages on port and link changes.  Add ability to remotely enable and disable a port through the PORT_MOD message.
      Fix a couple of typos.
      Revert "Make vconns keep track of their names and include them in log messages."
      Add serial number to description status message.
      Use new method to describe table entries in OpenFlow wire protocol.
      Fix crash when no actions are specified.
      Clean up the code in the sample hardware table code.
      Keep old stats when a Flow Add replaces an existing entry.
      Fix broken stat requests over netlink.
      Ignore hwtable_dummy.c symlink in kernel build directories.
      Add support for OFPFC_MODIFY Flow Mod command.
      Added OFPFC_MODIFY_STRICT flow mod command.
      Update the ChangeLog with the changes since v0.8.1 and designate this v0.9.0-b1.
      Update pointer to "ext" to contain latest changes.
      Use "~" in designating beta versions to make version comparisons work.  Also delete "ext" submodule.
      Added lookup count to ofp_table_stats.
      Slight improvement to printing of ofp_port_status messages.
      Use device notifier in Linux kernel switch for detecting port status changes.
      Modify OpenFlow commands related to ports to be more expressive.
      Fix some old references to OFPPFL_ in comments.
      First cut of pretty printer of ofp_port_mod messages.
      Make sure to set 'port_no' in ofp_port_mod messages.
      Cleanup printing of ofp_port_mod a bit.
      Initial checkin of OpenFlow specification LaTeX source.
      Modify VLAN actions to support setting both VID and priority.
      Added missing header file.
      Remove kernel datapath unit tests.
      Show OpenFlow wire version when pretty printing features reply.
      Properly allocate flow action blocks in user-space switch.
      Add support for vendor-defined and variable-length actions.
      Properly set in_port in skb for Flow Mod messages.
      Unconditionally set skb->dev in dp_set_origin.
      Free sk_buffs with kfree_skb() instead of just kfree().
      Add support for Source-NAT to Linux 2.6 datapaths.
      Remove OFPT_TABLE reference.
      When sending error messages, set the length properly.
      Allow SNAT to build on older (2.6.15) and new (2.6.26) kernels.
      Return error message when a flow can't be added due to full tables.
      Fix dereference of previously freed data.
      Remove unnecessary check for validity when dereferencing an array.
      Conditionally leave out a few more things if "--enable-snat" isn't used.
      Fix crash when SNAT support is built and traffic is in-band.
      Switch default OpenFlow port from 975 and 976 to 6633.
      Fix leaking of flows when output action validation fails.
      Fix leaking of flows when output action validation fails.
      Pull configuration information from DMI.
      Dump more detailed information about system state from get-logs.
      Have git ignore the monitor and wdt packaging links.
      Add dist_sbin_SCRIPTS make target.
      Rename switchmon to switchui.
      Add --monitor flag to default init scripts for secchan.
      Add support for understanding ICMP type and code in flow entries.
      Add support for listing and deleting entries based on an output port.
      Officially call this code version 0.8.9~1.
      Fix compatibility back to Linux 2.6.15 and 2.4.32.
      Change references in comments from "ofp_vendor" to "ofp_vendor_header".
      Cleanup some formatting in openflow.h.
      Fix usage line about specifying local datapath in secchan.
      Add support for exporting flow information in NetFlow v5 format.
      Fix null pointer dereference when a delete flow command is executed.
      Fix flag to indicate whether Flow End messages should be sent.
      Add #include <limits.h> to fix build problem with undefined "_POSIX_PIPE_BUF".
      Fix setting "of" device name based on unitialized dp_idx.
      First cut at bridge compatibility for vswitchd.
      Increase max datapaths to 256 (Bug #561).
      Fix missing symbol in brcompat kernel module on older kernels.
      Add support for "brctl show".
      Return meaningful errors for brctl modification commands.
      Correct VERIFY_NUL_STRING back-port that required a "0" instead of a null.
      Make the openflow and brcompt modules use different netlink mc groups.
      Add support for time_after64/time_before64 macros in older kernels.
      Expose NetFlow to vswitchd configuration.
      Add support for sysfs and ethtool.
      Delete extermally removed interfaces from bridge compatibility config.
      Add datapath device name to printk's.
      Check wildcards for in_port != out_port output validation.
      Merge branch 'master' of nicira.dyndns.org:/srv/git/openflow/
      Fix fragment issue for large IP packets when SNAT action enabled.
      Move setting Nicira datapath ID out of kernel.
      For SNAT, don't store the pre-fragment L2 header before actions are applied.
      Move veth.c to Linux 2.6 compatibility directory.
      Fix build issues with recent SNAT changes on older kernels.
      First cut of OpenFlow control protocol draft specification.
      Changed control protocol name to OpenFlow Management Protocol.
      Fix minor typos in vswitch.conf.5 man page.
      Check wildcards for in_port != out_port output validation. (udatapath)
      Support multiple NetFlow collectors.
      Add limits.h for UINT_MAX definition.
      Only build SSL components if build configured with HAVE_OPENSSL.
      Cleanup files for git to ignore in datapath linux-2.6 build directory.
      More files for git to ignore for 2.6 datapath builds.
      Cleanup .gitignore for 2.4 datapath builds.
      Include limits.h for UINT_MAX definition.
      Have secchan reply to OpenFlow echo requests.
      Repair recently broken cfg_has_section().
      Ignore vim swap files.
      First cut of management control protocol.
      Fix help output that indicated multiple config files can be read.
      Various fixes for SSL configruation and mgmt id generation.
      Fix copy/paste naming issue.
      Indicate that SSL configuration is global in vswitchd.
      Allow ignoring "mgmt.controller" settings per bridge.
      Add retired Nicira entension types.
      Don't send mgmt OpenFlow messages if mgmt_rconn isn't set.
      Log error messages instead of calling printf.
      Fix cfg_del_section() function that was recently broken.
      Read netflow config from vswitchd.conf (Bug #1087).
      Remove extraneous debug message.
      Fix mirroring when no selection criteria provided. (Bug #1112)
      Return error when multiple writers are modifying vswitchd.conf.
      Fix skipping of lines when deleting a section with the cfg library.
      Break bridge compatibility daemon into separate process.
      Fix missing newline suppression in vswitchd automake.mk.
      Various fixes for vswitch-brcompatd init script.
      Fix newly introduced newline in brcompatd init script.
      Fix reading wrong value when bad file provided.
      Add cfg-mod, a vswitchd.conf-style manipulation utility.
      Don't complain when setting STP sysfs values to the default one.
      Use new vswitchd management settings when they change.
      Mention SPAN and RSPAN in vswitchd.conf man page.
      NetFlow configuration is no longer is limited to eight collectors.
      Add support for ingress policing.
      Use "dp-show" instead of "showdp" in dpctl.
      Add hack to get around "." delimiter problem with policing vifs.
      Use "policing-*" instead of "policing_*" in config.
      Remove "section"-style descriptions from vswitchd.conf man page.
      Add description of table output to dpctl man page.
      Add support for explicitly specifying a "drop" action when adding a flow.
      Add "dp-del-flows" command to dpctl.
      Have NetFlow account for first buffered packet of new flow (Bug #1162).
      Fix policing performance issues with VIFs.
      Rename strlcpy to ovs_strlcpy.
      Update OpenFlow tcpdump patch to work with latest code.
      Only send NetFlow notifications for IP traffic.
      Fix return value call on send() when sending NetFlow messages.
      Don't print warning about removing policy on startup.
      vswitch: reduce passes through config loop
      netflow: Document 1400-byte packet length limit.
      netflow: Set Engine and Add Alternate Port ID Flag
      xen: xsconsole plugin cleanup based on Citrix feedback
      xen: Fix permission on xsconsole plugin
      xen: Remove Nicira branding from vSwitch xsconsole plugin
      xen: Add missing change to Nicira brand removal commit
      xen: Fix a missed xapi plugin from the Nicira brand stripping
      xenserver: Fix setting pool-wide controller setting
      xenserver: Fix typo in description of RPM spec file
      Modify version string for various binaries.
      Change project name to "Open vSwitch"
      vswitch: Send NACK for bad cookie on update attempt.
      vswitch: Send Xen UUIDs associated with system and networks
      vswitch: Fix OFMP alignment problem on 64-bit systems.
      vswitch: Fix typos in OFMP comments.

Keith Amidon (29):
      Reopen log file in addition to reading conf file when vswitchd receives sighup
      Remove unneeded header file that was breaking builds for Xen.
      Work around header type clashes in Xen builds
      Example configuration in comments in the configuration files.
      Fix 64-bit alignment issue in management protocol message.
      Update Xen init scripts & default config for changes to config file handling.
      Hack vswitchd init script to remove bridge ports at startup
      Add help and version options to vswitch init script.
      Wait longer for userspace on brcompat changes.
      Document correct default nice level in default sysconfig file for vswitch.
      No longer need secchan to be on the executable search path for vswitchd
      Fix vswitch init.d file
      Change init script to interact with xapi better at boot.
      In init script, redirect core files to known writable directory in Xen
      Remove vswitchd.conf so blank file doesn't overwrite an existing one.
      New init files to work with separate brcompatd program.
      Add vswitch init files to dist target.
      Include cfg-mod man page in extra dist.
      Useful path additions, aliases, and functions for vswitch debugging.
      Add appropriate extension to profile.d script.
      Have vswitchd and brcompatd installed into sbindir
      Change paths to match locations used in installs.
      Be more conservative about bringing up interfaces when vswitchd started
      Initial cut at merging vswitch and vswitch-brcompatd init files.
      Stop attempting to add mgmt interface flows at boot time.
      Properly refer to brcompatd pidfile in init script stop option
      Fix copy-paste errors when combining vswitchd & brcompatd init scripts
      Fix vswitch init script "restart" and "update-modules" options
      Fix for typo in warning message.

Martin Casado (3):
      Initial import
      Used to boostrap autoconf files
      Add nicira copyright and gplv3 to vswitchd

Natasha Gude (2):
      Updated version references to OFP_VERSION
      IP_ARGS takes address of nw_addr

casado (2):
      - Turn off ssl support by default
      Update copyright on all non-GPL files

root (9):
      Add "#include <string.h>" so strerror() doesn't produce compiler warnings.
      Tolerate ENOBUFS from kernel netlink code in second call to recvmsg.
      CHECKSUM_COMPLETE and CHECKSUM_PARTIAL were added Linux 2.6.19, so update the compatiblity layer to reflect this.
      Fix problem in sending netlink messages on non-32-bit platforms.
      Clean-up some compiler warnings related to printing numbers.
      When printing flow expired messages, we should end the line with "\n" instead of "n".
      - When deleting an entry, remove the entry from "iter_node" as well as "node".
      Allow controller to set MAC address to use in ARP responses for SNAT IPs.


Open vSwitch

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