[ovs-git] Open vSwitch: Set dates for 1.9.0 release. (v1.9.0)

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Tue Mar 12 04:23:37 UTC 2013

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 tagged by  Ben Pfaff
        on  Mon Mar 11 21:22:26 2013 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Open vSwitch version 1.9.0.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Aaron Rosen (1):
      ofproto-dpif: Don't output to in_port even if in_port is OFPP_LOCAL.

Alexey I. Froloff (5):
      datapath: Fix build with backported netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align()
      ovs-save: Fix address label processing.
      rhel: rename RHEL6 kmod source package
      rhel: add ability to build kmod packages for arbitrary kernel version/variant(s)
      rhel: Add Red Hat network scripts integration.

Andrew Evans (46):
      netdev: Make 'netdev' parameter of 'get_features()' const.
      bridge: Store status of physical network interfaces in Interface table.
      Commit e210037e has an incorrect database checksum. This commit fixes that.
      netdev-vport: Report carrier state of tunnel egress interfaces.
      bridge: Add controller status to Controller table.
      vswitch: Fix schema version number.
      bridge: Check for null ofproto_controller_info pointer.
      ovsdb-server: Correct Manager inactivity probe column name.
      util: New ovs_retval_to_string() function.
      ovsdb-server: Write manager status information to Manager table.
      Debian: Make ovsdb-server use manager_options column to find managers.
      xenserver: Make ovsdb-server look for remotes in manager_options column.
      ovs-vsctl: Clear manager_options column and delete Manager rows on emer-reset.
      ovs-vsctl: Add commands to get/delete/set manager connections.
      xenserver: Display managers referenced by 'manager_options' in xsconsole.
      xenserver: Make openvswitch-cfg-update reset 'manager_options' column.
      xenserver: Merge upstream changes and drop pre-5.6.100 support.
      xenserver: Clean up /usr/sbin/brctl dangling symlink.
      xenserver: Replace customized xen-bugtool with plugin to collect qdisc info.
      debian: Add license information for new xen-bugtool plugin to copyright.in.
      ovsdb: Remove 'managers' column from 'Open vSwitch' table.
      xenserver: Revert only the XenServer scripts no longer replaced by OVS.
      xenserver: Split kernel/userspace into separate RPMs for supplemental packs.
      xenserver: Add support for disabling in-band management via XAPI.
      vswitch: Fix typos in schema documentation.
      ofproto: Report time connected or disconnected, not time in rconn state.
      ovsdb: Change the way connection duration time is reported in Manager table.
      reconnect: Track last-disconnected time.
      reconnect: Rename CONNECT_IN_PROGRESS state to CONNECTING (like rconn).
      xenserver: Don't touch /etc/xensource/network.conf on upgrade.
      ovsdb-server: Report time since last connect and disconnect for each manager.
      ofproto: Store time since last connect and disconnect in Controller table.
      reconnect.py: Fix Python 2.4 compatibility break.
      datapath: Update netdev_frame_hook() for 2.6.39 rx handler API change.
      pcap: Silence warnings about fwrite(3) return value being ignored.
      vswitch.xml: s/switchs/switches/g
      datapath: Make git ignore linux-2.6/vlan.c.
      tunneling: Add df_default and df_inherit tunnel options.
      tunneling: Add DF inherit and default flags to set of public tunnel flags.
      datapath: Hash and compare only the part of sw_flow_key actually used.
      ovs-ofctl: Add 'replace-flows' command to usage.
      ovs-ofctl: Print the offending flow on parse error when reading from a file.
      vswitch.xml: Use new <ref key> attribute where appropriate.
      bridge: Populate interface status/statistics as soon as a port is added.
      bridge: Update controller connection status correctly.
      connmgr: Free controller info in the same module where it's allocated.

Andrew Lambeth (1):
      Add cmdline arg to specify unix domain control socket.

Andy Southgate (1):
      Add ovsdbmonitor GUI tool by Andy Southgate, contributed by Citrix.

Ansis Atteka (32):
      packaging: dpkg --purge command fails on Ubuntu 11.04
      ovs-appctl: Add fdb/flush command
      datapath: Kernel flow metadata parsing should be less restrictive
      ovs-test: A new tool that allows to diagnose connectivity and performance issues
      packaging: Fix Xen and RH packaging error that was introduced with ovs-test utility
      vswitchd: In-band rules for Controller are missing after executing force-reload-kmod command
      vswitchd: fix "implicit declaration of function" build warning.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Detect correctly IPSEC configuration changes
      Revert "ovs-monitor-ipsec: Detect correctly IPSEC configuration changes"
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Detect correctly IPSEC configuration changes
      documentation: use correct rundir in INSTALL.Linux to terminate OVS
      datapath: Do not send notification if ovs_vport_set_options() failed
      vswitchd: Remove port from datapath if it becomes non-operational
      ovs-save: Add "dev" keyword before interface names in the ip commands
      documentation: Add INSTALL.Libvirt file
      ovs-test: Enhancements to the ovs-test tool
      automake: ofp-errors.[c|inc] are actually inside srcdir
      nicira-ext: Support masking of nd_target field
      datapath: Release rtnl_lock if ovs_vport_cmd_build_info() failed
      ovs-l3ping: A new test utility that allows to detect L3 tunneling issues
      Fix build error on XenServer
      stp: port_no counter is off by one
      netdev-vport: Disable Path MTU Discovery by default
      netdev-vport: Warn users that pmtud is deprecated
      datapath: Add ipv6_find_hdr() compatibility function.
      datapath: improve ipv6_find_hdr() function for IPv6 'set' action
      sparse: Add ip6_rthdr struct to the ip6.h
      datapath: add ipv6 'set' action
      ovs-appctl: fix help message for ofproto/trace command
      datapath: add skb mark matching and set action
      flow: use rule priority in match_format() function
      vswitchd: log skb_mark and skb_priority

Anupam Chanda (1):
      ofproto: Fix uninitialized field in ofputil_flow_update.

Arun Sharma (10):
      bugtool - Collect version information for all running Open vSwitch daemons.
      Python binaries to write comment in db show-log while updating database
      bugtool: Collect bond state information from ovs.
      bugtool: rename label names in plugins related to ovs-appctl
      ovs-vsctl: Add "--all" option for "destroy" command in ovs-vsctl.
      Debian packaging to remove system-id.conf
      Python daemons: Changed log date time format.
      ipsec gre: Do not reread ovs monitor ipsec pidfile in netdev vport so much
      Rename static functions to increase uniqueness.
      ovs-bugtool: Added --ovs option to get only ovs related information

Ben Pfaff (3286):
      Import from old repository commit 61ef2b42a9c4ba8e1600f15bb0236765edc2ad45.
      xenserver: Rename cache file to ovs-vswitch.dbache, for consistency.
      xenserver: Allow RPM to install only with correct Xen kernel version.
      xenserver: Bring up bond slave device before adding to bond.
      netdev: New function netdev_nodev_get_carrier().
      vswitch: Enable bond slaves based on carrier status, not up/down.
      mac-learning: Make data structures public.
      vswitch: Send gratuitous learning packets when bond slaves go down.
      ovs-pki: Fix formatting errors in manpage.
      ovs-pki: Improve readability of manpage.
      Update documentation.
      debian: Ignore directories created as part of Debian package build.
      debian: Run build tests during build (unless "nocheck" is specified).
      debian: Honor "noopt", "parallel=<n>" build options.
      xenserver: Use parallel make in RPM build on SMP machines.
      Fix behavior of simultaneous "make" and "make dist".
      Remove "dpkg-buildpackage" test from "make distcheck".
      Fix another "make" versus "make dist" build problem.
      Add unit test for TCP/IP checksumming code.
      Fix glibc 2.7 strtok_r() bug in a more permanent fashion.
      vswitch: Add ovs-appctl commands for debugging and managing bonds.
      vswitch: Fix handling of multicast packets received by bonds.
      Add file missing from commit baf099 "Fix glibc 2.7 strtok_r() bug...".
      Add unit test for SHA-1 library.
      xenserver: Pass network UUID to controller for internal networks too.
      Don't accept unix: connections, etc. in OpenFlow controller discovery.
      datapath: Add sysfs support for all (otherwise supported) Linux versions.
      vconn: Report valid errno value if connection closed waiting for hello.
      vconn: Drop obsolete code for Netlink-based vconns.
      vconn: Factor out common code from TCP and SSL vconns.
      vconn: Add unit test for tcp and unix vconns.
      vswitch: Avoid segfault when revalidating ARP flows.
      xenserver: Don't include veth_mod.ko in RPMs.
      xenserver: Fix stupid typo in previous commit (s/modudules/modules/).
      Update primary code license to Apache 2.0.
      Replace SHA-1 library with one that is clearly licensed.
      Merge changes from citrix branch into master.
      Update license on file not in citrix branch to Apache 2.0.
      cfg: Log accurate waiting times in cfg_lock().
      ovs-brcompatd: Handle XS Tools 5.0.0 destroying and recreating devices
      ovs-brcompatd: Turn up log level of port removal messages.
      xenserver: Also log ovs-brcompatd messages at INFO level to syslog.
      datapath: Ignore return value from rtnl_notify().
      datapath: Remove redundant synchronize_rcu() call.
      datapath: Fix use-after-free error in datapath destruction.
      Log more rconn status.
      shash: New function shash_is_empty().
      shash: New function shash_first().
      dpif: Rename dpif_get_name() to dpif_port_get_name(), update interface.
      dpif: New function dpif_get_netflow_ids().
      dpif: Replace dpif_id() by dpif_name().
      dpif: Make dpif_port_query_by_name() more useful by logging less on failure.
      dpif: Hide the contents of struct dpif.
      dpif: Remove obsolete support for datapaths whose names begin with "nl:".
      dpif: Change dpif_port_group_get() semantics.
      dpif: Rename odp_msg related functions for more consistency.
      datapath: Remove unnecessary range check from put_actions().
      datapath: Make the datapath responsible for choosing port numbers.
      datapath: Get rid of query operations for single flows.
      datapath: Style fix.
      datapath: Fix ODP_PORT_DEL handling of bad user memory read.
      datapath: Make openvswitch_ioctl() have a single point of exit.
      datapath: Change ODP_PORT_LIST semantics.
      datapath: Drop unneeded local variable initialization.
      dpif: Make dpifs abstract, to allow multiple datapath implementations.
      dpif: Add new functions dp_run() and dp_wait().
      Introduce general-purpose ways to wait for dpif and netdev changes.
      New implementation of userspace datapath, based on the netdev library.
      vswitch: Remove restriction on datapath names.
      dpif-linux: Don't allow arbitrary internal ports to identify a datapath.
      vswitch: Avoid knowledge of details specific to Linux datapaths.
      vswitch: Don't pass null pointer to stat().
      Rename "secchan" to "ofproto" (library) and "ovs-openflowd" (program).
      datapath: Remove redundant synchronize_rcu() call.
      datapath: Fix use-after-free error in datapath destruction.
      datapath: Remove declarations of functions that are never defined or used.
      datapath: Fix race against workqueue in dp_dev and simplify code.
      datapath: Fix race in datapath creation.
      datapath: Fix races in updating dp_dev port statistics.
      Document how to use Open vSwitch as a replacement for the Linux bridge.
      INSTALL.bridge: Add detail suggested by Pete.
      Document how to report bugs in Open vSwitch.
      Document how to submit patches for Open vSwitch.
      datapath: Don't orphan packets in dp_dev transmit path.
      Revert "datapath: Don't orphan packets in dp_dev transmit path."
      vconn: Fix detection of vconn local IP address, to fix in-band control.
      datapath: Don't orphan packets in dp_dev transmit path.
      vswitchd: Fix log messages when bond slaves are enabled or disabled.
      vswitchd: Skip updelay on slave when only a single bond slave is up.
      brcompat: Improve comments in header file.
      ovs-ofctl: Use 65535 instead of 0 for OFPP_CONTROLLER max_len.
      Add function get_null_fd(), to reduce code redundancy.
      New function ds_steal_cstr().
      Add macros for parsing MAC addresses from strings.
      mac-learning: New function mac_entry_age().
      vswitchd: New unixctl command "fdb/show" to print the MAC learing table.
      process: Fix races on fatal signal handling in process_start().
      process: Factor code out of process_start() into helper functions.
      process: New function process_run_capture().
      brcompatd: Factor code out of prune_ports().
      brcompat: Refactor infrastructure for communication with ovs-brcompatd.
      Implement "brctl showmacs" support in brcompat and ovs-brcompatd.
      Merge citrix branch into master.
      cfg: New function cfg_get_matches().
      vswitchd: Make "fdb/show" output more meaningful port numbers.
      brcompat: Make "brctl showmacs" honor Linux notion of bridge composition.
      xenserver: Fix creating, destroying bonds with the management connection.
      Do not try to resolve DNS for OpenFlow controllers or netflow collectors.
      xenserver: Enable ARP filtering to work around xhad bug.
      xenserver: Honor the MAC address specified in xapi database for bonds.
      xenserver: Do not set or remove vSwitchVersion xapi parameter anymore.
      Reduce default maximum connection timeout from 15 seconds to 8 seconds.
      Reduce default probe interval to 5 seconds (and fail-open timeout to 15).
      Use Autotest for the Open vSwitch test suite.
      Add support for code coverage analysis with gcov and lcov.
      Remove --disable-userspace "configure" option, since it breaks "make dist".
      Always distribute extras/ezio/ezio3.ti.
      vswitchd: Add bond hashes to /proc/net/bonding compatibility layer.
      vswitchd: Update /proc/net/bonding when bonded port properties change.
      shash: Make shash_add() return the new node.
      shash: Introduce new macros SHASH_FOR_EACH, SHASH_FOR_EACH_SAFE.
      netdev: Change netdev_get_etheraddr() to return an error code.
      netdev: Change netdev_get_mtu() to return an error code.
      netdev: Change netdev_get_in4() to return an error code.
      netdev: Get rid of netdev_open_tap().
      netdev: New function netdev_exists().
      netdev: Add 'netdev' parameter to netdev_add_router().
      ofproto: Don't use netdev_nodev_get_etheraddr() in pick_datapath_id().
      vswitchd: Factor out iteration over interfaces with deletion.
      vswitchd: Keep a netdev open for each interface.
      vswitchd: Don't keep track of mac in struct iface.
      netdev: Make netdev_find_dev_by_in4() use netdevs, not device names.
      vswitchd: Avoid netdev_nodev_set_policing().
      vswitchd: Avoid netdev_nodev_*() functions.
      netdev: Make netdev_get_vlan_vid() take a netdev instead of a name.
      netdev: Remove netdev_nodev_*() functions.
      netdev: Implement an abstract interface to network devices.
      netdev-linux: Rename "linux_netdev_*" to "rtnetlink_*".
      rtnetlink: Document.
      rtnetlink: Move into separate source and header file.
      Fix broken build by making "make dist" include lib/netdev-provider.h.
      vswitchd: Fix logged warnings for new internal ports.
      brcompat: Add comments to sysfs code.
      xenserver: Really take devices down in interface-reconfigure.
      datapath: Move sysfs support from brcompat_mod into openvswitch_mod.
      datapath: Rename brc_sysfs_* to dp_sysfs_*.
      datapath: Prepare to extend lifetime of kobjects.
      datapath: Fix OOPS when dp_sysfs_add_if() fails.
      datapath: Update sysfs links when network devices are renamed.
      secchan: Fix behavior when a network device is renamed.
      vswitchd: Fix use of uninitialized variable in bridge_pick_local_hw_addr().
      xenserver: Add new helper function to interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Rename network devices to match MAC addresses of physical PIFs.
      xenserver: Fix infinite recursion in get_netdev_by_mac.
      datapath: Unexport functions only used in openvswitch_mod.
      svec: New convenience macro SVEC_FOR_EACH.
      brcompatd: Make parse_command() parse commands without dp arguments.
      brcompatd: Break send_reply() up into more functions for flexibility.
      brcompatd: Fix handle_fdb_query_cmd() return value on error.
      brcompatd: Factor code out of handle_fdb_query_cmd().
      brcompat: Move BRCTL_GET_BRIDGES, BRCTL_GET_PORT_LIST into userspace.
      vswitchd: Support creating fake bond device interfaces.
      brcompat: Remove requirement that that no datapaths exist at load time.
      brcompat: Remove no-longer-needed #includes.
      xenserver: Bring up physical devices before configuring local port.
      xenserver: Fix typo in adding static routes in interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Rename functions, variables in interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Factor MTU, Ethtool into functions in interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Obtain Ethtool, MTU, static routes from network instead of PIF.
      xenserver: Configure MTU, Ethtool on PIFs in interface-reconfigure.
      datapath: Improve comments.
      ovs-brcompatd: Fix use of uninitialized svec.
      ovs-brcompatd: Fix memory leak.
      ovs-brcompatd: Don't include the local port in BRCTL_GET_PORT_LIST output.
      switch UI: Only build ovs-switchui if PCRE 7.2 or later is available.
      Merge citrix into master.
      datapath: Additional fixes for datapath device renaming.
      xenserver: Completely ignore datapath devices for renaming purposes.
      xenserver: Fix "brctl show" compatibility by introducing "brctl" wrapper.
      xenserver: Use = instead of == as operator for "test" in shell scripts.
      xenserver: Renice netback process to priority 0 by default.
      Merge citrix into master.
      xenserver: Compute correct physical PIFs for VLANs on bonds.
      netflow: Remove stray debug printf().
      vswitchd: Fix bug in Ethernet address selection for bridge.
      vswitchd: Avoid output port explosion with mirrors that output to VLANs.
      vswitchd: Mirror nothing, not everything, if mirror ports don't exist.
      secchan: Avoid sending NetFlow packets for empty flows.
      corekeeper: Always include PID in core dump names.
      datapath: Remove WARN_ON_ONCE(1) now that this code has been exercised.
      datapath: Use hash table more tolerant of collisions for flow table.
      Merge citrix branch into master.
      ofproto: Fix bad merge in previous commit.
      vconn-tcp: Report correct remote IP and remote port.
      rconn: Speed up in-band control connections, by caching the remote address.
      xenserver: Document all the /etc/sysconfig/vswitch settings.
      vswitchd: Explain why mirroring to a VLAN can cause network problems.
      xenserver: Create vswitchd configuration file if it does not exist.
      xenserver: Install /etc/sysconfig/vswitch by default.
      vswitchd: Fix typo in comment.
      vswitch: Document that fail-open is enabled by default.
      xenserver: Avoid "rpm -i" warnings on XenServer 5.5.900.
      xenserver: Don't install at same time as XS 5.5.900 "openvswitch" package.
      xenserver: Improve readability of /etc/init.d scripts.
      xenserver: Don't (try to) remove log files on RPM uninstall.
      Revert "xenserver: Renice netback process to priority 0 by default."
      Increase the default priority of vswitchd and brcompatd
      Document ovs-vswitchd's ovs-appctl commands and some ovs-vswitchd internals.
      xenserver: Fix syntax error in vswitch-xen.spec %pre fragment.
      xenserver: Remove unmaintained comments in interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Remove dead store from interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Make RPM install work again.
      xenserver: Install into /usr instead of /root/vswitch.
      xenserver: Install kernel modules in proper system locations.
      datapath: Raise maximum ports per datapath from 256 to 1024.
      Raise MAC learning table capacity from 1,024 to 2,048 entries per bridge.
      New utility ovs-vsctl.
      datapath: Fix comments.
      datapath: Fix WARN_ON sending GSO packets to userspace in Linux 2.6.22+.
      secchan: Fix bad pointer dereference sending flow expirations.
      ovs-vsctl: Add test suite, documentation for br-to-vlan, br-to-parent.
      xenserver: Fix detection of xs-network-uuids in interface-reconfigure.
      datapath: Fix mutual exclusion with bridge on Linux 2.6.27+.
      ovs-pki: Extend validity of generated CA certificates from 3 to 6 years.
      Factor out code for composing benign packets.
      Factor out code for composing OFPT_PACKET_IN messages.
      secchan: Better tolerate failing controller admission control in fail-open.
      xenserver: Remove vswitch dbcache file during RPM uninstall.
      xenserver: Drop "init-dbcache" by making PIF optional for "rewrite".
      xenserver: Remove vswitch dbcache file during RPM uninstall.
      ovs-vswitchd: Define missing .IQ macro in manpage.
      bitmap: Don't allocate excessive memory.
      vswitchd: Fix unimportant memory leak.
      util: Add comments.
      netdev: Fix memory leak in get_stats_via_netlink().
      vswitchd: Fix memory leak in bridge_reconfigure().
      vconn: Remove unused "reconnectable" member from vconn.
      fatal-signal: Clean up code by using shash.
      fatal-signal: New function fatal_signal_unlink_file_now().
      vconn-unix: Unlink Unix sockets for vconns at close and free memory.
      fatal-signal: Add clarifying comments.
      brcompatd: Delete VLAN tags only for the correct port in del_port().
      Merge citrix branch into master.
      shash: Fix memory leak in shash_destroy().
      debian: Make dependencies on openvswitch packages specify exact version.
      Document per-port round-robin during controller rate limiting.
      xenserver: Add script refresh-xs-network-uuids.
      xenserver: In xsconsole plugin, log via XSConsoleLog module.
      xenserver: Clear stale configuration keys on boot, but not on later starts
      xenserver: Clear stale configuration keys on boot, but not on later starts
      netdev-linux: Improve netdev_linux_set_etheraddr().
      secchan: Clarify logic in add_output_action().
      vswitch: Factor out detection of internal interfaces into a new function.
      vswitch: Allow user to set Ethernet address of any internal interface.
      Merge "citrix" branch into "master.
      xenserver: Fix ovs-vsctl in built RPM by defining /etc as sysconfdir.
      xenserver: Crossport "master" interface-reconfigure to "citrix".
      datapath: Add cpumask.h header wrapper to distribution.
      datapath: Fix build with Centos 5.3 kernel.
      datapath: Factor out code for getting and setting listen mask.
      datapath: Fix warning on 64-bit builds.
      datapath: Ignore return value from rtnl_notify().
      datapath: Fix build with Linux 2.6.31.
      Make sure that time advances in a daemon between calls to time_refresh().
      ovs-vsctl: Log changes to configuration file to syslog.
      ovs-vsctl: Allow bridge name to be omitted from del-port command.
      ovs-vsctl: Refactor internals to increase flexibility.
      ovs-vsctl: Add the ability to perform multiple operations in a single run.
      ovs-vsctl: Add tests that adding duplicate bridges or ports fails.
      Merge "citrix" into "master".
      Distribute README-gcov, so that users building from tarballs can read it.
      Add test to ensure that time advances both normally and in a daemon.
      cfg: Fix implementation of timeout in attempting to lock the config file.
      Spell verb form of "set up" correctly throughout the tree.
      unixctl: Allow passing auxiliary data to unixctl commands.
      Implement library for lockfiles and use it in cfg code.
      Add new function xzalloc(n) as a shorthand for xcalloc(1, n).
      hash: Implement hash function for pointer values.
      hash: Implement hash function for "double" values.
      hash: Implement hash function for Boolean values.
      hash: Improve hash function for integers.
      hmap: Fix bug in hmap_replace().
      hmap: New functions, macros for iterating buckets without comparing hashes.
      shash: New function shash_find_and_delete().
      shash: New function shash_count().
      shash: New function shash_sort().
      queue: New function queue_is_empty().
      sha1: Add functions, macros for converting digests to and from strings.
      Implement JSON parsing and serialization.
      Implement RFC 4122-compliant UUIDs.
      util: Make ovs_error() understand that EOF means "end of file".
      New dir_name() function plus tests.
      Factor out common code from utilities that multiplex commands.
      socket-util: Make TCP open function support no default port.
      stream: New library for bidirectional streams (e.g. TCP, SSL, Unix sockets).
      byteq: Move from extras/ezio into lib and export some private functions.
      Implement JSON-RPC protocol.
      Initial implementation of OVSDB.
      vswitch: First try at an OVSDB schema.
      json: Make json_equal() compare objects correctly.
      ovsdb: Make JSON-RPC sessions other than the first work.
      ovsdb-tool: Make "query" and "transact" commands work properly.
      ovsdb-server: Remove unixctl transaction support.
      ovsdb: Fix use-after-free error in ovsdb_destroy().
      ovsdb: Fix inverted logic in ovsdb_open().
      Don't try to distribute file that doesn't exist.
      ovsdb: Improve error message for transaction that uses unknown operation.
      ovsdb: Add documentation for ovsdb-server and ovsdb-tool programs.
      ovsdb: Add new ovsdb-client program.
      backtrace: Suppress dumb GCC warning on x86-64.
      backtrace: Avoid GCC warning on x86-64.
      Fix incorrect printf format specifiers.
      Make ovs-appctl easier to use and synchronize its interface with ovs-vsctl.
      ovs-vsctl: Capitalize names of global constants but not variables.
      vswitch: Only one Open vSwitch daemon is supported per database.
      svec: New function svec_is_empty().
      New "reconnect" library for managing network connection attempts.
      stream: New function pstream_accept_block().
      ovsdb-server: Reconnect to clients specified on --connect.
      ovsdb-client: Support listening for incoming connections too.
      ovsdb-parser: Fix indentation.
      ovsdb: Fix use of non-array for JSON-RPC parameters.
      ovsdb: Rename ovsdb_file to ovsdb_log.
      ovsdb: Add replication support and refactor files in terms of replication.
      ovsdb: Refactor JSON-RPC database server implementation.
      ovsdb-server: Maintain the database lock with --detach.
      ovsdb-client: New command "transact".
      ovsdb: Add tests for file storage and for ovsdb-server.
      ovsdb-server: Ignore replies to echo requests.
      ovsdb-parser: Fix logic in ovsdb_parser_member().
      ovsdb-server: Add "exit" unixctl command and --unixctl option.
      jsonrpc: Add logging for messages sent and received, at DBG level.
      ovsdb: Monitor support.
      Update documentation to mention correct Autoconf version prerequisite.
      ovsdb-server: Fix crash for invalid parameters to "monitor" request.
      ovsdb: Add more tests for "monitor" feature.
      ovsdb: Make ovsdb-server tests pass even when @RUNDIR@ is not writable.
      Document userspace switch.
      datapath: Fix build with kernel header layout recently adopted by Debian.
      Merge citrix branch into master.
      datapath: Check for proto_data_valid member instead of kernel version.
      datapath: Fix warning building datapath on pre-2.6.24 kernels.
      netdev: Really set output values to 0 on failure in netdev_get_features().
      ovsdb: Require database, table, column names to be valid identifiers.
      shash: Make it more convenient to store "const" objects in an shash.
      ovsdb: Rename variable to better describe its purpose.
      acinclude.m4: Fix inconsistency.
      Move C compiler warning (-W) flags from CFLAGS to AM_CFLAGS.
      netdev: New function netdev_get_ifindex().
      socket-util: Make TCP open function support no default port.
      socket-util: Generalize tcp_open_*() to UDP, as inet_open_*().
      netflow: Use inet_open_active() to factor out some code.
      netflow: Break out code for sending packets into a new "collectors" module.
      dpif: New function dpif_create_and_open().
      svec: New function svec_split().
      ovs-openflowd: Add support for userspace-only switching.
      ovsdb: Add ovsdb IDL compiler to build system.
      classifier: Improve comments.
      vswitch.ovsidl: Fix comments.
      Remove --disable-userspace "configure" option, since it breaks "make dist".
      Always distribute extras/ezio/ezio3.ti.
      ovs-vswitchd: Add --mlockall option and enable on XenServer.
      vswitchd: Fix build when source and build directory differ.
      ovsdb: Allow a named-uuid to be used within the operation that creates it.
      jsonrpc: New type "jsonrpc_session", which automatically reconnects.
      jsonrpc: Make it easy to get a new JSON-RPC request's id.
      ovsdb: Implement C bindings for IDL.
      Merge "master" branch into "db".
      ovsdb-idlc: C code generation improvements.
      ovsdb-idl: Make IDL-generated files depend on ovsdb-idlc.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix resolution of references from one table to another.
      vswitchd: Remove vestigial spanning tree protocol (STP) support.
      vswitchd: Initial conversion to database-based configuration.
      xenserver: Remove now-missing files from RPM spec file.
      ovsdb-server: Open --listen sockets before detaching.
      ovsdb-client: Add support for --detach to "monitor" command.
      ovsdb: Fix race conditions in test suite.
      xenserver: Mention additional ovsdb files that are included.
      vswitchd: Avoid segfault when creating a bridge fails.
      json: Improve error reporting.
      vswitchd: Add "id" column to Interface table for use by NOX.
      Distribute ovsdb-idlc built sources, so Python is not required for build.
      ovsdb-idl: Optimize lookup of struct idl_table from struct idl_table_class.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix memory leak.
      ofproto: Fix reversed inequality test.
      Update ovsdb specifications based on suggestions from Brandon Heller.
      vswitchd: Avoid segfault when local port is required but missing.
      ovsdb: Remove obsolete declaration from ovsdb-server.c.
      ovsdb-idlc: Add rules to make sure .h files get generated before .c files.
      hmap: Add function to mark an hmap_node as "null" and check for the mark.
      bitmap: New function bitmap_scan() and macro BITMAP_FOR_EACH_1.
      json: New convenience function json_array_create_1().
      ovsdb: Implement new "declare" operation.
      ovsdb-idl: Make it possible to write data through the IDL.
      ovsdb-idl: Update IDL data when "set" functions are called.
      ovsdb-idlc: Fix parsing of "ephemeral" member of "column".
      vswitch: Add "external_ids" and "ofport" columns to Interface table.
      ovsdb-idl: Bug fixes.
      ovsdb-idl: New function to obtain the current transaction from any row.
      ovsdb-idlc: Add "const" to "set" function arguments that should have it.
      vsctl: Start making it work with ovsdb.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix bugs.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix performance problem.
      ovs-vsctl: New commands for working with external IDs.
      ovs-vsctl: Add --help output for external-id commands.
      ovs-vsctl: Add options parsing infrastructure.
      ovs-vsctl: Make functions to find entities more flexible.
      ovs-vsctl: Add --if-exists options to del-br, del-port commands.
      ovs-vsctl: Accept documented --no-wait option.
      xenserver: Implement clearing database at boot.
      xenserver: Check ovsdb-server version and status also.
      xenserver: Make basic interface-reconfigure calls work.
      xenserver: Make basic VM networking work.
      ovs-vsctl: Log fatal errors as well as printing them on the console.
      xensource: Add kluge to make interface-reconfigure work better.
      ovs-vsctl: Initialize the database automatically.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix row insertion and deletion behavior.
      ovsdb-client: Add support for pretty-printing JSON in output.
      ovs-vsctl: Add --dry-run option.
      ovsdb: Cleanly abort delete operations.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix deletion of modified row.
      vswitch: Generate text file documenting the vswitch schema.
      ovsdb: Fix segfault when a column set contains an invalid column name.
      ovsdb-idl: Prevent segfault destroying an incomplete transaction.
      socket-util: Clarify EAGAIN error code for make_unix_socket().
      Remove redundant calls to set_nonblocking().
      vswitch: Set datapath_id and ofport in ovsdb.
      ovs-vsctl: Add -t or --timeout option to limit runtime.
      vswitchd: Do not choose generated MAC address for local port.
      netdev-linux: Fix aliasing error.
      ovsdb-server: Improve error message when database file argument is missing.
      debian: Break rules for datapath module out of debian/rules.
      debian: Make binary NMUs possible.
      debian: Make all binary packages depend on ${misc:Depends}.
      debian: Update changelog.
      debian: Move openvswitch-dbg to "debug" section.
      debian: Change openvswitch-switch deb to use ovsdb-server and ovs-vswitchd.
      json: Accurately parse very large real numbers.
      ovsdb: Add new "mutation" operation to transactions.
      Fix typos in ovsdb specification.
      dynamic-string: New function ds_cstr_ro().
      ovsdb: Add "comment" feature to transactions and make ovs-vsctl use them.
      debian: Don't unload kernel modules in init script on "stop" or "restart".
      ovsdb-tool: Add "show-log" command for use in debugging.
      Make ovs-vswitchd report when it is done configuring; make ovs-vsctl wait.
      initscript: pass complete path to pidfile to status command
      ovsdb-server: Remove write-only struct member.
      test-json: Avoid use of /dev/stdin to fix builds in limited chroots.
      testsuite: Look for .ovsschema files in source dir as well as build dir.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix segfault with fake bridges.
      debian: Tolerate varying locations of vswitch-idl.ovsschema.
      debian: Distribute some files that were forgotten.
      ovs-brcompatd: Handle TXN_UNCHANGED status.
      ovs-brcompatd: Simplify logic and make more robust.
      daemon: Allow daemon child process to report success or failure to parent.
      Add InMon's sFlow Agent library to the build system.
      netdev: New functions for interpreting "enum ofp_port_features" bitmaps.
      daemon: Don't ignore failed write to pipe.
      reconnect: Add connection attempt limiting feature.
      ovsdb-server: Factor out complication by using jsonrpc_session.
      ovsdb-server: Make database connections configurable from database itself.
      ofproto: Drop remote command execution feature.
      Initial implementation of sFlow.
      ovsdb-server: Fix minor memory leak.
      ovs-openflowd: Don't pass extra argument to printf().
      ofproto: Get rid of unused parameter to ofconn_destroy().
      Fix documented name of key used to disable MAC learning on a VLAN.
      Include lib/string.h in "make dist"-generated tarballs.
      Add runtime test that strtok_r() bug fix works.
      Factor vconn and SSL documentation into manpage include files.
      Check invariants earlier in vconn and stream code.
      stream: Add stream_run(), stream_run_wait() functions.
      vconn: Convert vconn code to modern OVS structure.
      poll-loop: Drop unused poll_fd_callback() feature.
      Add SSL support to "stream" library and OVSDB.
      stream: Remove spurious #includes from header file.
      vconn: Reimplement in terms of the "stream" abstraction.
      ovs-vswitchd: Add ability to bootstrap SSL.
      Remove "fault" module.
      socket-util: Allow binding without a port number in inet_open_passive().
      socket-util: Make inet_open_passive() pass back the bound address.
      stream: Make passive SSL and TCP streams report bound addresses as names.
      stream-ssl: Try to shut SSL connections down gracefully.
      stream-ssl: Fix ssl_recv() and ssl_send() return value semantics.
      stream: Really enable SSL streams.
      vconn: Test SSL vconns too.
      Distribute some forgotten files that are needed by "make check".
      stream-ssl: Fix bug that crept in during rebasing.
      tests: Improve vconn tests.
      tests: Make test-vconn build and pass tests without OpenSSL.
      configure: Fix indentation.
      xenserver: Fix fallout from removing remote command execution.
      datapath: Add a find the kernel source directory for Debian 2.6.32+.
      jsonrpc: Properly implement connection timeout.
      sflow: Report port ifIndexes instead of datapath port numbers.
      sflow: Set proper output port number for dropped packets.
      sflow: Write "sFlow" as "sFlow(R)" in documentation.
      datapath: Improve comments on struct dp_stats_percpu.
      Improve comments on interpretation of sFlow sampling probabilities.
      datapath: Renumber ioctls to avoid gaps.
      xenserver: Fix init script with multiple --remote options to ovsdb-server.
      dpif: Remove stray new-line.
      datapath: Improve comments.
      sflow: Fix handling of struct ofproto_sflow_options members.
      sflow: Fix ifDirection setting if duplex unknown.
      sflow: Avoid division by zero if sampling rate is 0.
      sflow: Improve comments.
      sflow: Improve user-visible string.
      sflow: Fix byte order problem.
      sflow: Document how the agent address is determined.
      sflow: Improve documentation phrasing.
      ovsdb: Clarify spec for map mutation insert mutator.
      jsonrpc: Check RPC status after trying to send, not before.
      ovsdb: Add tests for OVSDB protocol over SSL.
      ovsdb: Save some space in the log for newly inserted records.
      ovsdb: Improve comments.
      ovsdb-tool: Make show-log command offer more verbose output.
      vswitch: Fix null pointer dereference in iface_is_internal().
      reconnect: Fix repeated RECONNECT_CONNECT that was confusing JSON-RPC.
      jsonrpc: Fix memory leak in jsonrpc_session_send() when not connected.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix memory leak committing a no-op transaction.
      xenserver: Make BRCOMPATD_MEMLEAK_LOGFILE setting work.
      daemon: Close standard file descriptors when daemonizing.
      ovsdb-client: Fix regression introduced with changes to daemonize().
      datapath: Disable preemption updating per-CPU data in dp_dev_recv().
      tests: Improve error reporting for timeval test failures.
      unixctl: Improve error reporting.
      unixctl: Avoid double error reporting.
      fatal-signal: After fork, clear hooks instead of disabling them.
      tests: Factor OVSDB_INIT out of OVS_VSCTL_SETUP for other tests to use.
      tests: New macro OVS_WAIT_WHILE.
      daemon: Refactor code.
      daemon: Add support for process monitoring and restart.
      Enable daemon monitoring and automatic restart by default.
      netdev-linux: Don't close(0) when closing an ordinary netdev.
      idl: Gracefully handle destroying a transaction before receiving its reply.
      dpif-linux: Always set *fnp in make_openvswitch_device().
      sflow: Fix printf format specifier in log message.
      Reimplement port mirroring configuration for database.
      mac-learning: Rename "non-learning VLANs" to "flood VLANs".
      sflow: Fix sFlow sampling structure.
      dpif: Rename "class" member to "dpif_class" for C++ compatibility.
      hmap: Rename "new" to "new_node" for C++ header compatibility.
      netdev: Rename "class" members to "netdev_class" for C++ compatibility.
      datapath: Clean up vswitch_skb_checksum_setup().
      Add build checks for portable OpenFlow structure padding and alignment.
      Merge "sflow" into "master".
      tests: Prefer $(VAR) over @VAR@ in Makefiles.
      ovsdb-idlc: With "doc" command, output tables and columns alphabetically.
      vswitch: Fix types of NetFlow columns in db schema.
      vswitch: Remove redundant "internal" column from Interface table.
      Cleanly separate IDL annotations from OVSDB schema information.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix use-after-free error in ovsdb_idl_txn_delete().
      ovsdb-idl: Avoid redundant memset.
      json: Export function to parse an individual JSON string.
      json: New function json_to_ds().
      ovsdb-idl: Allow clients to modify records without using structs.
      ovsdb-data: Add some more functions for dealing with "struct ovsdb_datum".
      ovsdb-datum: Add functions for parsing and formatting atoms, data.
      ovs-vsctl: Add commands for low-level database manipulation.
      ovsdb: Require column type "min" value be 0 or 1.
      xenserver: Update to use upstream XenServer location for dbcache.
      tests: Fix ovsdb tests.
      Fix "make distcleancheck" by deleting the nicira-ext.h stamp file too.
      daemon: Make --monitor process change its process title.
      configure: Silence check for broken strtok_r().
      Fix references to vswitch-idl.ovsschema to refer to vswitch.ovsschema.
      ovs-vsctl: Score perfect matches higher than ones that differ in case.
      ovs-vsctl: Make the "list" format more uniform.
      ovs-vsctl: Make parsing functions return error instead of aborting.
      ovs-vsctl: Add "remove" and "clear" commands.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix formatting in manpage.
      ovs-vsctl: Add --force option to database commands to override safety checks.
      ovs-vsctl: Add new "create" command.
      ovsdb-idl: Export ovsdb_idl_txn_delete() and ovsdb_idl_txn_insert().
      ovs-vsctl: Add "destroy" command.
      ovs-vsctl: Update --help message.
      ovsdb-idl: Make rows inserted by transaction appear during table iteration.
      ovs-vsctl: Drop redundant {port,iface}-{set,get}-external-ids commands.
      ovsdb-data: Make string parsing of negative 0 match JSON parsing.
      ovsdb-data: Allow arbitrary white space as string data delimiters.
      ovsdb-data: Allow spaces around '=' in key-value pairs.
      dynamic-string: New function ds_swap().
      ovsdb-idl: Add interface to find out the permanent IDL of an inserted row.
      hmap: Rename hmap_moved() to hmap_node_moved().
      New functions hmap_moved(), shash_moved().
      ovs-vsctl: Refactor in preparation for adding "postprocess" step.
      ovs-vsctl: Add postprocess step.
      ovs-vsctl: Make "create" command print new row's UUID.
      ovs-vsctl: Alphabetize lists of database column names.
      ovs-vsctl: Improve error reporting.
      ovs-vsctl: Add --if-exists option to "get" command, for map columns.
      ovs-vsctl: Add tests for database commands.
      ofpbuf: Rename ofpbuf "private" member for C++ header compatibility.
      ofproto: Remove support for OpenFlow-based management protocol.
      ofproto: Mark NXT_ACT_SET_CONFIG and NXT_ACT_GET_CONFIG obsolete.
      Clean up nicira-ext.h header a bit.
      ovs-pki: Avoid using local variables, which are non-POSIX.
      Rework and simplify the "lcov" support for the testsuite.
      tests: Fix timing dependency in ovsdb-log test.
      Add support for running the testsuite under 'valgrind'.
      stream-ssl: Fix unimportant memory leak.
      json: Fix memory leak when nesting depth is exceeded.
      daemon: Fix memory leak in --monitor implementation.
      stp: Fix memory leak.
      tests: Always make ovsdb-server exit cleanly, to better find memory leaks.
      ovs-appctl: Free memory on exit.
      ovsdb-server: Fix various memory leaks.
      ovsdb-server: Free memory on exit.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix memory leaks and bad memory references.
      ovsdb-client: Fix memory leaks in "monitor" command.
      ovsdb-tool: Fix minor memory leak in "create".
      ovs-vsctl: Use vsctl_fatal() consistently.
      ovs-vsctl: Free memory on fatal error.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix memory leaks.
      ovs-vsctl: Free memory on successful exit.
      tests: Fix memory leaks in test programs.
      Add extern "C" { ... } to some header files to support usage from C++.
      ovsdb: Fix result object for "declare" operation.
      ovs-vsctl: When deleting a real bridge, delete ports of child fake bridges.
      ovsdb-idl: On transaction hard failure make a reason available to client.
      list: Fix indentation.
      ovsdb: Use direct pointer from table to txn_table to simplify code.
      ovsdb: Slightly simplify ovsdb_table_get_row(), ovsdb_table_put_row().
      ovsdb: Add simple constraints.
      ovsdb: Add support for referential integrity in the database itself.
      ovsdb: Fix support for systems where libpcre is not installed.
      ovsdb: Get rid of "declare" operation.
      ovsdb: Make scalars and 1-element sets interchangeable.
      dhcp: Add missing * to use of sizeof.
      vswitchd: Add missing * to use of sizeof.
      ovs-vsctl: Improve error message when options follow command names.
      ovs-vsctl: Add --may-exist option for add-br command.
      ovs-vsctl: Add --may-exist option for add-port, add-bond commands.
      xenserver: Fix failure to bring up secondary management interfaces.
      ovsdb: Add support for multiple databases to the protocol.
      ovs-brcompatd: Handle transaction errors slightly more gracefully.
      datapath: When adding a port, return the new port number to userspace.
      datapath: Mark functions "static".
      ovs-wdt: Mark variable static and use NULL for a null pointer.
      xenserver: Fix bond configuration.
      flow: Fix null pointer dereference in flow_from_match().
      vswitch: Fix uninitialized variable.
      dhcp: Don't pass NULL to memcmp() even with size 0.
      netdev-linux: Avoid fiddling with indeterminate data.
      ovsdb: Add default case to ovsdb_mutation_set_execute().
      ovsdb: Remove write-only variable from parse_body() in log.c.
      tests: Remove write-only variables.
      process: Remove pointless, redundant assignments from stream_read().
      vswitchd: Drop assignment whose value is never used in port_reconfigure().
      sflow: Don't assign value that is never used.
      ovs-brcompatd: Use error instead of pointer in handle_fdb_query_cmd().
      ovsdb: Drop write-only variable.
      ofproto: Avoid passing indeterminate value to rule_insert().
      ovs-vsctl: Avoid redundant initializations in "add-br" command.
      ovs-ofctl: Drop assignment whose value is never used.
      Rename UNUSED macro to OVS_UNUSED to avoid naming conflict.
      Merge "master" into "next".
      dpif-netdev: Fix validation of VLAN PCP value in userspace datapath.
      ofproto: Don't leak struct ofproto's port array.
      ofpbuf: Mark ofpbuf_headroom(), ofpbuf_tailroom() parameters const.
      ofpbuf: New function ofpbuf_to_string().
      vconn: When validating OpenFlow actions always check for bad length.
      rconn: Decentralize and improve disconnection logging.
      rconn: New function rconn_get_last_error().
      vconn: New functions vconn_verify_name(), pvconn_verify_name().
      datapath: Add ODPP_NORMAL constant.
      classifier: New function cls_rule_to_string().
      compiler: Remove PACKED macro and its only (unneeded) user.
      compiler: Remove "likely" and "unlikely" macros, since we don't use them.
      openflow.h: Remove unused OFP_PACKED macro.
      util: Remove unused macros NOT_TESTED, NOT_IMPLEMENTED.
      pktbuf: Assign UINT16_MAX in place of -1, for clarity.
      Add missing <stdint.h> includes.
      ofp-print: Properly order #includes.
      Work around bugs in system headers.
      compiler: Don't use __attribute__ for non-GCC compilers.
      Use VLAN_PCP_SHIFT consistently, instead of open-coding "13".
      ofproto: Use UINT16_MAX in place of -1, for clarity.
      ovs-vsctl: Clarify manpage.
      ovsdb: Fix commit to disk of rows added to a table with all-default values.
      ovsdb-client: Remove --wide option.
      ovsdb-client: Introduce new data formatting style as the default.
      uuid: New function uuid_from_string_prefix().
      ovsdb-client: Improve HTML output.
      ovsdb-client: Add "dump" command for dumping entire database contents.
      ovsdb-client: Add blank line between tables in CSV, tabular output.
      ovsdb: Add functions to clone schemas.
      ovsdb-server: Add --run option.
      ovsdb: Allow ovsdb_log_open()'s caller to choose whether to lock.
      ovsdb: Refactor code for writing a transaction to a file.
      ovsdb: Factor out code to fsync a file's containing directory.
      ovsdb: Implement ovsdb-tool commands "compact" and "convert".
      xenserver: Upgrade and compact database on system boot.
      ovsdb: Fix use of <value> as both a JSON value and as a database value.
      ovsdb: Introduce <nonnull-json-value> to clarify specifications.
      xenserver: Fix comment in interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Delete ports by interface name.
      xenserver: Accept VLAN PIFs in pif_bridge_name().
      xenserver: Hoist identical bridge and vswitch functions into common code.
      xenserver: Fix bringing up VLAN PIFs.
      xenserver: Always call ovs-vsctl in bring_down().
      xenserver: Set xs-network-uuids for both datapath and VLAN bridges.
      xenserver: Avoid doing unneeded work in deconfigure_datapath().
      xenserver: Remove a VLAN's bridge when bringing down its PIF.
      xenserver: Add assertion and additional comments to ovs-vsctl commands.
      xenserver: Add --root-prefix feature to interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Add --no-syslog feature to interface-reconfigure.
      tests: Add basic unit tests for interface-reconfigure.
      ofproto: Delete fail-open flow when turning off fail-open mode.
      ofproto: Fix implementation of OFPAT_SET_NW_DST.
      datapath: Set the correct bits for OFPAT_SET_NW_TOS action.
      interface-reconfigure: Fix up unit tests expected output.
      Fix excessive white space in manpages.
      ofctl: Improve manpage.
      Merge "master" into "next".
      xenserver: Avoid error due to missing MTU fields on XenServer 5.5.
      ovs-brcompatd: Fix dangling reference in del_port().
      ovs-brcompatd: Delete Bridge record when deleting a bridge.
      xenserver: In vif script, tolerate port existing when we (re)add it.
      ovsdb: Drop regular expression constraints.
      Remove PCRE dependency.
      ovsdb: Add support for "enum" constraints.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix bad logic in ovsdb_idl_txn_commit() state transitions.
      xenserver: Fix vNetManager internal network compatibility with XS 5.5.0.
      xenserver: Remove dump-vif-details script.
      ovs-brcompatd: Don't delete bridge twice.
      json: Fix typo in error message.
      xenserver: Suppress error message for expected non-error condition.
      xenserver: Implement missing interface-reconfigure settings.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix iteration over rows in IDL tables.
      ovsdb-idl: Improve check in ovsdb_idl_row_is_orphan().
      xenserver: Add "Vendor" to generated RPM.
      ovsdb-idl: New function ovsdb_idl_txn_commit_block().
      brcompatd: Make bridge ioctls synchronous again.
      ofproto: Don't shadow global variable name.
      Update Open vSwitch documentation.
      xenserver: Include the vswitch database contents in bugtool reports.
      ++WARNING++: Delete this file.
      ofproto: Fix OpenFlow flow statistics result.
      ofproto: Fix stupid typo that broke the build.
      Add documentation for the vswitch database schema.
      ovsdb: Remove "comment" support from OVSDB schemas.
      xenserver: Add ovs-vswitchd.conf.db.5.gz to packaged files in RPM.
      csum: Fix rare error cases in checksum computation.
      ovsdb-idl: Make ovsdb_idl_txn_add_comment() take a printf() format string.
      ovs-brcompatd: Delete what Bridge references when deleting a Bridge.
      Raise minimum Autoconf version to 2.64.
      lockfile: Occasionally log a warning when waiting for a lockfile.
      ovsdb-tool: Do not lock source db for compacting or converting to new db.
      ovs-brcompatd: Fix stupid merge error.
      ofproto: Avoid extra call to time_msec().
      vconn-stream: Fix listening on ptcp: and pssl: without specifying a port.
      xenserver: Must pass --no-wait to ovs-vsctl before starting ovs-vswitchd.
      xenserver: Restore XS5.5 compatibility for vif script.
      vswitchd: Make names of Interface external_ids generic.
      vswitchd: Remove documentation of xs-network-names.
      tests: Don't use obsolete names in ovs-vsctl tests of external-ids.
      debian: Upgrade database before starting ovsdb-server.
      ovsdb-tool: Fix segfault if deleted row doesn't exist.
      ovsdb: Centralize and make consistent setting txn_row members of rows.
      New function ovsdb_error_assert() for verifying that no error occurred.
      ovsdb: Introduce for_each_txn_row() iterator function for transactions.
      ovsdb: Simplify referential integrity checking commit logic.
      ovsdb: Check for changed columns only once per transaction commit.
      ovsdb: Add support for weak references.
      vswitch: Use weak references in Mirror table.
      ovsdb: Add tests for transient ovsdb-server.
      Merge "next" branch into "master".
      ovsdb: Always set *dbp to null on failure in ovsdb_file_open__().
      util: New functions get_cwd(), abs_file_name().
      ovsdb: Rename ovsdb_file_replica to ovsdb_file.
      ovsdb: Compact databases online automatically and on-demand.
      ovsdb: Fix error message when parsing an operation fails.
      ovsdb: Allow constraining the number of rows in a table.
      vswitch: Limit Open_vSwitch table to a single record.
      stream-ssl: Permit race in bootstrapping CA certificate.
      stream-ssl: Make no-op reconfiguration cheap.
      docs: Make SSL manpage fragments less specific to OpenFlow.
      docs: Move PKI section heading into individual manpages.
      docs: Fix ovsdb-server manpage.
      ovsdb-server: Obtain SSL configuration from database.
      vswitch: Limit SSL table to a single row.
      ovsdb-server: Fix build when configuring without --enable-ssl.
      xenserver: Fix "ovs-vsctl get" call in vswitch-cfg-update.
      datapath: Support 2.6.33 kernel layout in build system.
      INSTALL.Linux: Document "ovs-vsctl init" step to installation.
      INSTALL.Linux: Consistently assume installation in /usr/local.
      vswitchd: Make names of Bridge external_ids generic.
      stream-ssl: Only re-read certificates and keys if they change.
      ovsdb: Fix ovsdb-server crash when specifying nonexistent file.
      fatal-signal: Initialize library upon any call to public function.
      jsonrpc: Fix potential memory leak.
      ofproto: Don't optimize out updating flow cookie.
      INSTALL.bridge: Update.
      timeval: Always log true poll interval instead of rounding off.
      Merge "citrix" branch into "master".
      xenserver: updated xen-bugtool to XenServer trunk version.
      openvswitch-cfg-update: Fix "set-ssl" command arguments.
      xenserver: Add comment to XAPI plugin.
      ovs-ofctl: Add support for "resubmit" Nicira vendor extension.
      ofproto: Make OFPFC_MODIFY and OFPFC_MODIFY_STRICT add a flow if no match.
      ovs-vsctl: Allow setting arbitrary database columns in add-port, add-bond.
      vswitchd: Make the bond rebalancing interval user-configurable.
      dpif: Really don't log many dpif errors.
      netdev: Allow recv, recv_wait, drain, send, send_wait to be null.
      stream-ssl: Read existing CA certificate more eagerly during bootstrap.
      Fix hyphens in manpage.
      ovsdb-server: Document --unixctl option.
      ovs-controller: Add --unixctl option.
      ovs-vsctl: Add SSL support.
      stream: New functions stream_verify_name() and pstream_verify_name().
      stream-ssl: Make it possible to avoid checking peer SSL certificate.
      reconnect: Get rid of unused state.
      reconnect: Implement "passive mode".
      jsonrpc: Add support for passive connections.
      ovs-controller: Document how to use with management protocol.
      stream: Generalize stream_open_block().
      vconn-stream: Factor out port defaults into public helper functions.
      ovsdb: Use port 6632 as a default port for database connections.
      vswitch: Fix documentation for network-uuids external ID in Bridge table.
      Make fatal signals cause an exit more promptly in special cases.
      ofproto: Copy the flow being translated in xlate_actions().
      ofproto: Make NXAST_RESUBMIT take header modifications into account.
      ofproto: Maximum value of "int" is INT_MAX, not UINT32_MAX.
      ovs-dpctl: In "dump-flows", only print flows that can be retrieved.
      dpif: Make dpif_flow_get() results predictable on error.
      odp-util: Print bad action numbers in hexadecimal in format_odp_action().
      configure: Convert --with-l26=<dir> argument to absolute path.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix write before beginning of string in "add-flow".
      stream-ssl: Avoid access-after-free error in update_ssl_config().
      ofproto: Use original in_port for executing NXAST_RESUBMIT actions.
      bridge: Don't log warnings when revalidating.
      bridge: Minor cleanup in process_flow().
      bridge: Factor admissibility check out of process_flow().
      bridge: Don't learn from inadmissible flows when revising learning table.
      Update fake bond devices' statistics with the sum of bond slaves' stats.
      Fix broken build by adding forgotten header file to list of headers.
      xenserver: Restore original InterfaceReconfigure*.py on uninstall.
      CodingStyle: Drop advice about breaking lines before binary operators.
      ovsdb-doc: Distinguish hyphens and minus signs in nroff output.
      ovs-openflowd: Remove documentation for obsolete --mgmt-id option.
      fail-open: Fix typo in comment.
      ofproto: Make valgrind happy.
      in-band: Fix inconsistency in in-band code.
      in-band: Fix memory leak in get_remote_mac().
      in-band: Fix null pointer dereference.
      in-band: Fix memory leak in in_band_destroy().
      in-band: Drop in-band flows when turning off in-band control.
      in-band: Support an arbitrary number of controllers.
      ofproto: Bundle all controller-related settings into a struct.
      Add support for multiple OpenFlow controllers on a single bridge.
      ofproto: Add support for master/slave controller coordination.
      ovs-openflowd: Prefer --fail=standalone|secure over --fail=open|closed.
      in-band: Remove comment that only a single controller is supported.
      in-band: Really reinstall in-band rules in in_band_flushed().
      in-band: Refresh both local and remote rules even if local rules change.
      stream: Fix typo in comment.
      ovs-ofctl: Document that "actions" must be last in flow specifications.
      in-band: Better adapt to new rconn usage pattern.
      in-band: Avoid magic number in refresh_remotes().
      in-band: Refactor slightly to be easier to understand.
      in-band: Refactor in_band_set_remotes().
      in-band: Use NULL for null pointer constant, instead of 0.
      in-band: Generalize the in-band code to arbitrary (IP,port) pairs.
      ofproto: Allow client to pass down extra (IP,port) tuples for in-band.
      socket-util: Factor out new function inet_parse_active().
      vswitchd: Enable in-band control to managers.
      socket-util: Move get_mtime() here from stream-ssl.
      xenserver: Rewrite refresh-network-uuids script for decent performance.
      xenserver: Fix sense of -d test in /etc/init.d/openvswitch.
      vswitchd: Rename bridge_reconfigure_controller().
      ofpbuf: New function ofpbuf_push_zeros().
      ofproto: Fix bad memory access sending large numbers of port stats replies.
      xenserver: Gracefully refresh network UUIDs on pool join or leave.
      xenserver: Factor redundancy out of /etc/init.d/openvswitch.
      xenserver: Avoid using unset $nice variable in /etc/init.d/openvswitch.
      xenserver: Use daemon-specific dir for pidfile in /etc/init.d/openvswitch.
      xenserver: Report correct daemon names at startup in /etc/init.d/openvswitch.
      xenserver: Use start_daemon for xenserverd also in /etc/init.d/openvswitch.
      ofproto: Avoid buffer copy in OFPT_PACKET_IN path.
      datapath: Fix argument to strncpy_from_user().
      datapath: Always null-terminate network device name in create_dp().
      datapath: Check device name length more carefully in create_dp().
      vport: Better handle too-long network device names in vport_del().
      ovsdb-idl: Add "safe" iterator macro to generated code.
      xenserverd: Give XAPI a grace period before refreshing network UUIDs.
      xenserver: Make Open vSwitch disable itself in "bridge" mode.
      ovs-vsctl: Add sFlow to supported set of tables.
      bridge: Fix double-free in sFlow configuration.
      vswitchd: Fix documentation of "agent" column in "sFlow" table.
      ovs-vswitchd: Implement "exit" unixctl command.
      bridge: Optimize iface_lookup() and port_lookup_iface() with a hash.
      bridge: Optimize port_lookup() using a hash.
      dynamic-string: Optimize ds_put_char().
      bridge: Optimize trunk port common case.
      dpif-linux: Use hash instead of sorted array.
      netdev-linux: Factor out obtaining an RTNL socket.
      netdev-linux: Factor out removing policing.
      netdev-linux: Cache policing values.
      netdev-linux: Optimize removing policing from an interface.
      ofproto: Implement ofp_action_output "max_len" feature.
      ovsdb: In documentation, add commas to make large numbers easier to read.
      util: Fix GCC false-positive warning for CONTAINER_OF.
      tests: Fix bug in ovsdb-server test suite.
      tests: Fix bug in "weak references" test.
      tests: Fix bug in "ovsdb-tool compact" test.
      ovsdb-client: Serialize columns in predictable order on "monitor" command.
      Add header for access to potentially unaligned data.
      flow: Fix misaligned access.
      bridge: Fix double-free bug in port_reconfigure().
      vconn-stream: Refactor vconn_stream_recv() for readability.
      Diagnose attempts to connect the wrong protocol to a network port.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix usage message for "monitor" command.
      ovs-ofctl: "monitor" command takes no more than 2 arguments
      ofproto: Fix segfault sending packet_ins on transient connections.
      ofproto: Don't send async messages on transient connections by default.
      ovs-ofctl: Add "snoop" command.
      ofproto-sflow: Maintain table of ports even when clearing configuration.
      ofproto: Prefer "master" and "other" connections for snooping over "slave".
      daemon: Allow monitored daemon to dump core no more than once.
      daemon: Throttle max respawning rate.
      datapath: Avoid possibility of negative 'n_flows' in struct odp_flowvec.
      datapath: Avoid possibility of negative 'n_ports' in struct odp_portvec.
      datapath: Prepare to support 32-bit compatibility ioctls.
      datapath: Avoid __copy_to/from_user(), __get/put_user() functions.
      datapath: Add 32-bit compatibility ioctls.
      stream-ssl: Flush OpenSSL error queue after calling SSL_shutdown().
      acinclude.m4: Reorganize checks for kernel identifiers.
      datapath: Fix build with backported skb_dst().
      netflow: Use macro for constant instead of static const int.
      Add definition of AS_ECHO for compatibility with Autoconf before 2.62.
      Revert "Add definition of AS_ECHO for compatibility with Autoconf before 2.62."
      datapath: Fix ODP_PORT_GROUP_GET implementation.
      unixctl: Sort list of commands output by "help".
      poll-loop: Change poll_timer_wait() parameter from "int" to "long long".
      poll-loop: New function poll_timer_wait_until().
      tests: Avoid nonportable \x escapes in printf(1) invocation.
      tests: Break monolithic classifier test into subtests.
      tests: Speed up classifier test.
      tests: Remove incorrect OVS_UNUSED from declaration.
      Always #include <sys/socket.h> before <net/if.h>.
      Add some missing "#include"s.
      socket-util: Tolerate missing RLIM_SAVED_CUR and RLIM_SAVED_MAX.
      datapath: Make gre.h safe to include by itself.
      datapath: Make datapath-protocol.h portable to non-Linux systems.
      lib: Disable Linux-specific libraries on non-Linux systems.
      Build ovs-wdt or nlmon utilities only on Linux.
      proc-net-compat: Stub out on non-Linux.
      vswitchd: Build ovs-brcompatd only on Linux systems.
      datapath: Add missing #include to datapath/flow.h.
      ofproto: Fix treatment of out-of-band controllers.
      ofproto: Avoid null pointer dereference if in_band_create() fails.
      debian: Update changelog to reflect current OVS version.
      debian: Attempt to keep debian/changelog up-to-date.
      vswitchd: Treat gratuitous ARP requests like gratuitous ARP replies.
      Remove unused files from source tree.
      Distribute files that had been overlooked.
      Add dist-hook to ensure that every file gets distributed.
      datapath: Fix VLAN insertion behavior on Linux 2.6.27 and 2.6.28.
      configure: Deep-six "5".
      datapath: <linux/if_vlan.h> needs <linux/skbuff.h> on some kernels.
      datapath: Check for skb_cow_head(), not skb_cow().
      datapath: Fix mutual exclusion with bridge module.
      xenserver: Update network UUIDs whenever XAPI restarts.
      ovs-xenserverd: Fix time-delay logic.
      Add guide to porting Open vSwitch.
      PORTING: Fix some typos.
      xenserver: Make refresh-network-uuids use "interface-reconfigure rewrite".
      xenserver: Ditch ovs-xenserverd even on XenServer 5.5.0.
      xenserver: Get rid of ovs-xenserverd.
      rconn: Drop 'name' arg to rconn_new_from_vconn(), rconn_connect_unreliably().
      rconn: Drop rconn_new(), rconn_new_from_vconn() functions.
      rconn: Make rconn_connect() a 'void' function.
      ofproto: Make OpenFlow connection log messages name the datapath.
      discovery: Include datapath name in log messages.
      Fix EXTRA_DIST dependence on Automake conditionals.
      xenserver: Remove some ovs-xenserverd support that I missed.
      Mention that /dev/urandom is needed.
      INSTALL.Linux: Note the need for CONFIG_TUN and /dev/net/tun.
      ovsdb-tool: Don't wait for lockfiles on "compact" or "convert".
      vlog: Remove modules that don't have any users.
      vlog: Check that all declared vlog modules are used, at "make" time.
      bridge: Remove unused and write-only members of 'struct bridge'.
      bridge: Remove commented-out code to set OpenFlow description strings.
      bridge: Remove commented-out code for custom management and snoop listeners.
      brcompatd: Remove commented-out code.
      xenserver: Create network.conf before running interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Delete network.conf on package removal on XenServer 5.5.0.
      WHY-OVS: New file explaining the rationale for Open vSwitch.
      update-debian-changelog: Pass "-f" to "mv" to fix "make distcheck".
      ovsdbmonitor: Put temporary file in ovsdb/ovsdbmonitor directory.
      ovsdbmonitor: Clean some more files.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix spelling error in log message.
      vswitch: Datapath IDs are now 16 hex digits.
      vswitch: Improve documentation for datapath_id column.
      ofproto: Fix byte order for OFP_VLAN_NONE to dl_vlan in struct flow.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix assert-fail when an error occurs and "create" command used.
      ovs-vsctl: Update manpage.  Use same order as ovs-vswitchd.conf.db.5.
      ovs-vsctl: Add support for command options that accept arguments.
      ovs-vsctl: Support references among records at creation time.
      vconn: Move OpenFlow utility functions into new file ofp-util.c.
      netlink: Drop sock parameter from nl_msg_put_(ge)nlmsghdr().
      netlink: Make nl_sock_transact() discard reply if 'replyp' is null.
      netlink: Fix bad assumption about nested Netlink attributes.
      netlink: Make nl_sock_transact() always return a reply on success.
      netlink: Add functions for handling nested attributes.
      netlink: Add support for Netlink table dumping.
      netlink: Improve support for nested Netlink attributes.
      netdev-linux: Create rtnetlink socket up front instead of on demand.
      port-array: Add port_array_delete() function.
      shash: New functions shash_destroy_free_data() and shash_clear_free_data().
      Implement QoS framework.
      vswitchd: Attempt to further clarify Port "trunk" and "tag" documentation.
      ovsdb-idlc: Fix warning in generated code.
      ovsdb-server: Improve logging for referential integrity violations.
      jsonrpc: Propagate error code to reconnect_disconnected().
      jsonrpc: Suppress duplicate logging.
      Suppress ovsdb-server log messages about connections from ovs-vsctl.
      ofp-util: Also normalize nw_tos in normalize_match().
      INSTALL.Linux: Add some troubleshooting instructions for module loading.
      tests: Fix occasional failure of "self-linking idl, inconsistent ops" test.
      Better document how ovsdb-server is meant to be used.
      stream-ssl: Log protocol details at DBG level.
      Use shash_destroy_free_data() to simplify a few scattered pieces of code.
      bridge: Remove unused functions.
      bridge: Drop unused enum definition.
      ovsdb-idl: Simplify usage of ovsdb_idl_run().
      ovsdb-idl: Start documenting the public interface.
      ovsdb-idl: Drop unnecessary allocation from ovsdb_idl_txn_insert().
      ovsdb-idlc: Fix sizeof calculation in generated code.
      ovs-vswitchd: Allow bridge code to manage the database connection itself.
      bridge: Make configuration database records valid all the time.
      bridge: Implement basic periodic update of interface statistics.
      rconn: Remove superfluous \n from log message.
      vconn: Fix tracking of "connected" state.
      rconn: Suppress failed connection messages after the backoff maxes out.
      vswitch: Implement unixctl command to reconnect OpenFlow connections.
      ovsdb-server: Implement unixctl command to reconnect JSON-RPC connections.
      ovs-vsctl: Add details to documentation for "emer-reset" command.
      tests: Tolerate ignored SIGPIPE in daemon tests.
      vswitchd: Add entity-relationship diagram to ovs-vswitchd.conf.db.5.
      ovs-vsctl: Make "ovs-vsctl get <table> <record> _uuid" work.
      Add AUTHORS file.
      timeval: Hide "memory leak" from Valgrind.
      xenserver: Kill bond master's dhclient when bringing up bond slave.
      xenserver: Avoid errors from ovs-vsctl at system shutdown.
      ofproto: Log changes made by flow normalization.
      ovs-ofctl: Warn about flows not in normal form.
      ovs-vsctl: Allow commands to tell ovs-vsctl to try again later.
      ovs-vsctl: Prepare for more flexible database argument parsing.
      ovs-vsctl: Make partial matches on record names optional.
      ovs-vsctl: Add "wait-until" command.
      daemon: Clarify documentation.
      doc: Change "-" to "\-" in appropriate places.
      ovs-pki: Allow generating certificates with duplicate subjects.
      Simplify shash_find() followed by shash_add() into shash_add_once().
      shash: Refactor shash_add_nocopy(), shash_find().
      shash: New function shash_replace().
      json: Better handle JSON objects with duplicate names.
      ovsdb: Document in SPECS how OVS uses JSON.
      ovsdb-client: Fix "selects" argument to "monitor" command.
      tests: Add OVSDB tests for monitors that select only certain operations.
      ovsdb: Extend "monitor" to select different operations in a single table.
      ovsdb: Document some ovsdb-data.[ch] functions.
      ovsdb: New functions ovsdb_atom_default(), ovsdb_datum_default().
      ovsdb: New functions ovsdb_datum_sort_unique(), ovsdb_datum_from_json_unique().
      ovsdb-idlc: Check and restore ovsdb_datum invariants when setting data.
      ovsdb-idl: Transition to better interfaces for reading table columns.
      vswitch: Use ovsdb_idl_get() to avoid O(n) in get_ovsrec_key_value().
      ovsdb-idlc: Add "get" accessor functions to generated code.
      vswitch: Use ovsrec_qos_get_queues() to avoid open-coding binary search.
      vswitch: Fix memory leak in mirror code.
      vswitch: Distinguish mirrors by UUID, not by name.
      configure: Add --with-l26-source option to specify source dir explicitly.
      ofpbuf: Implement unsupported feature in ofpbuf_trim().
      Tests: Fix nonportable \" escape in printf(1) invocation.
      ovs-vsctl: Make --help capitalization and spelling more consistent.
      xenserver: Kill bond slaves' dhclients when bringing up bond master.
      ovs-vsctl: Do not allow record names to be abbreviated.
      learning-switch: Reserved addresses are destinations, not sources.
      learning-switch: Refactor wildcards calculation.
      learning-switch: Break packet-in processing into two steps.
      learning-switch: Add support for OpenFlow queues.
      ovs-controller: Add support for OpenFlow queues.
      Add pretty-printers for QoS related OpenFlow and ODP actions.
      dpif: Abstract translation from OpenFlow queue ID into ODP priority value.
      dpif-linux: Translate queues to priorities correctly.
      netdev-linux: Dump all queues, not just direct children of the root.
      netdev-linux: Avoid minor number 0 in traffic control.
      tests: Disable profiling for "wait-until must wait" test.
      debian: Check for accurate Debian changelog version at build time too.
      timeval: Integrate CLOCK_MONOTONIC detection into time_init().
      timeval: Make timeval module initialize itself.
      timeval: Make time_init() static and remove calls to it.
      vlog: Make vlog initialize itself when necessary.
      vlog: Remove explicit calls to vlog_init().
      vlog: Introduce VLOG_DEFINE_THIS_MODULE for declaring vlog module in use.
      vlog: Make the vlog module catalog program-specific.
      vlog: Fix logic error in update_min_level().
      ovs-ofctl: Add support for OpenFlow enqueue action.
      sflow: Avoid "unused parameter" warnings from GCC 4.4.
      learning-switch: Avoid violating C aliasing rules initializing actions.
      xenserver: Add "reload" and "force-reload" support to init script.
      vswitch: Clarify and expand purpose of external_ids columns.
      vswitch: Add external_ids column to every table.
      INSTALL.KVM: Fix typo.
      INSTALL.Linux: Improve suggested ovsdb-server invocation.
      datapath: Don't track IP TOS value two different ways.
      datapath: Inline flow_cast().
      datapath: Detect and suppress flows that are implicated in loops.
      stream-ssl: Make changing keys and certificate at runtime reliable.
      vswitchd: Refresh SSL keys and certificates more frequently.
      tag: Use existing macro instead of constant.
      tag: Be more precise about choosing tags to add, in tag_set_add().
      vswitchd: Only re-learn from flows that output to OFPP_NORMAL.
      ovs-pki: Consistently write error messages to stderr.
      ovs-pki: Create log directory if it does not exist.
      ovs-pki: Create private keys with restricted permissions.
      json: Add extern "C" { ... } to headers.
      ofproto: Improve terminology.
      ovs-openflowd: Fix support for multiple controllers.
      ofproto: Add support for remote "service controllers".
      vswitch: Clarify "arguments" versus "options".
      datapath: Fix handling of 802.1Q and SNAP headers.
      dpif-netdev: Tolerate undersized packets.
      dpif-netdev: Properly track whether there is a vlan header.
      vswitch: Fix speling error in documentation.
      stream-ssl: Remove unused 'connect_error' member.
      stream-ssl: Enable SSL session caching.
      ovsdb-idl: Make it possible to omit or pay less attention to columns.
      bridge: Don't pay attention to columns that vswitchd doesn't need.
      random: Implement a decent random number generator.
      debian: Use dh_installmodules instead of calling "depmod" wrongly.
      daemon: Make sure that vlog is initialized when a process daemonizes.
      Wait for daemons to die in init.d script "stop" commands.
      util: Make ovs_fatal() understand EOF also.
      uuid: Break code to read /dev/urandom into a new module.
      random: Get random seed from /dev/urandom.
      Remove vestigial support for Spanning Tree Protocol.
      ofproto: Add support for NXAST_RESUBMIT recursion.
      uuid: Fix warnings carelessly introduced a few commits ago.
      odp-util: Avoid branch in odp_actions_add().
      ovs-vsctl: Fix parsing of short SSL options.
      Fix typos in manpages.
      Fix SSL boilerplate descriptions in manpages.
      AUTHORS: Add Simon Horman <horms at verge.net.au>.
      debian: Fix "make dist" by adding corekeeper.override to EXTRA_DIST.
      Remove ezio-term and ovs-switchui utilities.
      debian: Use pfaffben at debian.org as uploader address for Ben Pfaff.
      ovs-parse-leaks: Add manpage.
      utilities: Remove ovs-monitor.
      utilities: Remove ovs-wdt.
      xenserver: Add ovs-parse-leaks manpage to list of files.
      ovsdb: Remove unused ovsdb_datum_from_json_unique().
      json: Remove write-only variable from json_lex_number().
      stream, vconn: Fix comments.
      jsonrpc: Indentation fix.
      poll-loop: Fix obsolete comment.
      json: Remove unused return value from json_parser_push().
      reconnect: Fix typo in comment.
      daemon: Improve comments.
      ovsdbmonitor: Fix uninstall.
      reconnect: Refactor tests to use common macro.
      Implement initial Python bindings for Open vSwitch database.
      Delete local copy of simplejson.
      datapath: Use min() instead of open-coding it.
      datapath: Use 'bool' instead of 'int' where appropriate.
      datapath: Remove skb->len >= ETH_HLEN check from flow_extract().
      datapath: Free up flow_extract() return value for reporting errors.
      vswitchd: Fix "updelay" configuration for bonds.
      xenserver: Block until change in poll loop to avoid 100% CPU consumption.
      xenserver: Add type-checking to monitor-external-ids script.
      vswitchd: Fix 100% CPU usage with bonds and --fake-proc-net.
      Add Nicira extension to OpenFlow for dropping spoofed ARP packets.
      dpif-netdev: Expand tabs.
      configure: Enable OpenSSL support by default.
      xenserver: Finish renaming system-level external_ids.
      ofproto: Avoid user->kernel->user round-trip for many controller actions.
      ofproto: Avoid ofpbuf_clone() for OFPAT_CONTROLLER common case.
      learning-switch: Ignore "packet_in"s caused by OFPP_CONTROLLER actions.
      datapath: Report memory allocation errors in flow_extract().
      datapath: Avoid pskb_may_pull() checks where not needed.
      datapath: Fix default value of skb transport_header.
      datapath: Avoid accesses past the end of skbuff data in actions.
      stream-ssl: Use OPENSSL_free() to free memory from X509_NAME_oneline().
      Remove openvswitch-switch-config package.
      INSTALL.Linux: Don't discourage building Debian packages.
      ofpbuf: Add ofpbuf_new_with_headroom(), ofpbuf_clone_with_headroom().
      ofproto: Get enough headroom in fail-open when connected to controller.
      Rename "xs-vif-mac" external_ids key to "attached-mac", for generality.
      debian: Generate authorship in debian/copyright from AUTHORS.
      ovs-ofctl: Add support for drop_spoofed_arp action.
      vswitchd: Add some references for the HTB classifier to the documentation.
      REPORTING-BUGS: Rewrite based on experience.
      datapath: Increase maximum number of actions per flow.
      ofp-util: Also accept NXAST_DROP_SPOOFED_ARP.
      Properly print drop_spoofed_arp actions when decoding OpenFlow and ODP.
      ovs-ofctl, ovs-controller: Disable flow idle timeout by default.
      ovsdb-doc: Be less explicit in ovs-vswitchd.conf.db(5).
      ovs-vsctl: Remove default timeout.
      ovsdb: Fix bug in "wait" command implementation.
      Avoid shadowing local variable names.
      vswitchd: Document policing implementation and caveats.
      tests: Add 5-second timeout to ovs-vsctl tests.
      ovs-vsctl: Allow "get" commands to create @names also.
      ovs-vsctl: Add many more usage examples.
      xenserver: Remove LICENSE header that is difficult to keep up to date.
      xenserver: Add GPLv2 license text.
      xenserver: Change license of xsconsole plugin to GPLv2.
      xenserver: Add explicit license to refresh-xs-network-uuids.
      xenserver: Add license to uuid.py.
      xenserver: Now everything is free.
      debian: additional copyright update for xenserver/
      vlog: Add VLOG_WARN_ONCE() and similar macros.
      daemon: Report number of crashes on monitor process command line.
      daemon: Fix behavior of read_pidfile() for our own pidfile.
      shash: New function shash_steal().
      ovsdb-data: New function ovsdb_datum_from_shash().
      ovsdb-doc: Implement new <option>, <ol> tags.
      ovs-vswitchd: Export system stats through Open_vSwitch table.
      vswitchd: Rename IFACE_STATS_INTERVAL, iface_stats_timer.
      Add missing file to distribution.
      ovs-vsctl: Factor out and optimize searching for a command by name.
      ovs-vsctl: Reduce log level for "Called as..." for read-only invocations.
      netdev-linux: Use hash table instead of sparse array for QoS classes.
      hmap: New function hmap_clear().
      bridge: Use hash table instead of sparse array for bridge ports.
      sflow: Use hash table instead of sparse array for sflow ports.
      ofproto: Use hash table instead of sparse array for ofports.
      util: New macro OBJECT_CONTAINING.
      Switch many macros from using CONTAINER_OF to using OBJECT_CONTAINING.
      ovs-ofctl: Add "queue-stats" command to print queue stats.
      netdev-linux: Fix off-by-one error dumping queue stats.
      ofproto: Only dump queue statistics if the queue really exists.
      ofp-parse: Properly byteswap in_port.
      ofp-parse: Factor out duplicated code into new functions.
      ofp-print: Make output easier to read.
      ofp-parse: Add test.
      ovs-controller: Make --with-flows read the file only once, at startup.
      learning-switch: Introduce struct for configuration.
      ovs-controller: Improve QoS abilities.
      INSTALL.Linux: Describe how to upgrade the Open vSwitch database.
      netflow: Do 64-bit division less often.
      netflow: Avoid (theoretically) looping 2**32 times.
      netdev-vport: Fix typo in comment.
      netdev: Pass class structure, instead of type, to "create" function.
      ofproto: Avoid wasting memory malloc()'ing empty action sets for subrules.
      ofproto: Group functions related to flow expiration together.
      ofproto: Factor conditional out of loop in send_flow_removed().
      ofproto: Fix effective memory leak for uninstallable flows.
      ofproto: Drop unneeded poll_immediate_wake().
      ofproto: Iterate through exact-match rules first during expiration.
      classifier: Introduce macros for iterating exact-match flows.
      ofproto: Drop flows from datapath more quickly under heavy load.
      vswitchd: Drop redundant 'iface_cfg' parameter to set_up_iface().
      vswitchd: Break set_up_iface() into two different functions.
      vswitchd: Create all interfaces at the same time.
      vswitchd: Make type of interface easier to determine.
      vswitchd: Support changing the type of a bridge port.
      vswitchd: Only try to open netdev once.
      vswitchd: Better tolerate changes in datapath ports.
      ofproto: Get rid of port_changed_cb.
      netdev-vport: Merge in netdev-patch and netdev-tunnel.
      datapath: Remove implementation of port groups.
      flow: Separate "flow_t" from "struct odp_flow_key".
      flow: Get rid of flow_t typedef.
      datapath: Combine dl_vlan and dl_vlan_pcp.
      datapath: Drop padding from struct odp_flow_key.
      datapath: Always use GFP_ATOMIC to execute actions.
      datapath: Fix typo in 64-bit compat header.
      datapath: Fix build break in compat_query_flows().
      ofproto: Fix implementation of OFPP_FLOOD.
      docs: Make it clear that ovs-openflowd is an alternative to ovs-vswitchd.
      stream-ssl: Avoid warning with recent OpenSSL.
      datapath: Simplify ODPAT_SET_DL_TCI action.
      ovs-ofctl: Better document the meaning of "priority" in flow descriptions.
      Fix bug in parsing large datapath IDs.
      ovsdb-client: Make "dump" print table names in default output format too.
      tests: Update expected test result to match "ovsdb-client dump" changes.
      ovsdb: Document the "mutable" feature for columns.
      vswitch: Make unique "name" columns immutable, to simplify transactions.
      ovs-vsctl: Add context pointer to struct vsctl_info.
      ovs-vsctl: Check for dirty reads within transactions.
      ovsdb-idl: Test prerequisite checking.
      netdev-linux: Remove unused data in htb_tc_load().
      netdev-linux: Always check tc_make_request() for NULL return value.
      vswitchd: Reset ofport columns of invalid interfaces to -1.
      ovsdb-idl: Document some more functions.
      daemon: Don't call a normal exit from the monitor a "crash".
      vswitch.xml: Clarify documentation for "ofport" column in Interface table.
      ofproto: Fix memory leak in handle_packet_out().
      hmap: New macro HMAP_NODE_NULL_INITIALIZER.
      xtoxll: Add byte conversions macros for use in constant expressions.
      xtoxll: Rename "byte-order" since it now include more than xtoxll.
      vlog: Make client supply semicolon for VLOG_DEFINE_THIS_MODULE.
      Make the ovs_be<N> types generally available.
      flow: Use ovs_be<N> types in appropriate places.
      ofproto: Use ovs_be<N> types in appropriate places.
      flow: Un-inline flow_wildcards functions.
      flow: Use vlan_tci_to_pcp() helper.
      flow: Add more functions for working with flow_wildcards.
      odp-util: Print tunnel id as part of ODP flow key in format_odp_flow_key().
      odp-util: Print in_port in decimal in format_odp_flow_key().
      classifier: Remove unused functions cls_rule_moved(), cls_rule_replace().
      classifier: Remove classifier_insert_exact().
      classifier: Merge classifier_lookup_wild(), classifier_lookup_exact().
      classifier: Change classifier_find_rule_exactly() to take a cls_rule *.
      classifier: Change classifier_rule_overlaps() to take a cls_rule *.
      Fix "make dist" by adding include/openvswitch/types.h to the distribution.
      ovsdb: Fix formatting of ovs.db.Error on Python 2.6.
      classifier: Rewrite.
      ofproto: Don't show separate wildcard and exact-match tables via OpenFlow.
      configure: Simplify use of OVS_GREP_IFELSE.
      ovsdb-client: Refactor table code to save original json during formatting.
      ovsdb-client: Add JSON output format.
      CodingStyle: Mention that "free" functions should accept a null pointer.
      netdev: Assert that the type of a new network device is correct.
      ovs-vsctl: Create bridge interface as type "internal".
      ofp-util: Add more functions for supporting OpenFlow error codes.
      ofp-util: Add infrastructure for vendor extensions to OpenFlow error codes.
      Fix typos in comments.
      ofp-util.h: Use NX_VENDOR_ID instead of literal numeric constant.
      ofp-util: Actually map vendor codes to IDs correctly.
      ofp-util: Use our usual variable naming convention in make_ofp_error_msg().
      Sync Nicira error number assignments with "wdp" branch.
      ofp-util: Add macros for composing error codes.
      ofp-util: New functions make_nxmsg(), make_nxmsg_xid().
      ofproto: Simplify send_flow_removed().
      ofproto: Improve comment in send_flow_removed().
      configure: Fix Graphviz test and input generation.
      docs: Implement our own dot->pic translator.
      reconnect: Use macros instead of literals for default timeouts.
      in-band: Make in_band_create() always initialize its output argument.
      Add "Manager" and "manager_options" to allow options for OVSDB connections.
      ofproto: Generalize tun_id_from_cookie into flow_format.
      ofproto: Make flow format specific to an OpenFlow connection.
      ofproto: Get rid of redundant ofproto parameters in presence of ofconn.
      ofproto: Factor flow duration calculation into new calc_flow_duration().
      ofproto: Generalize reject_slave_controller().
      ofproto: Refactor handle_aggregate_stats_request().
      Rename cls_rule_zero_wildcards() to cls_rule_zero_wildcarded_fields().
      ofproto: Refactor handle_flow_mod().
      ofproto: Change ofproto_add_flow(), ofproto_delete_flow() to take cls_rule.
      classifier: Move in-band set_<field>() functions publicly available.
      classifier: Add more cls_rule_set_*() functions.
      nicira-ext: Shuffle comments around.
      flow: Better abstract flow_wildcards and use it more widely.
      ovsdb: Fix "make dist" by distributing dot2pic.
      datapath: Use struct assignment in place of memcpy() for copying stats.
      datapath: Add clean compat layer for dev_get_stats().
      datapath: Clean up netdev_get_stats() very slightly.
      datapath: Use "struct rtnl_link_stats64" instead of "struct odp_vport_stats".
      Fix distribution by adding include/linux/if_link.h to "make dist".
      datapath: Fix build on 2.6.18.
      ofproto: Rename *_stats_reply() functions for clarity.
      ofproto: Fix type of 'out_port' parameter to query_aggregate_stats().
      ofproto: Implement Nicira Extended Match flexible flow match (NXM).
      ofproto: Refactor handle_packet_out().
      ofp-util: Make validate_actions() take a struct flow *.
      ofproto: Factor out code from do_xlate_actions() into new function.
      lib: Distribute nx-match.def, fixing "make dist".
      debian: Remove corekeeper package.
      CodingStyle: Clarify C dialect section and add rationale.
      util: New function base_name().
      socket-util: Define LINUX macro at top of file.
      socket-util: Work around Unix domain socket path name limits on Linux.
      ofproto: Fix use of uninitialized variable.
      classifier: Pass correct member to CONTAINER_OF in cls_table_next_rule().
      test-classifier: Test CLASSIFIER_FOR_EACH_EXACT_RULE.
      ofproto: Implement support for registers in extended flow match.
      Add support for matching Ethernet multicast frames.
      nx-match: Add tests that wildcard bits are zeroed by flow parser.
      ofp-parse: Generalize parse_ofp_add_flow_str() as parse_ofp_flow_mod_str().
      ofp-parse: Refactor flow parsing.
      ofproto: Fix used time of revalidated subrules.
      ofproto: Disable timeouts for flows added by ofproto_add_flow().
      ofproto: Make xlate_actions() initialize '*tags' itself.
      ofproto: Avoid clearing NetFlow stats twice upon rule creation.
      ofproto: Break subrules out of "struct rule" into new "struct facet".
      ofproto: Fix accounting in facet_revalidate().
      ofproto: Don't bother returning value from facet_make_actions().
      ofproto: Simplify rule_insert().
      test-classifier: Use get_unaligned_u32() from unaligned.h.
      classifier: Drop CLS_INC_* enumerations and related 'include' parameters.
      classifier: Delete dead code specialized for the exact table.
      hmap: New macro HMAP_FOR_EACH_CONTINUE.
      random: Fix random number generator.
      random: Add entropy test.
      vswitch: Add other-config:in-band-queue to set queue for in-band control.
      ofp-util: Add OFP_ACTION_ALIGN macro to header.
      nicira-ext: New Nicira vendor action NXAST_NOTE.
      util: Add function hexits_value() for parsing multiple hex digits.
      debian: Add procps to Build-Depends.
      ofproto: Always set VLAN_CFI bit to 0 in ODPAT_SET_DL_TCI action.
      classifier: Add functions and macros for iteration, and use them in ofproto.
      ofproto: Fix typo in comment.
      classifier: Remove classifier_for_each(), classifier_for_each_match().
      ovsdb: Support replicating a table without including any columns.
      ovsdb-idl: Make selecting tables and columns to replicate more flexible.
      ovs-vsctl: Replicate only tables and columns that are actually needed.
      ovs-vsctl: Make waiting for ovs-vswitchd to reload work again.
      test-csum: Make test_case requirements clear.
      csum: Avoid misaligned data access.
      debian: On "make check" failure dump the testsuite log.
      debian: Fix parallel builds.
      debian: Ignore python-openvswitch directory.
      Make the "exit" unixctl command reliable in ovsdb-server, ovs-vswitchd.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix return value of str_to_port_no().
      netdev-vport: Fix poll_add() implementation.
      ofp-util: Use a counter for transaction IDs instead of a random number.
      ofp-util: Consistently treat OpenFlow xids as network byte order.
      netdev-vport: Remove OVS_UNUSED from argument that is actually used.
      lib: Remove redundant dhparams.h from EXTRA_DIST.
      dpif: Use caller-provided dpif_class in dp_register_provider().
      dpif: Make dpif_class 'open' function take class instead of type name.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix br-set-external-id.
      netdev-vport: Fix segfault on bad vport configuration.
      classifier: Fix segfault iterating with rules that differ only in priority.
      classifier: New function cls_rule_equal().
      ofp-print: Avoid converting flow to ofp_match just to format it.
      flow: New function flow_wildcards_is_exact().
      flow: Move functions for dealing with wildcard bit counts to ofp-util.
      flow: Remove flow_to/from_match() in favor of cls_rule_to/from_match().
      flow: Fully separate flow_wildcards from OpenFlow wildcard bits.
      ofp-util: Make make_flow_mod() take cls_rule instead of struct flow.
      debian: Change architectures from "any" to "linux-any".
      nx-match: Implement support for arbitrary VLAN TCI masks.
      dpif-netdev: Simplify code by using shash for names and dropping indexes.
      dpif-netdev: Do not log error for EOPNOTSUPP return from netdev_recv().
      ofproto: Send OFPT_PORT_STATUS messages to primary slave controllers.
      ofp-util: Fix interpretation of NXFW_TUN_ID bit for NXFF_OPENFLOW10.
      configure: Check for pkg-config "openssl" library instead of "libssl".
      flow: Delete unused FWW_VLAN_TCI bit.
      Add new "dummy" netdev and dpif implementations for use in unit tests.
      Make installation directories overridable at runtime.
      ovs-openflowd: Add --unixctl command line option.
      ovs-openflowd: Add --enable-dummy option.
      ovs-openflowd: Improve usage message.
      ovs-openflowd: Add ability to run without connecting to controller.
      ovs-openflowd: Add "exit" unixctl command.
      ofproto: Fix typo in comment.
      Convert stream and vconn interfaces to use ovs_be16, ovs_be32.
      unaligned: Add unaligned accessors for ovs_be<N> data.
      ovs-ofctl: Simplify code by using strcasecmp() instead of strncasecmp().
      ovs-ofctl: Remove stray printf.
      cfm: Fix GCC warning.
      vswitch: Update dia-generated diagram.
      vlog: Generate vlog-modules.def automatically.
      netdev-linux: Remove counter double-increments.
      coverage: Make the coverage counters catalog program-specific.
      tests: Don't remove testsuite on distclean.
      Implement stress option framework.
      dot2pic: Be less picky parsing "dot" output.
      ovs-ofctl: Factor out common code in str_to_port_no(), do_mod_port().
      ovs-ofctl: Remove now-useless "tun-cookie" command.
      vconn: New function vconn_transact_noreply().
      ovs-ofctl: Check that commands actually succeed.
      openflow: Change ofp_phy_port's 'name' member from uint8_t[] to char[].
      openflow: Remove vestigial support for including from kernel.
      tests: Add tests for ofproto code.
      ofp-print: Fix handling of zero-length actions.
      Format tunnel IDs consistently.
      datapath: Change vals[] in struct port_lookup_key into discrete members.
      datapath: Add __aligned_u64 compat support for user and kernel headers.
      nicira-ext: Name the enum used for flow formats, to clarify code.
      classifier: New cls_rule functions for setting registers and tun_id.
      ovs-ofctl: Reimplement dumping particular tables.
      ovs-ofctl: Demote common log messages from INFO to DBG level.
      util: Improve type-safety of OBJECT_CONTAINING.
      datapath: Encapsulate parameters for new vports in new struct vport_parms.
      datapath: Make adding and attaching a vport a single step.
      dpif: Log port number of deleted port in dpif_port_del().
      netdev-linux: Don't treat "system" devices as vports for setting stats.
      datapath: Merge "struct dp_port" into "struct vport".
      datapath: Merge vport "attach" into "create" and "detach" into "destroy".
      docs: Only regenerate vswitch.pic when the schema really changes.
      util: Introduce ASSIGN_CONTAINER to make iteration macros easier to read.
      queue: Get rid of ovs_queue data structure.
      vconn: New function vconn_transact_multiple_noreply().
      pinsched: Use hmap instead of port_array.
      port-array: Remove.
      Refactor and centralize basic OpenFlow message decoding and validation.
      ofp-util: New functions for creating Nicira extension messages.
      Fix "make dist" by adding include/linux/types.h to distribution.
      netdev-vport: Properly initialize tnl_port_config structure to 0.
      nicira-ext: Clarify and fix macros to check for NXM metadata registers.
      nicira-ext: Clarify comments about 'src' and 'dst' in NXAST_REG actions.
      nx-match: Add tests for error return values for unknown NXM fields.
      ofp-util: New abstractions for flow_mod, flow_stats_request.
      classifier: Implement better classifier rule formatting.
      ofp-parse: Add support for tun_id.
      ofp-parse: Add support for registers.
      ofp-print: Implement printing for OFPUTIL_NXT_FLOW_MOD.
      ovs-ofctl: Add NXM support.
      ovs-ofctl: Add --more option to increase OpenFlow message verbosity.
      datapath: Fix odp-compat definition of struct compat_odp_execute.
      ofp-util: Fully initialize flow_wildcards in ofputil_cls_rule_from_match().
      odp-util: Bump up maximum number of ODP actions.
      cfm: Use ofpbuf_new() instead of its out-of-line expansion.
      dpif-netdev: Use ofpbuf functions instead of their out-of-line expansions.
      ofpbuf: New function ofpbuf_use_const().
      ofp-print: Print each flow at the start of a line.
      ofp-print: Fix typos.
      Avoid using "grep -q" outside of GNU/Linux specific utilities.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix controller command prerequisites.
      ovsdb-idl: Check prerequisites for ovsdb_idl_txn_verify() also.
      ovs-appctl: On failure, print the error message output by the server.
      ofp-print: Verify size of OFPAT_ENQUEUE actions.
      ofp-util: Use ofpbuf_use_const() in a few more places.
      Use ofpbuf_pull() instead of ofpbuf_try_pull() where it is valid.
      ofp-print: Improve OFPST_FLOW stats reply printing.
      ofp-print: Print NXST_FLOW replies.
      ofp-print: Print durations more readably.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix del-flows command parsing bugs.
      ofp-print: Print OFPUTIL_NXST_AGGREGATE_REPLY.
      ofp-util: Fix byte order of ofputil_cls_rule_from_match() parameter.
      ofp-print: Print OFPUTIL_NXT_FLOW_REMOVED.
      nicira-ext: Remove unused macro NICIRA_OUI_STR.
      Make compiler complain about unhandled OpenFlow and Nicira action types.
      ofp-util: Group everything related to actions together in header file.
      ofp-print, ofp-parse: Add support for NXAST_REG_MOVE and NXAST_REG_LOAD.
      ofp-print: Print every flow on a new line for NXST_FLOW replies too.
      ofpbuf: New function ofpbuf_put_hex().
      ofproto: Change xlate_actions() to take a structure.
      ofproto: Add "ofproto/trace" command to help debugging flow tables.
      xenserver: Make rpmbuild happy by updating %files with new utilities.
      ofproto: Fix documentation of ofproto/trace command.
      netlink: Make netlink-protocol.h compatible with <linux/netlink.h>.
      netlink: Split into generic and Linux-specific parts.
      netlink: Add functions for working with big-endian attribute values.
      netlink: New function nl_attr_type().
      netlink: Add macros for iterating through attributes.
      datapath: Replace "struct odp_action" by Netlink attributes.
      ofproto: Format entire rule when dumping all flows.
      ofp-util: Make ofputil_cls_rule_to_match() help with flow cookies too.
      Expand tunnel IDs from 32 to 64 bits.
      datapath: Fix csum_replace4() compatibility implementation.
      datapath: Fix off-by-one error in dev_get_stats() compat code.
      datapath: Include <linux/netlink.h> directly into flow.h.
      datapath: Include <linux/skbuff.h> directly into linux/ip.h compat.
      datapath: Add compat support for nla_type().
      datapath: Introduce more compat support for <net/netlink.h>.
      datapath: Remove explicit 'unlikely' from IS_ERR calls.
      nicira-ext: Correct and extend examples for NXM_OF_VLAN_TCI field.
      ofproto: Fix use-after-free error in facet_revalidate().
      bridge: Eliminate bond_rebalance_port() dependency on DP_MAX_PORTS.
      vswitchd: Fix dependency on DP_MAX_PORTS for allocating "struct dst"s.
      vswitchd: Delete DP_MAX_PORTS.
      netdev-linux: Fix pairing of rtnetlink register and unregister calls.
      ovs-vswitchd: Release most memory on normal exit.
      Makefile: Check for undistributed files on every make, not just "make dist".
      ofproto: Fix write-after-free error in compose_nx_flow_removed().
      ofp-util: Fix encoding of NXST_AGGREGATE requests.
      ofproto: Fix encoding of NXST_* replies.
      ofproto: Always use xid 0 for *_FLOW_REMOVED messages.
      ofp-util: Use proper format specifier for uint32_t in ofputil_lookup_openflow_message().
      ofp-util: Improve error log messages.
      classifier: Use OFP_DEFAULT_PRIORITY instead of literal 32768.
      classifier: Insert commas after fields that lacked them in cls_rule_format().
      ofp-print: Always print priority exactly once.
      ofp-print: Improve formatting for bad OpenFlow messages.
      hash: Make functions for hashing a few words easier to use.
      nicira-ext: Convert all "uintNN_t"s to "ovs_beNN"s.
      nx-match: New helper functions for working with ofs_nbits in NXM actions.
      nx-match: Make nxm_field_bytes(), nxm_field_bits() public.
      nx-match: Use [] in format_nxm_field_bits where possible.
      nx-match: Rename and export functions for parsing and formatting subfields.
      Implement a new Nicira extension action for multipath link selection.
      flow: Increase number of registers to 4.
      datapath: Avoid calling flow_hash() twice for the same key.
      INSTALL.Linux: Make pkg-config a requirement to build.
      datapath: Correct argument size for ODP_FLOW_GET.
      backtrace: Only use __builtin_frame_address if GNU C is in use.
      datapath: Don't recursively sample packets or reset their "tun_id"s.
      ofp-util: Improve log message for bad OpenFlow action length.
      ofp-util: Upgrade log messages for controller bugs to warning level.
      ofp-util: Improve log messages for bad Nicira extension actions.
      vswitchd: Add OVS version to database, give system info its own columns.
      Implement database schema versioning.
      datapath: Remove shadowed 'err' variable.
      datapath: Fix type of actions_len_left in modify_vlan_tci().
      datapath: Suppress sparse complaints about address spaces.
      datapath: Do not shadow 'err' variable name in tnl_send().
      datapath: Clarify meaning of n_buckets argument to tbl_create().
      datapath: Clean up use of TBL_* constants.
      odp-util: Improve formatting of bad ODP actions.
      debian: Fix filename for ovs-vlan-test manpage.
      multipath: Zero padding bytes in fields before hashing.
      ofproto: Use shash instead of svec for uniquifying, in reinit_ports().
      ovs-dpctl: Reimplement get_port_number() using dpif_port_query_by_name().
      datapath: Fix 32-bit truncation of argument to ODPAT_OUTPUT_CONTROL.
      datapath: Remove ODPP_NORMAL macro.
      dpif-netdev: Add missing 'const' qualifiers to function parameters.
      INSTALL.XenServer: Fix directory where RPMs end up.
      ofproto: Increase max recursion level from 8 to 16.
      debian: Remove openvswitch-pki-server package.
      datapath: Fix vport_get_stats() in !VPORT_F_GEN_STATS case.
      datapath: Clean up code in vport_get_stats().
      datapath: Improve vport-patch names that are too generic.
      datapath: Distinguish set_config() functions' names.
      debian: Update check for Debian package version.
      xenserver: Add LSB init info to scripts.
      xenserver: Be compatible with non-XenServer func libraries in init script.
      xenserver: Generate system UUID for non-XenServer systems.
      ovs-pki: Fix handling of relative log file name on --log option.
      vswitchd: Fix "make distcheck" by cleaning up stray "stamp" file.
      tests: Fix Y2011 bug in testsuite.
      Fix non-static instances of "struct vlog_rate_limit" and add check.
      nicira-ext: Fix typo in comment.
      python: Use os.path.basename instead of open-coding it.
      Automatically extract error types and codes for formatting.
      ofp-print: Print fragment handling in OpenFlow switch config messages.
      ofp-print: Insert missing whitespace.
      ofp-print: Add tests for OpenFlow message formatting.
      nx-match: Print register values in hex in "load" action also.
      datapath: Use NULL for null pointer in compat code.
      datapath: Get rid of compat.h, compat26.h in favor of modern approach.
      datapath: Consistently parenthesize the operand of 'sizeof'.
      datapath: Fix validation of ODPAT_OUTPUT actions.
      datapath: Tabify indentation.
      ofproto: Fix NXAST_REG_MOVE with NXM_NX_TUN_ID as destination.
      nx-match: Allow NXM_NX_TUN_ID and NXM_OF_VLAN_TCI on NXAST_REG_LOAD.
      ofproto: Fix bug in "trace" command.
      Implement arbitrary bitwise masks for tun_id field.
      datapath: Remove vport_del_all() because it is now a no-op.
      ofproto: Correctly compute length of flow stats in multipart flow stats.
      multipath: Fix off-by-one in hash_threshold multipath calculation.
      datapath: Remove unused ->set_stats() function from vport_ops.
      dpif-netdev: Allow for Ethernet and VLAN header in buffer size calculation.
      datapath: Avoid sparse warning in compat header.
      datapath: Move rcu_read_lock_held(), rcu_dereference_*() to rcupdate.h.
      vswitchd: Fail the build when the schema checksum does not match.
      vswitchd: Write build error message to stderr.
      stream-ssl: Set a session context ID string on our SSL_CTX.
      stream-ssl: Only cache SSL sessions after they shut down.
      vswitchd: Initialize SSL keys before making SSL connections.
      ofpbuf: New function ofpbuf_use_stack().
      ofpbuf: Enable ofpbuf_push() to expand headroom.
      ofpbuf: New function ofpbuf_clone_data_with_headroom().
      hmap: New function hmap_at_position().
      netlink: New functions for finding a specific attribute.
      netlink: Log duplicate attributes in nl_policy_parse().
      netlink: Add nl_attr_type constants for big-endian values.
      netlink-socket: Add functions for joining and leaving multicast groups.
      netlink-socket: New function for draining the receive buffer.
      netlink-socket: Slightly improve logging of Generic Netlink messages.
      netlink-socket: Make dumping and doing transactions on same nl_sock safe.
      netlink-socket: Consistently log sequence numbers in hexadecimal.
      netlink-socket: Log Generic Netlink family names.
      odp-util: Improve formatting of bogus empty action attributes.
      shash: New "smap" functions for working with string-to-string maps.
      netdev: Use shash and smap functions instead of inlined substitutes.
      ovs-dpctl: Use datapath enumeration functions instead of guessing names.
      xenserver: Use "ovs-dpctl dump-dps" instead of parsing "ovs-dpctl show".
      datapath: Make VERIFY_NUL_STRING return a negative error code.
      tests: Tolerate different versions of tcpdump.
      stream: Fix error message.
      datapath: Change listing flows to use an iterator concept.
      datapath: Convert odp_flow_key to use Netlink attributes instead.
      datapath: Report kernel's flow key when passing packets up to userspace.
      datapath: Change listing ports to use an iterator concept.
      datapath: Make it possible to query vports by name regardless of datapath.
      datapath: Drop datapath index and port number from Ethtool output.
      netdev: Make netdev arguments fetchable, and implement for netdev-vport.
      ovs-dpctl: Use netdev_get_config() to print vport configurations.
      dpif: Eliminate "struct odp_port" from client-visible interface.
      datapath: Change vport type from string to integer enumeration.
      datapath: Make VERIFY_NUL_STRING verify the string length too.
      datapath: Change userspace vport interface to use Netlink attributes.
      datapath: Drop flow information from odp_stats.
      datapath: Drop queue information from odp_stats.
      datapath: Drop port information from odp_stats.
      datapath: Change ODP_FLOW_GET to retrieve only a single flow at a time.
      dpif: Eliminate "struct odp_flow" from client-visible interface.
      dpif: Eliminate "struct odp_flow_stats" from client-visible interface.
      dpif: Eliminate ODPPF_* constants from client-visible interface.
      ofproto: Fix test for installability change when revalidating.
      ofproto: Generalize facet_put__() so that it is more useful.
      ofproto: Avoid using ODPFF_ZERO_TCP_FLAGS.
      datapath: Eliminate 'flags' member from odp_flow.
      datapath: Convert ODP_FLOW_* and ODP_EXECUTE to put dp_idx into message.
      datapath: Convert datapath operations to use Netlink framing.
      datapath: Remove non-standard nla_put_be{16,32,64} functions.
      datapath: Convert ODP_EXECUTE to use Netlink framing.
      datapath: Get rid of ODPP_NONE.
      Eliminate ODPL_* from userspace-facing interface.
      datapath: Extend compatibility code for genl_register_mc_group().
      datapath: Backport genl_register_family_with_ops().
      datapath: Backport more Netlink functions.
      datapath: Eliminate vport_mutex by protecting vport table with RCU.
      datapath: Adopt Generic Netlink-compatible locking.
      datapath: Convert upcalls and ODP_EXECUTE to use AF_NETLINK socket layer.
      datapath: Convert ODP_DP_* commands to use AF_NETLINK socket layer.
      datapath: Convert ODP_VPORT_* to use AF_NETLINK socket layer.
      datapath: Convert ODP_FLOW_* commands to use AF_NETLINK socket layer.
      dpif-linux: Replace 'minor' by 'dp_idx'.
      datapath: Change dp_idx to dp_ifindex, the ifindex of the local port.
      dpif: Remove dpif_get_all_names().
      datapath: s/ODPAT_/ODP_ACTION_ATTR_/ to fit new naming scheme.
      dpif-linux: Always pass an actions attribute in dpif_flow_put().
      datapath: Fix behavior of NLA_NESTED for pre-2.6.29 kernels.
      datapath: Dump flow actions only if there is room.
      Zero padding bytes in odp_key_ipv4, odp_key_arp.
      daemon: Suppress valgrind warnings from read_pidfile().
      datapath: Consider tunnels to have no MTU, fixing jumbo frame support.
      vswitchd: Deconfigure CFM when not configured.
      datapath: Tolerate backporting of rtnl_link_stats64 (as in RHEL 6).
      Add types and accessors for working with half-aligned 64-bit values.
      openflow: Use types and accessors for half-aligned 64-bit fields.
      netlink: Use proper types and functions for half-aligned 64-bit values.
      ofproto: Clear out entire 'name' field of ofp_phy_port when initializing.
      daemon: Define daemon options enums the same way as other option enums.
      ovs-vswitchd: Complete daemonization only after initial configuration.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix spelling of "satisfied" in function name.
      ovs-vsctl: Add --columns options to "list" command.
      ovs-vsctl: Add new "find" command.
      ovsdb-client: Break table formatting into new library.
      table: Add new "bare" output formatting options.
      ovs-vsctl: Add formatting options for the "list" and "find" commands.
      xenserver: Introduce "force-reload-kmod" to reload kernel module.
      docs: Consistently suggest /etc/openvswitch/conf.db as location for db.
      xenserver: Remove usr_share_openvswitch_scripts_refresh-xs-network-uuids.
      Remove /proc/net compatibility support.
      dpif-netdev: Fix segfault handling packets.
      ovs-vsctl: Improve documentation and --help output.
      ovsdb: New function ovsdb_file_read_schema() for reading schema from db.
      ovsdb-tool: Add commands for printing the database checksum.
      ovsdb-tool: New command "needs-conversion".
      Avoid unneeded database compaction at startup, and improve backups.
      vconn-stream: Make definitions of tcp_vconn_class, etc., easier to find.
      ofproto: Fix behavior when special_cb not present (as with ovs-openflowd).
      datapath: Properly initialize ovs_skb_cb of packet from userspace.
      string: Implement strnlen() if it is missing.
      util: Don't read over 'size - 1' bytes of source string in ovs_strlcpy().
      util: New function ovs_strzcpy().
      configure: Reject incompatible XenServer version.
      ovs-vsctl: --bootstrap only has an effect if the ca cert is missing.
      nicira-ext: Fix comment.
      ofp-parse: Don't segfault when an OpenFlow action's argument is missing.
      multipath: Validate multipath actions more thoroughly in multipath_parse().
      bridge: Ethernet address is 6 bytes, not 4 or 8.
      process: Avoid late failure if /dev/null cannot be opened.
      stream: Make stream_report_content() tolerate negative size.
      leak-checker: Avoid printing freed pointer.
      rconn: Clarify rconn_run_wait().
      ovsdb-idl: JSONRPC_REPLY message always has nonnull 'id'.
      ovs-brcompatd: Simplify code in brc_recv_update().
      ovs-vsctl: Simplify parse_column_key_value().
      ovs-kill: Remove.
      ovs-vsctl: Clarify that uuid_from_string() shouldn't fail in post_create().
      dhcp-client: Remove useless call to timeout() from send_reliably().
      test-ovsdb: Check uuid_from_string() return value.
      ovsdb: Explicitly ignore sscanf() return value in is_valid_version().
      util: Make out_of_memory() call abort() instead of exit(EXIT_FAILURE).
      util: Avoid uninitialized pointer complaints from Coverity.
      ofp-print: Don't print priority for flow stats requests.
      ofproto: Log warning if controller requests an invalid table.
      ofp-util: Make NXM required for 64-bit cookies in is_nxm_required().
      ovs-ofctl: Implement documented semantics of --flow-format for flow_mods.
      stream-ssl: Break interpretation of queued error into new function.
      stream-ssl: Only set SSL client session once.
      datapath: Simplify send_frags().
      datapath: Avoid duplicate test in tnl_free_linked_skbs().
      datapath: Remove unneeded modify_vlan_tci() parameters.
      ovs-dpctl: Support more than one option for "add-if" command.
      netdev-port: Fix invalid memory access in netdev_vport_poll_add().
      datapath: Avoid random tun_id in odp_packet_cmd_execute().
      ovs-ofctl: Make add-flows command read from stdin if file name is "-".
      python/ovs/ovsuuid: Fix behavior of UUID.from_json() with no symbol table.
      ovsdb-idlc: Initialize refType in IDL reference columns' types.
      ovsdb-data: Verify that named-uuid string is an <id>.
      ovsdb: Improve error reporting for some internal errors.
      ovsdb: Improve error message for duplicate uuid-name.
      ovs-vsctl: Check for uncreated symbols earlier.
      ovs-vsctl: Update list of tables in manpage.
      ovs-vsctl: Remove stray \ from end of manpage.
      ovsdb-data: Rename 'used' to 'created' in struct ovsdb_symbol.
      ovsdb-data: Expose guts of ovsdb_symbol_table() to clients.
      ovsdb: Provide a way for for_each_txn_row() callback to delete any row.
      ovsdb: Don't count self-references in ovsdb_row's n_refs member.
      ovsdb: Implement garbage collection.
      table: Fix typo in manpage.
      vswitchd: Regenerate schema diagram.
      ofp-print: Omit timestamp when printing packets in ofp_packet_to_string().
      xenserver: dbcache should always exist so don't bother checking.
      debian: Run tests in parallel too.
      debian: Restart daemons only after upgrade is complete.
      ovsdbmonitor: Fix "make install" race.
      bridge: Downgrade log level of some log messages that may indicate races.
      Support vlan_group workaround implemented in XenServer kernels.
      tests: Fix up interface-reconfigure test and results.
      ofp-print: Consistently print priority only if it is not default.
      classifier: Omit all-1-bits mask for VLAN TCI in cls_rule_format().
      ovs-ofctl: Check min flow format support in negotiate_highest_flow_format().
      ofp-util: New function ofputil_decode_flow_stats_reply().
      dynamic-string: New function ds_get_preprocessed_line().
      ofproto: Don't include unneeded header file.
      ofproto: Fix comment on send_packet_in().
      ofproto: Fix obsolete comments.
      ofproto: Get rid of archaic "switch status" OpenFlow extension.
      ofproto: Remove controller discovery support.
      utilities: Fix typo in makefile that caused RPM build failure.
      vlog: Add comment describing the purpose of each log level.
      ofpbuf: New function ofpbuf_steal_data().
      ovs-ofctl: Use ovs_be32 for big-endian variable.
      ovs-ofctl: New commands "replace-flows" and "diff-flows".
      ofp-parse: Generalize parse_ofp_add_flow_file() to parse_ofp_flow_mod_file().
      ovs-ofctl: Make mod-flows and del-flows commands able read files.
      bridge: Consistently use miimon status if miimon is configured.
      cfm: Immediately signal a fault upon receiving an unexpected MPID.
      ofproto: Specialize ofproto_send_packet() for uses the callers really want.
      ofproto: Take responsibility for connectivity fault management (CFM).
      bridge: Always delete the correct interfaces in port_del_ifaces().
      list: Fix indentation.
      list: Allow list_front(), list_back() to take 'const' arguments.
      xenserver: Don't require other-config:disable-in-band to exist.
      bridge: Don't bother revalidating in combination with bridge_flush().
      bridge: Drop 'active_iface_tag' from "struct port".
      bridge: Get rid of redundant bridge_get_local_iface() function.
      bridge: Change struct port's active_iface member from index to pointer.
      bridge: Improve name and comments for bond_entry's "iface_tag" member.
      bridge: Expire bond slave assignments when their loads decay to 0.
      bridge: Get rid of "port_ifidx" in struct iface.  Fix bonding hash.
      bridge: Change port's 'ifaces' member from array to list.
      mac-learning: Refactor to increase generality.
      mac-learning: Change 'port' member to a union.
      bridge: Use pointer to "struct port", not "port_idx", for MAC learning.
      mac-learning: Expose function for expiring a single MAC learning entry.
      bridge: Avoid flushing entire MAC learning table for common operations.
      bridge: Change bridge's 'ports' member from array to hmap.
      datapath: Add compatibility with sk_buff's vlan_tci before 2.6.33.
      datapath: Avoid memory leak in odp_packet_cmd_execute().
      ovs-brcompatd: Delete write-only variable.
      ovsdb-tool: Fix cut-and-paste error in manpage.
      daemon: Write "already running" message to log also.
      daemon: Avoid redundant code in already_running().
      xenserver: Wait for ovs-xapi-sync to exit in "stop" command.
      bridge: Always wait for MAC learning table and ports.
      ofproto: Factor building of flow_removed messages out into ofp-util.
      ofproto: Break packet_in encoding out of ofproto into ofp-util.
      ofproto: Move hton_ofp_phy_port() to ofp-util.
      ofproto: Introduce ofconn_get_ofproto() accessor function.
      ofproto: Use ofconn_send_reply() for sending OpenFlow replies.
      ofproto: Add ofconn_get_flow_format(), ofconn_set_flow_format().
      ofproto: Add ofconn_get_miss_send_len(), ofconn_set_miss_send_len().
      ofproto: Add functions to get and set ofconn type and role.
      ofproto: New function ofconn_pktbuf_retrieve().
      ofproto: Factor OpenFlow connection management into new "connmgr".
      AUTHORS: Add Gaetano Catalli <gaetano.catalli at gmail.com>.
      timeval: Only log poll intervals longer than 50 ms.
      ofp-util: Remove flow_stats_iterator, flows_stats_first(), flow_stats_next()
      ofproto: Get rid of send_port_status() trivial wrapper function.
      mac-learning: Fix mac_entry_is_grat_arp_locked().
      datapath: Fix mysterious GRE-over-IPSEC problems.
      odp-util: Replace ODPUTIL_FLOW_KEY_U32S by new struct odputil_keybuf.
      ofpbuf: Make ofpbufs initialized with ofpbuf_use_stack() not expandable.
      ofproto: Fix order of destruction in ofproto_destroy().
      connmgr: Fix wild pointer dereference in connmgr_broadcast().
      bridge: Destroy ofproto before deleting dpif.
      sset: New data type for a set of strings.
      Convert shash users that don't use the 'data' value to sset instead.
      dpif: Use sset instead of svec in dpif interface.
      netdev: Use sset instead of svec in netdev interface.
      ovsdb-parser: Use sset instead of svec for detecting unused members.
      ofproto: Change string sets in interface from svec to sset.
      ovs-openflowd: Use sset in place of svec.
      bridge: Convert svecs to ssets.
      ovs-brcompatd: Convert svecs to ssets.
      ovsdb-types: Fix bug in ovsdb_base_type_is_ref().
      ovsdb: Force strong references to non-root tables to be persistent.
      ovsdb: Raise database corruption log level from warning to error.
      ovsdb: Check that ovsdb-server truncates corrupted database logs.
      ovsdb: Truncate bad transactions from database log.
      ovsdb-server: Avoid intermittent test failures due to lockfile log message.
      netdev-linux: Support 'send' for netdevs opened with NETDEV_ETH_TYPE_NONE.
      netdev-vport: Implement 'send' function.
      packets: New function snap_compose(); rename compose_packet() for consistency.
      packets: Fix potential use-after-free in compose_benign_packet().
      packets: New function eth_set_vlan_tci(), from dpif-netdev.
      packets: Reserve headroom for VLAN header in eth_compose(), snap_compose().
      list: New functions list_is_singleton(), list_is_short().
      tag: New function tag_set_union().
      vswitch: Improve schema documentation.
      lacp: Fix misleading prototype for lacp_configure().
      lacp: Remove unneeded forward references from header file.
      bridge: Drop LACP configuration members from struct iface and struct port.
      lacp: Encapsulate configuration into new structs.
      bridge: Avoid redundant dpif_flow_flush().
      bridge: Change Ethernet address array from 8 bytes to ETH_ADDR_LEN bytes.
      bridge: Improve comment.
      bridge: Drop obsolete comment.
      bridge: Simplify and clean up bond slave enable/disable.
      bridge: Break bonding implementation out into library.
      bridge: Get rid of 'n_ifaces' member of struct port.
      bridge: Change "struct dst" from containing a dp_ifidx to a struct iface *.
      bridge: Separate mirroring logic from forwarding logic.
      bridge: Avoid partitioning the dst set.
      xenserver: Fix up iface-id after it changes or disappears too.
      stream-ssl: Use out_of_memory() to abort due to lack of memory.
      vlog: Use PRINTF_FORMAT macro from compiler.h.
      Add a few more users for ovs_retval_to_string().
      type-props: New macro for estimating length of a decimal integer.
      signals: New function signal_name().
      util: New function ovs_fatal_valist().
      Log anything that could prevent a daemon from starting.
      daemon: Tolerate EINTR in fork_and_wait_for_startup().
      daemon: Integrate checking for an existing pidfile into daemonize_start().
      daemon: Avoid races on pidfile creation.
      Update top-level documentation to bring it up to date with latest features.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix atomicity of writes that don't change a column's value.
      bridge: Monitor fewer OVSDB columns.
      netdev-linux: Avoid "cleverness" in swap_uint64().
      netdev-linux: Fix blocking while sending packets.
      netdev-linux: Fix netdev_send() to tap device.
      dpif-linux: Avoid segfault on netdev_get_stats() without kernel module.
      dpif-linux: Avoid logging error on ENOENT in dpif_linux_is_internal_device().
      debian: Do not call obsolete command "ovs-ofctl status" in ovs-bugtool.
      ovsdb-idl: Suppress "delete" operations for garbage-collected tables.
      configure: Add option --enable-Werror to add -Werror to CFLAGS.
      vswitchd: Document how to disable inactivity probes.
      Fix calls to ctype functions.
      Avoid warnings about comparisons that are always true.
      bridge: Properly test for out-of-range values.
      ofproto: Avoid memory leak in classifier on destruction.
      bridge: Initialize mirrors' uuid member.
      daemon: Reduce log level of "pid file is stale" message.
      bridge: Reintroduce log message that was lost (and wrong).
      bridge: Fix VLAN selection mirroring logic.
      vlog: Fix VLOG and VLOG_RL macros' treatment of LEVEL argument.
      socket-util: Properly set socket permissions in make_unix_socket().
      ofp-util: Properly handle "tun_id"s in tun_id_from_cookie flows.
      bridge: Avoid memory leak from RSPAN mirrors in bridge_destroy().
      INSTALL.Linux: Mention that SSL options require building with SSL support.
      socket-util: Use portable solution for setting Unix socket permissions.
      ofproto: Consistently use netdev's name instead of ofp_phy_port name.
      ofproto: Rework and fix bugs in port change detection.
      bridge: Tolerate missing Port and Interface records for local port.
      ofproto: Adjust netdev_monitor when switching netdevs.
      bond: Be more careful about adding and removing netdevs in the monitor.
      bridge: Remove slaves from the bond before closing their netdevs.
      tests: Add ovs-openflowd to programs that need valgrind wrappers.
      ovs-controller: Honor --wildcard option.
      bridge: Move logic for flushing flows and standalone mode into connmgr.
      vlan-bitmap: New data structure.
      mac-learning: Change mac_learning_set_flood_vlans() to not take ownership.
      mac-learning: Avoid unnecessary call to free().
      Remove support for obsolete "tun_id_from_cookie" extension.
      datapath: No need to zero cb anymore in odp_packet_cmd_execute().
      datapath: Avoid freeing wild pointer in corner case.
      datapath: Make every packet passing through the datapath have an sw_flow.
      datapath: Drop parameters from execute_actions().
      netdev-linux: New functions for converting netdev stats formats.
      ovs-dpctl: Add -s option to print packet and byte counters.
      xenserver: Use .../extra not .../kernel/extra for kernel modules.
      ovs-brcompatd: Document bug.
      xenserver: Don't remove network.dbcache on uninstall.
      ovs-tcpundump: Document that ovs-appctl sends ofproto/trace command.
      bridge: Avoid extra iteration through all "struct iface"s.
      bridge: Inline iterate_and_prune_ifaces() and remove it.
      bridge: Use bridge name, instead of dpif name, in log messages.
      ofproto: Make ofproto_send_packet() static.
      ofproto: Group struct cfm forward declaration with the rest of them.
      ofproto: Maintain ofp_phy_port for each ofport in network byte order.
      Convert remaining network-byte-order "uint<N>_t"s into "ovs_be<N>"s.
      bridge: Change 'iface_by_name' from shash to hmap.
      bridge: Eliminate direct dependencies on dpif.
      bridge: Change all_bridges from list to hmap (indexed by name).
      bridge: Get rid of bridge_get_all_ifaces(), bridge_fetch_dp_ifaces().
      bridge: Factor code out of bridge_reconfigure().
      dpif: New function dpif_normalize_type().
      bridge: Reorder configuration.
      ofproto: Move private definitions to separate header.
      ofproto: Rename ofproto_iface_*() functions to ofproto_port_*().
      ofproto: Add 'name' field to struct ofproto and use hmap instead of shash.
      bond: New function bond_slave_set_netdev().
      hmapx: New data structure.
      dpif: Better log unusual errors in dpif_port_query_by_name().
      ofproto: Initialize ports immediately upon ofproto creation.
      ofproto: Add a pointer to the owning ofproto to struct ofport.
      ofproto: Update ports immediately upon ofproto_port_add() too.
      DESIGN: Move in-band control design discussion here.
      ofp-util: Fix validation of OFPAT_SET_VLAN_PCP actions.
      ovs-vsctl: Issue warning for likely erroneous "get" commands.
      INSTALL.XenServer: Document Open vSwitch boot process on XenServer.
      stream-ssl: Improve messages when configuring SSL if it is unsupported.
      bridge: Move packet processing functionality into ofproto.
      dpif: Improve abstraction by making 'run' and 'wait' functions per-dpif.
      dpif: Make dp_parse_name() normalize its returned type.
      ofproto: Improve abstraction by adding function ofproto_parse_name().
      ofproto: Improve abstraction by using OpenFlow port numbers in interface.
      ofproto: Complete abstraction by adding enumeration and deletion functions.
      ofproto: Break apart into generic and hardware-specific parts.
      ofproto: Better document the ofproto_class interface.
      Remove unneeded #include directives.
      ofproto: Eliminate reference to dpif_upcall from ofproto.
      ofproto: Update some comments.
      ofproto: Remove unused coverage counters.
      classifier: Remove OF1.0 special case from classifier_find_rule_exactly().
      ofproto: Make rule construction and destruction more symmetric.
      ofproto: Fix number of reported tables in OFPT_FEATURES_REPLY message.
      PORTING: Describe usage of ovs_be<N>.
      ofproto: Drop ofproto_rule_lookup().
      Implement basic multiple table support.
      ofproto-dpif: Get rid of effectively unused 'check_special' flag.
      Merge 'master' into 'next'.
      ofproto: Fix typo in comment.
      ofproto: Fix duplicate hmap_remove() in ofproto_destroy().
      bridge: Keep default Ethernet address stable between runs.
      Fix bugs lingering from merge mistakes.
      ofproto: Call port_modified before closing old netdev in update_port().
      backtrace: Make backtrace_capture() work on more systems.
      poll-loop: Make wakeup logging more portable and easier to understand.
      tests: Check test output more carefully.
      lockfile: Don't warn if successful lock takes a little time.
      ofp-util: Don't warn for different forms of nw_{src,dst} wildcards.
      ofp-util: Simplify OpenFlow 1.0 ofp_match normalization.
      ofp-util: Revise OpenFlow 1.0 ofp_match normalization.
      netdev-linux: Only call set_nonblocking() if socket creation succeeds.
      netdev-linux: Open AF_PACKET socket only when it is needed.
      tests: Check ovs-openflowd log output instead of ignoring it.
      bridge: Fix uninitialized bond_stable_ids in port_configure_bond().
      ofproto-dpif: Fix null pointer dereference in get_ofp_port().
      bridge: Avoid double-free of bond fake ifaces.
      netdev-linux: Initialize rx_compressed, tx_compressed when converting.
      stream-ssl: Fix call to accept().
      ofproto: Fix ofproto_send_packet() treatment of vlan_tci parameter.
      Remove unnecessary #include directives.
      Add missing "static" keywords.
      ofproto: Drop duplicate "const" in parameter declaration.
      Consistently write null pointer constants as NULL instead of 0.
      ofproto: Maintain ofp_phy_port for each ofport in network byte order.
      Convert remaining network-byte-order "uint<N>_t"s into "ovs_be<N>"s.
      openflow: Change types from uint<N>_t to ovs_be<N>.
      Fix incorrect byte order annotations.
      compiler: Suppress sparse complaints about function attributes.
      Suppress sparse warnings for global variables initialized in headers.
      util: Suppress build assertions when building with sparse.
      csum: Annotate byte order to match actual usage.
      Fix up usage of flow_wildcards_t.
      test-sha1: Suppress sparse warning.
      Make the source tree sparse clean.
      configure: Run sparse automatically if C=1 specified on "make" command.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix null pointer dereference in is_admissible().
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid unnecessary ODP-to-OFP port conversion.
      ofproto-dpif: Revalidate flows in some previously missed cases.
      bridge: Fill in ofport column of Interface records.
      Merge 'next' into 'master'.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix argument in send_packet() call.
      bond: Remove write-only variable.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix bond accounting.
      ofp-util: Include cookie when encoding OFPT_FLOW_REMOVED messages.
      Avoid sparse error or warning for sizeof(_Bool).
      debian: Make openvswitch-switch depend on Python.
      debian: Don't begin openvswitch-pki description with article.
      docs: Suppress "warning: macro `DD' not defined" warnings from man.
      ovsdbmonitor: Use ovs.json module instead of JsonReader and JsonWriter.
      ovsdbmonitor: Update to work with recent ovs-dpctl output.
      ovsdbmonitor: Add brief manpage.
      debian: Package ovsdbmonitor.
      ofproto: Properly initialize table_id when creating rules.
      stream-ssl: Force CA cert file to be read when it appears during bootstrap.
      stream-ssl: Log unexpected errors from 'stat'.
      flow: Convert tunnel IDs to host byte order for formatting.
      tests: Fix the two Python XFAIL tests.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix statistics busted by bad merge.
      poll-loop: Automatically log reason for wakeup when CPU usage spikes.
      ovsdb: Annotate E-R diagram with number of allowed values.
      ovs-vsctl: Add "show" command for printing an overview of configuration.
      netlink: Avoid "cast increases required alignment of target type" on RISC.
      sha1: Avoid unused variable warnings on big-endian systems.
      in-band: Avoid "cast increases required alignment of target type" warning.
      bridge: Avoid "cast increases required alignment of target type" warning.
      test-csum: Avoid "cast increases required alignment of target type" warning.
      ovsdb-doc: Omit E-R diagram from ASCII version of manpage.
      ovs-vsctl: Clarify meaning of --may-exist options.
      poll-loop: Fix typo in comment.
      ofp-util: Also force nw_tos to be wildcarded for ARP flows.
      nx-match: Check prerequisites for ICMPv6 before outputting subfields.
      ofp-util: Export (again) a generalized function for normalizing rules.
      ovs-ofctl: Report attempts to add (remove, etc.) non-normalized flows.
      ovsdb: Fix spelling of "constraint violation" in error tag.
      ovsdb: Add test for number-of-elements constraints.
      ovsdb: Check ovsdb_mutation_set_execute() return value in transactions.
      ofp-util: Simplify logic for computing vlan_tci and vlan_tci_mask.
      ofp-util: Factor wildcard translation out of ofputil_cls_rule_from_match().
      ovs-controller: Allow --wildcards to specify a wildcard set.
      learning-switch: Don't limit message queued by --with-flows.
      datapath: Get packet metadata from userspace in odp_packet_cmd_execute().
      ovsdb: Make ovsdb_column_set_from_json() take table schema instead of table.
      ovsdb: Move ovsdb_table_put_row() into test program.
      util: New function for forming English lists.
      ovsdb: Add functions for formatting column sets and data in columns sets.
      ovsdb: Implement table uniqueness constraints ("indexes").
      python ovsdb: Fix one style inconsistency.
      vswitchd: Add unique indexes for some columns.
      stream-ssl: Disable SSL session caching.
      ovsdb: Better document possible commit-time error results.
      learning-switch: Also wildcard VLAN priority bits.
      ovs-openflowd: Rename test-openflowd and move to "tests" directory.
      dpif-linux: Fix memory and file descriptor leak in dpif_linux_close().
      signals: New function signal_unregister().
      ofproto: Fix memory leak in ofproto_destroy__().
      bridge: Fix memory leak in port_configure().
      list: Clarify description of list_moved().
      ofp-parse: Fix wildcard bits for dl_dst in flow parsing.
      Better abstract wildcards for Ethernet destination field.
      ofp-parse: Add support for dl_dst masks in flow match parsing.
      rtnetlink-link: Avoid cast in rtnetlink_link_notifier_register().
      process: Let process_run_capture() caller set maximum capture size.
      compiler: Add macro for GCC "sentinel" attribute.
      ovs-vsctl: New "comment" command.
      ovs-brcompatd: Use rtnetlink_link_notifier instead of open-coding it.
      ovs-brcompatd: Remove --prune-timeout option.
      ovs-brcompatd: Properly fix race between device destruction and insertion.
      ovs-brcompatd: Run ovs-vsctl instead of accessing database directly.
      ovs-brcompatd: Fix uninitialized br_vlan variable in handle_fdb_query_cmd().
      dpif: Improve logging of upcalls.
      nicira-ext: Renumber NXT_FLOW_MOD_TABLE_ID.
      nicira-ext: Explicitly assign each extension message type a number.
      tests: Add test for printing NXT_FLOW_MOD_TABLE_ID.
      python: Fix "make install" on systems without Python.
      AUTHORS: Add Hao Zheng <hzheng at nicira.com>.
      ofproto: Correctly fill in table_id in NXST_FLOW replies.
      openflow: Merge ofp_stats_request and ofp_stats_reply.
      openflow: Remove 'body' member from struct ofp_stats_msg.
      openflow: Merge ofp_flow_stats_request and ofp_aggregate_stats_request.
      nicira-ext: Separate nx_aggregate_stats_reply from ofp_aggregate_stats_reply.
      openflow: Make stats replies more like other OpenFlow messages.
      ofproto: Better abstract aggregate stats encoding and decoding.
      ofproto: Better abstract flow stats encoding.
      flow: Give flow_wildcards_hash() a 'basis' parameter.
      classifier: New function cls_rule_hash().
      connmgr: New function ofconn_send_error().
      ofp-util: New functions ofputil_actions_equal(), ofputil_actions_clone().
      ofproto: Collect all rules for an OpenFlow request before acting on any.
      ofproto: Implement asynchronous OFPT_FLOW_MOD commands.
      Define UINT64_MAX as "unknown" in Open vSwitch specific interfaces.
      ofproto: Add simple tests for dumping aggregates and for OpenFlow 1.0.
      ofp-parse: Add support for vlan_tci field.
      ofp-print: Change "table_id" to "table" in flow_mod and flow_stats.
      ofp-parse: Ignore extra fields produced by dump-flows.
      ofp-util: Send table_id correctly in OpenFlow 1.0 flow_mods.
      ovsdb-idl: Optimize out transactions that are complete no-ops.
      xenserver: Run "depmod" after old modules are removed by "rpm -U".
      ofproto: Improve description of port dump functions.
      PORTING: Improve second diagram.
      daemon: Disable logging to console after detaching.
      xenserver: Use $OVS_XAPI_SYNC_PIDFILE consistently.
      xenserver: Don't require confirmation to restart vswitch.
      xenserver: Don't delete pidfile in stop_daemon.
      ovs-appctl: Fix typo in usage message.
      stream-ssl: Clear CAs for certificate verification before adding new ones.
      Refactor initscripts into distro-independent and distro-specific pieces.
      utilities: Install ovs-save in scripts directory.
      Reduce log level for ENODEV errors getting Ethernet address.
      bridge: Avoid duplicate logging when netdev_get_etheraddr() fails.
      Fix typo in "--force-corefiles" and "force-reload-kmod".
      vswitchd: Install vswitch.ovsschema to $(pkgdatadir).
      Fix force-reload-kmod initscript command implementations.
      Add RHEL 5/6 spec files and instructions.
      ovsdb-idl: Improve comment.
      ovsdb-doc: Add support for references to specific keys.
      bridge: Enable system stats only if turned on in the database.
      vlog: Add a little more detail to ratelimit messages
      ovsdb-idl: Plug hole in state machine.
      debian: Install ovs-save script into openvswitch-switch package.
      ovs-ctl: Use "action" to print success or failure directly.
      ovs-ctl: Clean up temporary file used for force-reload-kmod.
      Avoid inserting duplicate iptables rules when restarting vswitch.
      ovsdb: Fix memory leak in transaction.
      debian: Avoid implying that Linux 2.6.9 is supported.
      configure: Fix typo in variable name.
      configure: Remove "26" from Linux variable names.
      configure: Change --with-l26 to --with-linux.
      configure: Do not reject Linux 3.0 at configure time.
      configure: Fix --with-linux when environment contains KSRC.
      configure: Fix typo in user message.
      ovs-ctl: Fix incorrect error message.
      ovs-ctl: Use iptables -n -L instead of -S for compatibility.
      ovs-ofctl: Accept only valid flow_mod and flow_stats_request fields.
      ovsdb: Synchronize comments and code in ovsdb_file_commit().
      ovs-ctl: Fix ovs-dpctl invocation.
      xenserver: Restart HA daemon after force-reload-kmod.
      ofproto: Fix typo in documentation.
      classifier: Print ARP opcode as "arp_op" instead of "opcode".
      ofp-util: Simplify iteration through OpenFlow actions.
      ofp-util: Centralize decoding of OpenFlow actions.
      bridge: Fix null pointer dereference.
      debian: Remove obsolete reference to var/log/core.
      python: Make invalid UTF-8 sequence messages consistent across Python versions.
      ovs-ctl: Fix indentation of some headings.
      ovsdb: Fix segfault in ovsdb_file_txn_row_from_json().
      ovsdb-tool: Put version number in comment when compacting or converting.
      vconn-stream: Always call the stream's run function from vconn_stream_run().
      packets: Remove unneeded !! from eth_addr_is_local().
      ovsdb: Remove useless "return;" in ovsdb_jsonrpc_session_get_status().
      INSTALL.bridge: Fix suggested ovs-brcompatd invocation.
      configure: Pass correct -target option to "cgcc" in the common case.
      ovs-bugtool: Restore RHEL support.
      ovs-bugtool: Make available outside of Debian packages.
      ovs-bugtool: Turn off "group" and "other" permissions for generated files.
      ovs-bugtool: Dump dpkg-related information as well as RPM-related info.
      configure: Improve error message when pkg-config is missing.
      ovs-bugtool: Add plugins previously used only under XenServer.
      ovs-bugtool: Add an OVSDB snapshot to ovs-bugtool output.
      ovs-bugtool: Include conf.db backups in bugtool output.
      rhel: Add ovs-bugtool manpage to list of packaged files.
      PORTING: Document why OVS does not support hybrid ofproto+dpif providers.
      ovsdb: Log when remote connections are deconfigured.
      ovs-ctl: Start ovs-vswitchd with correct niceness.
      ovs-lib: Allow "status" command to work as non-root.
      debian: Remove obsolete comment.
      ofproto-dpif: Do not mirror L2 multicast switch protocols to VLANs.
      ofproto-dpif: Ignore ECN bits in OFPAT_SET_NW_TOS actions.
      ofproto-dpif: Implement OFPAT_SET_NW_TOS.
      bundle: Treat slave_type properly as 32-bit value.
      bundle: Avoid GCC 4.5 warning about possibly uninitialized value.
      bridge: Log a warning when QoS misconfiguration is likely.
      ovs-ofctl: Improve error message for "ovs-ofctl show nonexistent".
      ovs-ofctl: Use strchr() instead of strstr().
      ofproto-dpif: Initialize 'may_enable' at port construction time.
      INTERNALS: Describe SLB bonding.
      util: New function log_2_floor().
      ovs-parse-leaks: Fix typos in manpage.
      rhel: Fix use of $< in ordinary Make rules.
      ovs-ctl: Log messages about database upgrade process.
      ovs-ctl: Drop back to an empty database if schema conversion fails.
      utilities: Install ovs-parse-leaks utility by default.
      debian: Modernize use of dh_install.
      ovs-vsctl: Log better warnings for duplicate ports and interfaces.
      debian: Add support for bridge compatibility.
      nx-match: Make more fields writable with NXAST_REG_MOVE and other actions.
      debian: Fix bug from commit 211b05b5 "debian: Modernize use of dh_install."
      stream-unix: Fix naming of passive Unix streams.
      ovsdb-doc: Fix definition of .TQ macro.
      dirs: Make sysconfdir available via ovs_sysconfdir().
      ovsdb-server: Make database command-line argument optional.
      ovs-vswitchd: Make database socket command-line argument optional.
      ovsdb-client: Make "server" and "database" arguments optional.
      ovsdb-server: Reliably report status of inbound connections.
      ovsdb: Report the number of connections for inbound Managers.
      ovsdb: Refactor jsonrpc-server to make the concept of a session public.
      ovsdb: Implement a "lock" feature in the database protocol.
      vswitchd: Prevent multiple ovs-vswitchd processes from acting together.
      ofp-print: Make port "config" and "state" output easier to read.
      datapath: Add missing targets to avoid failure on e.g. "make TAGS".
      mac-learning: Fix inverted logic in is_learning_vlan().
      vlan-bitmap: Remove function vlan_bitmap_contains().
      ofproto-dpif: Restore former NORMAL action behavior when revalidating.
      debian: Move OVSDB schema and ovsdb-tool to openvswitch-switch.
      netlink-socket: Remove unused nl_sock_sendv() function.
      netlink-socket: Reduce nl_sock_recv() from 2 (or more) system calls to 1.
      ovs-ofctl: New --readd option for "replace-flows".
      ovs-ofctl: Fix dump-ports and queue-stats commands.
      socket-util: Factor inet_parse_passive() out of inet_open_passive().
      socket-util: New function lookup_hostname().
      ovs-benchmark: New utility.
      Remove spurious blank line.
      vlog: Fix typo in VLOG_IS_ERR_ENABLED macro definition.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix mirror configuration and deconfiguration.
      vlog: Add a new log level "off".
      vlog: Move log level definitions from source code to user documentation.
      connmgr: Drop 'next_in_band_update' timer.
      in-band: Delete remaining rules when disabling in-band control.
      ovsdb: Fix typo in SPECS.
      ChangeLog: Rename NEWS.
      Document that mirroring to a GRE tunnel works and is better than RSPAN.
      Document and warn that mirroring to a VLAN is incompatible with SLB bonding.
      ofp-util: Rewrite action decoding to improve compiler warnings.
      ovsdb: Correct specification inconsistency between "lock" and "assert".
      bridge: Add port to datapath before trying to retrieve device stats.
      netdev: Clean up and refactor packet receive interface.
      debian: Ensure that /var/run/openvswitch exists in controller init script.
      netdev: Decouple creating and configuring network devices.
      netdev: Get rid of struct netdev_options and netdev_open_default().
      odp-util: Format VLAN headers more like other headers in ODP flow output.
      odp-util: New function odp_flow_key_from_string().
      ofproto-dpif: Make ofproto/trace accept an odp_flow in place of a packet.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix pointer arithmetic on null pointer.
      ofproto: Make ->construct() and ->destruct() more symmetrical.
      ofproto: Allow ->rule_choose_table() to be NULL regardless of table count.
      ofproto: New helper macro OFPROTO_FOR_EACH_TABLE.
      ofproto-dpif: Add multiple table support.
      New action NXAST_RESUBMIT_TABLE.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix reading flows from file for "replace-flows", "diff-flows".
      nicira-ext: Fix NXM example.
      ofp-util: Rename struct flow_mod to struct ofputil_flow_mod.
      ofp-util: Rename struct flow_stats_request with ofputil_ prefix.
      debian: Avoid installing duplicate files in ovsdbmonitor package.
      ovs-ofctl: Document that all actions are supported now.
      ofp-parse: Fix parsing of register values 2**31 and greater.
      dpif-netdev: Avoid pointlessly maintaining a port count.
      poll-loop: Remove static variable n_waiters.
      connmgr: Remove unused function ofconn_n_pending_opgroups().
      ovs-ofctl: Fix a few formatting typos in manpage.
      ofp-print: Add missing "break".
      odp-util: Fix parsing of Ethertypes 0x8000 and above.
      classifier: Fix typo in comment.
      ofproto-dpif: Delete MAC learning entries when they expire.
      datapath: Remove unneeded { } around single statement.
      Drop spurious 'H' cases from daemon option parsing switch statements.
      doc: Add spaces between commas to avoid overflowing line during formatting.
      ovs.stream: Fix logic bug in Stream.connect().
      ovs.db.data: Fix bugs in Atom.is_default() and Datum.is_default().
      python: Use getattr() and setattr() instead of __dict__.
      python: Join a list of strings instead of concatenating a long string.
      python: Avoid lots of \" in quoted strings by using '' as outermost quotes.
      python: Take advantage of Python "x < y < z" syntax.
      python: Avoid using 'type' as a variable name.
      python: Avoid using 'tuple' as a variable name.
      daemon: Correct comment in Python implementation.
      daemon: Stylistic improvement for __read_pidfile in Python implementation.
      ovsdb-data: Simplify converting an OVSDB datum to JSON by reordering logic.
      ovs.db.idl: Improve error reporting for bad <row-update>s.
      ovs.db.idl: Actually use Idl.__modify_row()'s return value.
      ovs.db.idl: Use top-level class to represent IDL rows.
      ovs.db.parser: Simplify code.
      ovs.db.schema: Factor common checks for identifiers into new function.
      ovs.db.types: Use .append instead of += for adding to lists.
      ovs.db.types: Simplify code to avoid try/except case.
      ovs.db.types: Use toAtomicType() instead of open-coding it.
      ovs.db.types: Introduce DEFAULT_MIN, DEFAULT_MAX as Type class members.
      ovs.fatal_signal: Reorder definitions to be more easily readable.
      ovs.fatal_signal: Remove unnecessary "global" statement.
      ovs.json: Optimize __dump_string().
      ovs.jsonrpc: Remove dead class variable Message.__next_id.
      ovs.jsonrpc: Remove Connection.get_name()--clients can use 'name' directly.
      ovs.jsonrpc: Use "not X" in place of "len(X) == 0" for testing strings.
      ovs.reconnect: Make Reconnect.Reconnect inherit from object.
      ovs.reconnect: Fix typo in documentation.
      ovs.stream: Use %d in place of %ld since the two are equivalent in Python.
      ovs.stream: Drop Stream.get_name() since clients can use 'name' directly.
      ovs.stream: Simplify logic in Stream.wait().
      python: Use enumerate() builtin function to simplify counted iteration.
      docs: Fix some manpage syntax errors found with "groff".
      docs: Add Makefile rule to check syntax of manpages.
      ovs.db.idl: Fix call to ovs.db.parser.Parser constructor.
      ovs.daemon: Add missing 'global' when setting _pidfile_dev, _pidfile_ino.
      ovs.daemon: Fix name of EALREADY error.
      ovs.daemon: Add missing format string argument.
      ovs.db.idl: Fix error message format arguments.
      ovs.json: Use Exception, which exists, instead of Error, which doesn't.
      ovs.jsonrpc: Fix static method Message.__validate_arg reference to 'self'.
      ovs.jsonrpc: Fix static method Session.open() reference to 'self'.
      ovs.ovsuuid: Fix UUID.cInitUUID invocation of re.match with too few params.
      ovs.stream: Remove unused parameter from usage().
      python: Remove unused imports.
      ovs.db.types: Remove write-only variable from constraintsToEnglish().
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Don't abort if syslog is not available.
      netlink-protocol: Move CTRL_ATTR_MCAST definitions for consistency.
      datapath: Allow a packet with no input port to omit OVS_KEY_ATTR_IN_PORT.
      ofproto: Fix documentation for calls to ->rule_destruct().
      ofproto: Document that ->rule_construct() should uninitialize victim rules.
      bridge: Avoid reading uninitialized data in bridge_pick_local_hw_addr().
      netlink-socket: Avoid use-after-free in nl_lookup_genl_mcgroup().
      ofproto-dpif: Fix check for 802.1Q header in commit_odp_actions().
      classifier: Change cls_rule_set_nd_target() to take a pointer.
      packets: Add more utility functions for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
      ofp-util: New functions for parsing and formatting OpenFlow port numbers.
      ofp-util: Further abstract definitions of action properties.
      ofp-parse: Refactor action parsing to improve compiler warnings.
      ofp-util: Add type-safe functions for serializing actions.
      ofp-util: New function for parsing key-value pairs.
      ofproto: Avoid using list_size() to compute length of 'pending' list.
      ofproto: Add 'ofproto' parameter to most flow_mod functions.
      ofproto: Mark some parameters 'const'.
      meta-flow: New library for working with fields by id.
      ofproto-dpif: Add -generate option to ofproto/trace command.
      dpif-netdev: Also allow "dummy" netdevs in a dpif-netdev.
      test-openflowd: Allow specifying port type on --ports option.
      ofproto: Reinterpret meaning of OpenFlow hard timeouts with OFPFC_MODIFY.
      Implement new "learn" action.
      classifier: Move zero_wildcards() to flow.c as public flow_zero_wildcards().
      flow: New function flow_wildcards_is_catchall().
      ofproto-dpif: Introduce an enum for the number of tables.
      ofproto-dpif: Optimize flow revalidation for MAC learning.
      netdev: Allow get_mtu and set_mtu provider functions to be null.
      odp-util: Drop pointless "if" statement.
      ofp-util: Remove obsolete build assertion.
      ofproto: Remove dummy 'in_port' variable.
      rhel: Fix "make distcheck" failure due to regenerating spec files.
      Mark "uninstall-local" targets phony.
      bugtool: Uninstall plugins on "make uninstall".
      bugtool: Remove "ovs-bugtool" upon "make clean", to fix "make distcheck".
      ovs-vsctl: Improve usage message.
      cfm: Delete spurious blank line.
      ovs-brcompatd: Delete ports when netdevs on fake bridges disappear.
      AUTHORS: Add Tyler Coumbes <coumbes at gmail.com>.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix behavior when a subset of VLANs is trunked.
      nicira-ext: Clarify comment.
      ovs-ofctl: Clarify in_port in manpage.
      debian: Correct path to ovs-controller in init script.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix typo in documentation.
      netlink-socket: Fix typo in comment.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Make pychecker-able.
      netlink-socket: Async notifications are incompatible with other operations.
      netdev-linux: Fix broken build on RHEL 6.
      ofp-print: Avoid double space before "actions" for catch-all flows.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Fix typo in comment.
      ovs.db.types: Always initialize ref_type attribute.
      python: Avoid "unused parameter" warnings from pychecker.
      python: Avoid shadowing standard or global names.
      ovs.json: Actually implement the "pretty" option for serialization.
      ovs.json: Remove commented-out debug code.
      tests: Actually run all the Python IDL tests under Python.
      ovsdb-idl: Code style improvements.
      ovs.db.data: Fix Atom.new()'s handling of Boolean values.
      ovs.db.data: Make Datum.check_constraints() work.
      ovs.jsonrpc: Include result in Message.__str__() output.
      tests: Fix typos in C versions of test-ovsdb error messages.
      ovs.ovsuuid: Get rid of ovs.ovsuuid.UUID class.
      python: Change 'clone' function names to 'copy'.
      python: Accept multiple forms of strings and lists when parsing JSON.
      ovs.db.types: Add table reference to ovs.db.types.BaseType.
      python: Implement write support in Python IDL for OVSDB.
      tag: Fix typo in comment.
      bond: Remove spurious blank line.
      json.py: Typo in parsing code.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Add unit test.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Add unit test.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix VLAN and other field handling in OFPP_NORMAL.
      ofproto-dpif: Get rid of OFP_VLAN_NONE pollution.
      ofproto-dpif: Add tests for VLAN handling.
      bitmap: New function to allocate a bitmap initialized to all-1-bits.
      Implement "native VLAN" feature.
      ovs.daemon: Fix semantics of --pidfile option.
      ovs.daemon: Fix bug introduced by "pychecker" warning fixes.
      xenserver: Fix typo in comment in XAPI plugin.
      bridge: Clear out all Interface fields when an interface cannot be created.
      datapath: Avoid use-after-free error in dp_device_event().
      vlog: Accept any case for ANY and PATTERN when setting levels.
      Remove a pair of unnecessary dependencies on datapath-protocol.h.
      flow: Move flow_extract_stats() to dpif.c, as dpif_flow_stats_extract().
      debian: Make python-openvswitch packaging work with squeeze dh_python2.
      test-classifier: Remove write-only variable.
      ofp-parse: Remove write-only variable in parse_ofp_flow_mod_str().
      meta-flow: Fix icmp_code field's wildcard bit.
      vconn: Remove unnecessary forward declarations and #includes from header.
      check-structs: Add check that OFP_ASSERT is checking the right structures.
      vswitchd: Document map members as separate columns
      odp-util: Use nl_parse_nested() to simplify format_odp_sample_action().
      dpif: Avoid use of  "struct ovs_dp_stats" in platform-independent modules.
      debian: Package the installed Python files, not those from the source tree.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Fix use_ssl_cert option implementation.
      vswitch.ovsschema: Mark more CFM columns ephemeral.
      dpif-linux: Don't reset kernel upcall_pids unintentionally.
      cfm: Send properly formatted CCMs.
      ovs-bugtool: Add -s to "ovs-dpctl show" command, to show vport statistics.
      openflow: Delete icmp_type and icmp_code macros.
      dpif-netdev: Simplify code by removing dpif_netdev_validate_actions().
      dpif-netdev: Implement OVS_ACTION_ATTR_SAMPLE action.
      meta-flow: Fix mf_get_value() retrieval of register values.
      vswitchd: Document constraints on keys.
      ovs.db.types: Consistently use commas in formatting large numbers.
      vswitch.xml: Correct CAPWAP minimum Linux kernel version.
      dpif-linux: Use get_32aligned_u64() in an appropriate place.
      dpif-linux: Avoid unaligned accesses to vport stats sent by the datapath.
      datapath: Move Netlink PID for userspace actions from flows to actions.
      datapath: Require explicit upcall_pid for new datapaths and vports.
      datapath-protocol: Remove #include <linux/netlink.h>.
      datapath-protocol: Remove socket header #include.
      datapath-protocol: Rename enums for consistency.
      datapath-protocol: Use Linux kernel types directly.
      datapath-protocol: Rename to <linux/openvswitch.h>.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid bad pointer dereference in execute_odp_actions().
      Fix broken build in XenServer DDK 5.6.100-39265p.
      dpif-linux: Fix build with certain 64-bit kernel/userspace combinations.
      ofproto-dpif: Properly re-translate uninstallable facets in rule_execute().
      ofproto-dpif: Revalidate tagged packets, too, in facet_lookup_valid().
      netlink: New functions for putting attributes at the beginning of a buffer.
      netlink: New macros for the sizes of Netlink attributes.
      ofproto-dpif: Move DHCP in-band control special case into xlate_actions().
      dpif-linux: Only ask datapath to echo back results when they will be used.
      socket-util: New function get_socket_rcvbuf().
      netlink-socket: New function nl_sock_transact_multiple().
      dpif: New function dpif_operate() and dpif-linux implementation.
      ofproto-dpif: Break send_packet_in() into two separate functions.
      ofproto-dpif: Factor controller optimization out of execute_odp_actions().
      ofproto-dpif: Separate facet creation and action translation.
      ofproto-dpif: Batch interacting with the dpif on flow miss operations.
      datapath: Factor out repeated tnl_vport_to_vport() calls.
      datapath: Avoid confusing tunnels that have different types.
      datapath: Simplify tnl_find_port().
      bridge: Forbid '/' in bridge names to prevent arbitrary directory access.
      bond: Demote active-backup WARN to DBG.
      bridge: Allow specially named "unix:" controllers.
      types: Fix endianness check.
      datapath: Reject attempts to change vport type with OVS_VPORT_CMD_SET.
      datapath: Fix tunnel reconfiguration that does not change key data.
      ovsdb: Remove dead Python-related code.
      nx-match: Improve log message for errors parsing NX flow matches.
      learn: Allow read-only fields to be matched.
      learn: Check learn actions after parsing in learn_parse().
      learn: Correct example in nicira-ext.h and add examples as test cases.
      ofproto-dpif: Make OFPAT_ENQUEUE to input port do nothing.
      vlog: Skip reopening a log file if it would have no effect.
      ofp-parse: Validate range of table, priority, and timeout values.
      ofp-util: Avoid misaligned memory access in ofputil_encode_packet_in().
      test-lockfile: Provide better diagnostics on failure.
      ofproto-dpif: Increase recursion limit.
      Implement new fragment handling policy.
      vport-capwap: Fix use-after-free on error path.
      datapath: Use kfree_skb() only on error paths.
      ovs-bugtool: Improve how Open vSwitch log files are saved.
      DESIGN: Document multiple table support.
      ovsdb-tool: Add abbreviated UUIDs to "show-log" even when we have a name.
      ovsdb-tool: Make "show-log" convert raw JSON to easier-to-read syntax.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix htons() that should be ntohs().
      ofproto: Check for overlapping flows only in the target table.
      test-openflowd: Remove.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix uninitialized struct member in xlate_actions().
      datapath: Disallow unknown attributes on OVS_ACTION_ATTR_SAMPLE action.
      ovs-dpctl: Add new "set-if" command.
      datapath: Add multicast tunnel support.
      datapath: Fix wrong indentation.
      datapath: Fully parenthesize ACTION macro.
      datapath: Improve <linux/openvswitch.h> comments.
      Move soexpand.pl into build-aux and make it non-executable.
      Implement automatic dependency generation for manpages.
      Improve manpage checking rule.
      Fix manpage-check on RHEL 5.
      ovsdb-idl: Don't even try to modify synthetic rows, instead of segfaulting.
      ofp-print: Pretty-print payloads in all error messages, except "hello"s.
      ovsdb-idl: Prevent occasional hang when multiple database clients race.
      ofproto: Add OFPC_QUEUE_STATS to switch feature reply.
      netdev-vport: Again allow "tap" devices to be added to bridges.
      AUTHORS: Add Edward Tomasz Napierała.
      openvswitch.h: Add missing words in comment.
      ofp-util: New function ofputil_decode_msg_type_partial().
      ofproto: Consistently log OpenFlow error replies.
      ofproto: Issue OpenFlow error for bad table IDs.
      ofproto: Add error code for bad role.
      ofproto: Reject invalid input ports in OFPT_PACKET_OUT requests.
      stream: Fix uninitialized values in stream_init().
      datapath: Fix indentation in pop_vlan().
      debian: Install ovs-vswitchd.conf.db(5) manpage.
      bond: Only drop packets that indicate moves on SLB bonds.
      debian: Fix build failure installing ovs-vswitchd.conf.db(5) manpage.
      debian: Strip epoch from version number used in directory names.
      openvswitch.h: Improve comments.
      odp-util: New function ovs_key_attr_to_string().
      odp-util: Trigger warning for unhandled attrs in format_odp_key_attr().
      odp-util: Adjust style.
      odp-util: Use ovs_key_attr_to_string() names in format_odp_key_attr().
      netlink: New macro NL_POLICY_FOR.
      netlink: Use NL_ATTR_FOR_EACH in nl_policy_parse().
      netlink: Refactor and simplify nl_policy_parse().
      ovs-ofctl: Document behavior when table=255 is specified.
      docs: Always build ovs-vswitchd.conf.db.5 in srcdir.
      datapath: Rearrange ovs_key_lens.
      openvswitch.h: Change OVS_KEY_ATTR_TUN_ID from 100 to 63.
      datapath: Allow flow key Netlink attributes to appear in any order.
      datapath: Describe policy for extending flow key, implement needed changes.
      datapath: Don't drop packets with partial vlan tags.
      datapath: Properly validate length of OVS_KEY_ATTR_ENCAP attributes.
      odp-util: Reorder OVS_KEY_ATTR_* cases for consistency.
      ofproto-dpif: Do not output RSPAN packets to SPAN ports.
      ofproto-dpif: Remove duplicate VLAN logic.
      ofproto-dpif: Make compose_mirror_dsts() harder to screw up.
      ofproto-dpif: Improve RSPAN translation performance from O(n**2) to O(n).
      flow: Rename flow_compare() to flow_compare_3way().
      shash: New function shash_find_len().
      odp-util: Code formatting improvements.
      odp-util: New function factored out of put_userspace_action().
      odp-util: Add support for named ports to odp_flow_key_from_string().
      odp-util: New function odp_actions_from_string().
      tests: Rewrite code for comparing sets of ODP actions.
      ofproto-dpif: Get rid of "struct dst".
      Implement a new port setting "other-config:priority-tags".
      meta-flow: Split ICMP into ICMPv4 and ICMPv6.
      flow: New functions for setting a VLAN VID or PCP value.
      nx-match: Fold all of its data structures into mf_field.
      bridge: Avoid reading other_config columns with ovsdb_idl_get().
      ofproto: Add "const" to ->rule_execute's "flow" parameter.
      bridge: Fix incorrect comments.
      ofproto-dpif: Factor NetFlow active timeouts out of flow expiration.
      ofproto-dpif: Support differing user/kernel packet parsing support.
      vswitchd: Remove special case for VLAN devices.
      netdev: Remove netdev_get_vlan_vid().
      netdev-linux: Reorganize slightly.
      vlandev: New library for working with Linux VLAN devices.
      vlan-bitmap: New function vlan_bitmap_from_array__().
      packets: New function eth_pop_vlan(), formerly dp_netdev_pop_vlan().
      ovsdb-idl: Add assertion for synthetic records in ovsdb_idl_read().
      ofproto-dpif: Simplify invocation of send_packet().
      ofproto-dpif: Move ODP actions from facets to subfacets.
      ofproto-dpif: Separately track the initial VLAN TCI of arriving packets.
      Implement new "VLAN splinters" feature.
      dpif-linux: Remove poll_fd_woke() optimization from dpif_linux_recv().
      Revert "poll-loop: Enable checking whether a FD caused a wakeup."
      dpif-linux: Use poll() internally in dpif_linux_recv().
      dpif-linux: Use "epoll" instead of poll().
      ofproto-dpif: Process multiple batches of upcalls in a single poll loop.
      ofproto: Add "fast path".
      netlink-socket: Let the kernel choose Netlink pids for us.
      daemon: Better log when fork child dies early from signals.
      ovsdb: Correctly implement conditions that include multiple clauses.
      bridge: Configure datapath ID earlier.
      ovs-ofctl: Improve usage message.
      learn: Avoid 1-byte buffer underrun in learn_format().
      INSTALL.XenServer: Update instructions.
      ovs-vlan-bugs: Document driver bug with priority tagged packets.
      netdev-linux: Ref and unref the netdev_linux_cache_notifier for taps too.
      nicira-ext: Improve comment.
      socket-util: Correctly return negative values for errors.
      AUTHORS: Add Chris Wright.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix misspelling in manpage.
      lacp: Avoid valgrind warning in lacp_configure() if custom timing not used.
      bridge: Avoid use-after-free with VLAN splinters and multiple bridges.
      debian: Correct licensing information for user/kernel shared header files.
      debian: Add sFlow license information and text to copyright.in.
      debian: Consistently use American spelling of "license" in copyright.in.
      bridge: Enable support for access and native VLAN ports on bonds.
      dpif-linux: Avoid valgrind warning in epoll_ctl() call.
      SubmittingPatches: Suggest parentheses for commit subjects.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid segfault for ports with bundles in add_mirror_actions().
      dpif-netdev: Correctly report types of dummy netdevs.
      ofproto-dpif: Flush MACs for deleted ports from every bridge.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix use-after-free for OFPP_CONTROLLER flows.
      ofproto-dpif: Include datapath flow misses in flow statistics.
      netdev-linux: Translate errno value to name in log message.
      netdev-linux: Report error for truncated packets on receive.
      socket-util: Don't try to listen to a UDP socket.
      unixctl: Implement quoting.
      packets: New function eth_from_hex().
      netdev-dummy: Allow injecting traffic.
      poll-loop: Track the poll timeout as an absolute, not a relative time.
      timeval: Add ability to fast-forward time, for unit testing.
      flow: Make flow_compose() fake packets slightly more realistic.
      tests: Update ovs-vswitchd log messages to ignore.
      tests: Add expected output parameter to OVS_VSWITCHD_START.
      netflow: Move packet definitions to header file.
      netflow: Add basic unit tests.
      Add release date for 1.3.0.
      vswitchd: Document what changes to the database flush the flow table.
      NEWS: Fix typo in entry for 1.3.0.
      flow: Rename 'priority' to 'skb_priority'.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix bug in VLAN splinters.
      bundle: Fix returned error code in one bundle_check() corner case.
      ofproto-dpif: Omit "execute" operation entirely when there are no actions.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix GCC warning.
      unixctl: Improve readability of "help" output for long command names.
      vswitchd: Also consider access port VLANs as "in use" for VLAN splinters.
      AUTHORS: Add Dominic Curran <dominic.curran at citrix.com>.
      AUTHORS: Move Rob Hoes to list of commit contributors.
      ofproto: Fix detection of in-use VLANs based on the flow table.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix nondeterministic flow revalidation behavior.
      tests: Fix bug in NetFlow test case.
      ovs-benchmark: Improve output format for "rate" command.
      ofproto-dpif: Keep subfacets longer to avoid assert-fail in facet_account().
      debian: Ignore temporary files for openvswitch-test package too.
      debian: Look in /lib/modules instead of /usr/src for DKMS kernel sources.
      ovsdb-data: Short-circuit ovsdb_datum_includes_all() in trivial case.
      ovs-vsctl: Add set relational operators to "find" command.
      NEWS: Fix typo.
      datapath: Fix multipart datapath dumps.
      ovsdb-tool: Use typical db and schema install locations as defaults.
      SubmittingPatches: Fix typo.
      nicira-ext: Rename "struct nxt_*" to "struct nx_*".
      ofp-util: Extend message decoding data structures with version field.
      dpif-netdev: Make port numbers predictable for dummy dpif, for unit tests.
      Better abstract OpenFlow error codes.
      multipath: Correctly calculate number of required destination bits.
      dpif: Simplify the "listen mask" concept.
      netdev-dummy: Fix use-after-free error.
      ovs-vsctl: Document a pitfall of the syntax for maps.
      ofproto-dpif: Remove many redundant "struct ofproto_dpif *" parameters.
      ofproto-dpif: Implement self-check of flow translations.
      ovs-vsctl: Add example of creating a GRE tunnel to manpage.
      ofproto-dpif: Restore optimization for no-actions case (without leak).
      dpif: Factor 'type' and 'error' out of individual dpif_op members.
      dpif: Change provider interface to consistently use operation structs.
      dpif: Log each operation in dpif_operate().
      ovs-ctl: Do not load brcompat_mod if the bridge module is already loaded.
      datapath: Enforce mutual exclusion between bridge and brcompat_mod.
      dummy: Make --enable-dummy=override replace all dpifs, netdevs by dummies.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix "ofproto/trace" command.
      ofproto-dpif: Rate-limit all messages output by facet_check_consistency().
      ofproto-dpif: Revalidate flows after "fdb/flush".
      xenserver: Synchronize scripts with XenServer 6.0.0.
      xenserver: Only replace XenServer hosts scripts that we recognize.
      INSTALL.XenServer: spelling fix.
      xenserver/README: Remove bad instructions.
      openvswitch-xen.spec: Avoid warning if build_number not defined.
      debian: Delete log files correctly when packages are purged.
      tests: Fix broken interface-reconfigure tests.
      ovs-ctl: Restore ability to create 256 bridges.
      nicira-ext: Remove duplicative error codes.
      ofproto: Fix typo in handle_nxt_set_packet_in_format().
      ovs-ofctl: Fix typo in comment.
      odp-util: Describe invalid keys and actions in more detail.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix "snoop" command.
      table: Avoid segmentation fault when printing an empty cell in JSON format.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix use-after-free error in handle_miss_upcalls().
      sflow_agent: Use snprintf() in place of sprintf().
      Add a few 'const's.
      util: Move bitwise_copy() here, add new bitwise functions, add a test.
      util: New function bitwise_zero().
      meta-flow: New "subfield" data structure.
      timeval: New function time_boot_msec(), factored out of vlog.
      ofproto: Encapsulate classifier tables in new "struct oftable".
      ofproto: Make ofproto ->construct() function initialize tables.
      ofproto: Implement "hidden" and "readonly" OpenFlow tables.
      ofproto: Remove unnecessary assignment from ofoperation_complete().
      ofproto: Make ofproto_rule_destroy__() do nothing for a null argument.
      ofproto: Move 'used' from ofproto_dpif into ofproto.
      heap: New library that implements a binary heap-based priority queue.
      ofproto-dpif: Track the rule being translated during flow translation.
      Add support for limiting the number of flows in an OpenFlow flow table.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix typo in manpage.
      mac-learning: Increase MAC learning timeout to 300 seconds.
      vswitchd: Make the MAC entry aging time configurable.
      hash: Convert macros to inline functions.
      vswitch.xml: More readably indent one section.
      ovs-ofctl: Update usage message.
      tests: Run ovs-ofctl under valgrind too, with the "check-valgrind" target.
      nicira-ext: Add size check for struct nx_role_request.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Always set iface-id, not just when xs-vif-uuid changes.
      ovsdb-client: Improve manpage.
      ovsdb-client: Add optional timestamps to "monitor" command output.
      daemon: New function daemon_save_fd() to preserve fds across detach.
      tests: Reduce risk of port collision and remove bash dependency.
      flow: Add a couple of missing build assertions on FLOW_WC_SEQ.
      nx-match: Factor redundant code out of nx_put_match().
      Add support for bitwise matching on TCP and UDP ports.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix typos in manpage.
      rhel: Simplify ifup-ovs script use of "case".
      ovs-ofctl: Fix minor memory leaks.
      xenserver: Simplify RPM build instructions.
      debian: Don't install Python modules for obsolete Python versions.
      xenserver: Remove dead code from ovs-xapi-sync.
      coverage: Time out the coverage hash suppression once a day.
      ofp-print: Merge two cases in ofp_to_string__().
      ofproto-dpif: Update last-used time of initial rule in handle_flow_miss().
      tests: Use ofctl_strip consistently.
      Add information about time left before timeouts to flow dumps.
      ofp-print: Fix up doubled "break;".
      ovsdb-client: Fix typo in manpage.
      ofproto: Allow service controllers to become masters and slaves.
      DESIGN: Document the properties of flow_mods.
      ovs-ofctl: Allow priority and timeout to be specified on mod-flows.
      connmgr: Do not persist OpenFlow settings from one session to another.
      ofp-util: Add struct ofputil_packet_out, helper functions, and use it all.
      Add support for parsing and printing OFPFF_* flags.
      ovs-ofctl: Add "packet-out" command.
      ovs-ofctl: New "ofctl/send" unixctl command.
      ovs-ofctl: New "ofctl/set-output-file" unixctl command.
      ofp-util: New function ofputil_encode_barrier_request().
      ovs-ofctl: New "ofctl/barrier" unixctl command.
      ofproto: Implement OpenFlow extension to allow control over async messages.
      vswitchd: Add "enable-async-messages" setting for controllers.
      debian: Fix dependencies for openvswitch-datapath-dkms package.
      debian: Do not run "make" if "configure" fails during DKMS build.
      debian: Use provided kernel source dir instead of host kernel version.
      netdev-linux: Factor out duplicate ifi_flags update code.
      packets: New function packet_get_tcp_flags(), factored out of dpif.
      Implement new "fin_timeout" action and "learn" feature.
      vswitchd: Remove never-implemented table and column for capabilities.
      vswitchd: Always configure a default queue for QoS.
      configure: Try to extract kernel source directory from build Makefile.
      docs: Consistently format each form of an option on a separate line.
      vlog: Be more liberal in syntax for -v and vlog/set.
      ovs-ofctl: Add --timestamp option to print time for each received packet.
      nlmon: Also print ifinfomsg flags.
      ofproto-dpif: Allow OpenFlow rules that have facets to expire.
      jsonrpc: Make jsonrpc_error() internal.
      jsonrpc: Document some functions.
      dynamic-string: Document a few functions.
      ofp-util: New functions for string versions of ofp_packet_in_reason.
      Add ability to direct "packet-in"s to particular controllers.
      dpif-linux: Make dpif_linux_port_query_by_name() query only one datapath.
      debian: Fix exit status of openvswitch-switch init script "status" command.
      timeval: Add "time/stop" unixctl command, for use in unit tests.
      bridge: Drop log message when a QoS record lacks a default queue.
      debian: Move PKI directory to FHS-compliant location.
      xenserver: Fix rule for generating xenserver/openvswitch-xen.spec.
      netdev: Fix typo in error message.
      connmgr: Make "enable-async-messages" work for primary controllers too.
      bridge: Remove unwanted ports at time of ofproto creation.
      vswitchd: Document behavior of 802.1p priorities with VLAN splinters.
      ovs-ofctl: Avoid segfault upon receive error for "monitor", "snoop".
      ofp-print: Remove unused function ofp_message_type_to_string().
      Introduce ofputil_protocol, to abstract the protocol in use on a connection.
      Move content of openflow.h into openflow-1.0.h.
      Begin breaking openflow-1.0.h into common and version-specific definitions.
      ofp-print: Print OpenFlow version number of message, unless it's 1.0.
      ofp-util: Add functions for working with OpenFlow 1.1 port numbers.
      Break OFPT_* constants into common value and 1.0- and 1.1-specific values.
      ofp-util: Don't decode some OF1.1 messages as OF1.0 stats messages.
      netdev: Abstract "features" interface away from OpenFlow 1.0.
      openflow: Split OFPAT_* into OFPAT10_* and OFPAT11_*.
      Abstract everything that uses ofp_phy_port, add OF1.1 support.
      datapath: Honor dp_ifindex, when specified, for vport lookup by name.
      tests: Convert interface-reconfigure macros to shell functions.
      tests: Convert OVS_WAIT_* macros to shell functions.
      tests: Convert *_SCHEMA macros to shell functions.
      ovs-ofctl: Make "barrier" output reproducible for testing.
      netdev-linux: Fix build failure with old kernel headers.
      python socket_util: Don't try to unbind None bind_path.
      python socket_util: Use correct fatal_signal function on error path.
      socket-util: Unlink Unix domain sockets that bind but fail to connect.
      stream-unix: Do not bind a name for client sockets.
      tests: Suppress "role reply" that can appear in async message test.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Rerun processing when a db update arrives during a commit.
      netdev-linux: Use "read", not "recv", for tap devices.
      debian: Fix Debian build of modules via module-assistant.
      ovs-pki: Implement --version option.
      tests: Fix "make check" as non-root.
      debian: Avoid unit test failure when doing "unofficial" builds.
      ovsdb-doc: Put NAME section into generated manpage.
      ovsdb-doc: Convert '-' preceding a number as a minus sign, not a hyphen.
      ovsdb-doc: Use minus sign in negative numbers in nroff output.
      python: Fix "make distcheck" error on version.py.
      openflow: Properly clean out stamp files on "make clean".
      ofproto: Fix code that keeps track of MTU.
      tests: Skip "strings at least 2 characters long" test for narrow Python.
      Use `pwd` in place of $PWD, treewide.
      ofproto-dpif: Add comments for a few VLAN splinters functions.
      ofp-util: Fix typo in comment.
      connmgr: Drop 'flow' parameter from connmgr_send_packet_in().
      ofproto: connmgr_send_packet_in() doesn't need buffer_id and total_len.
      fail-open: Use connmgr_send_packet_in() instead of connmgr_broadcast().
      connmgr: Remove now-unused function connmgr_broadcast().
      meta-flow: Don't dereference NULL sf->field in mf_format_subfield().
      netlink-socket: Increase Netlink socket receive buffer size.
      debian: Use a different way to avoid failing install without kernel module.
      configure: Remove --with-build-number.
      netdev-linux: Fix use-after-free when netdev_dump_queues() deletes queues.
      ovs-vsctl: Allow "fake bridges" to be created for VLAN 0.
      learn: Initialize cookie_mask in constructed flow_mod.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix return type of rule_calculate_tag().
      hmap: New function hmap_contains().
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid segfault deleting facets that execute LEARN actions.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix tag caching for learned flows.
      xenserver: Recognize XenServer 5.6-SP2 scripts in RPM %post.
      debian: Fix log rotation.
      ovsdb-idlc: Fix memory leak in "optional bool" columns.
      treewide: Convert tabs to spaces in C source files written in OVS style.
      unixctl: Fix bad log message on error path.
      DESIGN: Fix alignment in table.
      extract-ofp-errors: Fix error message.
      ofp-errors: Rename "OF" to "OF1.0+", "NX" to "NX1.0+".
      ofp-errors: Use OF1.1+ in place of OF1.1 throughout.
      dpif-netdev: Correct type of struct dp_netdev_flow's 'tcp_flags' member.
      Avoid possibly including an old vswitch-idl.h.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix memory leak writing synthetic rows in ovsdb_idl_txn_write().
      Fix minor memory leaks found by valgrind.
      tests: Suppress valgrind error reports from glibc timer_create() function.
      tests: Gracefully shut down ovsdb-server, to avoid valgrind leak warnings.
      Rearrange structures to better fit valgrind's memory leak heuristics.
      check-structs: Disallow uint<N>_t because ovs_be<N> should always be used.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Use same pattern as ovs-xapi-sync.
      ovsdb-idl: Simplify transaction retry.
      ovsdb-idl: Improve ovsdb_idl_txn_increment() interface.
      ovsdb-idl: Improve documentation.
      util: New function bitwise_one().
      util: New function bitwise_is_all_zeros().
      meta-flow: New functions for reading and writing generalized subfields.
      learn: Fix bugs when learn actions use subfields wider than 64 bits.
      learn: Make it possible to parse "load" actions wider than 64 bits.
      ofproto-dpif: Keep subfacet "used" times more up-to-date.
      ofproto-dpif: Drop unneeded _SAFE from iteration in handle_flow_miss().
      ofproto-dpif: Batch flow uninstallations due to expiration.
      dpif: Include TCP flags in "ovs-dpctl dump-flows" output.
      netlink-socket: Avoid forcing a reply for final message in a transaction.
      ofproto-dpif: Don't do an extra flow translation when removing facets.
      ofpbuf: New functions ofpbuf_use_stub() and ofpbuf_get_uninit_pointer().
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid malloc() in common cases for xlate_actions().
      dpif-linux: Avoid malloc() in dpif_linux_operate().
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid computing flow hash multiple times.
      netlink: Postpone choosing sequence numbers until send time.
      netlink-socket: Remove unnecessary #include.
      netlink-socket: Make caller provide message receive buffers.
      ofproto-dpif: Move definition of "struct subfacet" earlier.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid malloc() in common case for allocating subfacets.
      dpif: Make caller of dpif_recv() provide buffer space.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid malloc() of "struct flow_miss".
      hash: Speed up hash_bytes().
      mac-learning: Speed up mac_table_hash().
      classifier: Optimize search of "catchall" table.
      ofproto-dpif: Make it easier to credit statistics for resubmits.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid malloc() in common case for "execute" operations.
      ofproto-dpif: Implement "flow setup governor" to speed up many short flows.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid calling get_ofp_port() twice in xlate_normal().
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid extra flow copy in xlate_actions() if no mirrors.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid extra flow copy in xlate_actions() for unneeded warnings.
      ovs-vsctl: Verify correct record in cmd_get_fail_mode() for VLAN bridges.
      ovs-vsctl: Verify VLAN bridge controllers in cmd_get_controller().
      ovs-vsctl: Merge struct vsctl_info into struct vsctl_context.
      ovs-vsctl: Remove 'fail_mode' member from struct vsctl_bridge.
      ovs-vsctl: Remove 'ctrl', 'n_ctrl' from struct vsctl_bridge.
      ovs-vsctl: Speed up port management operations with many ports.
      vswitchd: Make "cfm_fault_status" column ephemeral.
      vswitchd: Make "cfm_health" column ephemeral.
      ofproto: Fix use-after-free error when ports disappear.
      tests: Avoid daemon race between pidfile creation and parent notification.
      tests: Generalize 'sed' calls in MAC learning test to more than one digit.
      DESIGN: Describe principles of in-band control.
      vswitch.xml: Document Interface external-ids:iface-status.
      vswitchd: Report actual port number, not -1, in "added interface" message.
      vswitchd: Push ofproto_port declaration down to inner blocks.
      vswitchd: Drop 'need_refresh' member from struct iface.
      vswitchd: Refactor iface_refresh_type() into iface_get_type().
      vswitchd: Factor code to configure netdevs out of iface_create().
      vswitchd: Make iface_create() return an indication of success.
      vswitchd: Make reconfiguration update port configuration again.
      vswitchd: Clean up iface_create().
      Fix memory leaks.
      jsonrpc: Keep jsonrpc_recv() from taking over the CPU.
      json: Correct position tracking in JSON parser implementations.
      cfm: Log fault status changes more informatively.
      timeval: Rate-limit logging rusage information.
      coverage: Rate-limit logging coverage information.
      coverage: Make ovs-appctl command more useful and less alarming.
      meta-flow: Correctly set destination MAC in mf_set_flow_value().
      debian: Install ovs-bugtool scripts by wildcard to openvswitch-common.
      ovs-bugtool: Add "ovs-appctl coverage/show" output to bugtool.
      ovs-bugtool: Add "ovs-vsctl show" output to bugtool.
      cfm: Avoid constructing log message that will be dropped by rate-limiting.
      INSTALL.Linux: Document use of "sparse" with Open vSwitch.
      connmgr: Log when controllers are added and removed.
      netdev: Document use for get_etheraddr member of struct netdev_class.
      ovs-appctl: Point to individual daemon manpages in docs.
      vswitch.xml: Document more details of CFM intervals.
      ovs-ofctl: Document importance of priorities.
      ofp-print: Add some more white space to flow dumps.
      ovs-ofctl: Document padding in "note" actions.
      tests: Fix typo in comment.
      ovs-ctl: Make "force-reload-kmod" warn when DHCP clients must be restarted.
      DESIGN: Document uses for flow cookies.
      debian: Synchronize debian/changelog with downstream Debian changelog.
      ofproto-dpif: Factor out VLAN splinter flow adjustment into new function.
      ofp-util: Avoid ovs_fatal() in ofputil_parse_key_value().
      ofp-parse: New function parse_ofp_exact_flow().
      ofproto-dpif: Accept OpenFlow-like flows in "ofproto/trace".
      ofp-util: Treat a packet-out in_port of OFPP_CONTROLLER as OFPP_NONE.
      ofproto: Don't limit flows in OpenFlow tables by default.
      ofproto-dpif: Minor style fix.
      odp-util: Fix typo in comment.
      odp-util: Use switch for checking values of an enum.
      ofproto-dpif: Clean up and centralize sFlow logic.
      odp-util: Change user_action_cookie from struct to union.
      ofproto-dpif: Factor parts of update_stats() out into separate functions.
      ofproto-dpif: Move code closer to left margin in facet_check_consistency().
      ofproto-dpif: Introduce "internal flows" for handling flow table misses.
      ofproto-dpif: Introduce "slow path" datapath flows.
      ofproto-dpif: Segregate CFM, LACP, and STP traffic into separate queues.
      Fix "make distcheck" failure since we weren't cleaning up a generated file.
      odp-util: Fix parsing of actions encapsulated within "sample" actions.
      dynamic-string: New function ds_get_test_line().
      odp-util: Add tests for parsing and formatting ODP actions.
      cfm: Avoid null pointer dereference in cfm_process_heartbeat().
      ofproto: Remove write-only variable.
      Avoid assigning the same value to a variable back-to-back.
      Avoid writes to variables that are never read back.
      ovs-ofctl: Avoid impossible check for !osm in fetch_port_by_stats().
      ofp-parse: Mark ofp_fatal() as never returning.
      ovs-dpctl: Remove obsolete documentation of limit on number of datapaths.
      ovs-vswitchd: Document some limits.
      docs: Fix bad troff markup.
      ofp-util: Match on NXAST_CONTROLLER as an output to OFPP_CONTROLLER.
      fatal-signal: Log when terminating due to a fatal signal.
      Makefile.am: Remove -export-dynamic.
      vswitch.xml: Suggest secure fail-mode to avoid loops with multiple uplinks.
      daemon: Add comment.
      vswitch.xml: Describe current default fail_mode.
      PORTING: Add hint to adjust the default fail-mode, for hardware ports.
      Fix typo in "PYTHONPATH".
      Use PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE=yes for invoking Python for build or test.
      tests: Fix Emacs syntax highlighting in vlog.at.
      python: Break unixctl implementation into registry, client, and server.
      python: Implement "vlog/reopen" unixctl command in Python vlog.
      python: Implement "vlog/set", "vlog/list" unixctl commands in Python vlog.
      vlog: Take advantage of relaxed "-v" syntax through the tree.
      Properly reopen python daemon log files after rotation.
      simap: New data structure for string-to-integer maps.
      Add support for tracking and logging daemon memory usage.
      ofproto-dpif-governor: Fix bug in log message.
      ovs-ofctl: Support all OFPPC_* flags in "mod-port" command.
      NEWS: Fix up version for "mod-port" item.
      odp-util: Update ODPUTIL_FLOW_KEY_BYTES for current kernel flow format.
      poll-loop: More strictly rate-limit high CPU use logging.
      dpif-linux: Avoid pessimal behavior when kernel-to-user buffers overflow.
      dpif-linux: Slightly refactor internal data structures.
      dpif-linux: Log details when a packet is lost.
      dpif-netdev: Fix use-after-free in dpif_netdev_recv.
      ofproto: Update comment.
      Add a FAQ.
      FAQ: Mention high CPU usage as symptom of looping the network.
      openflow-1.1.h: Fix OFPFW11_* definitions.
      openflow-1.0: Rename ofp_match to ofp10_match, OFPFW_* to OFPFW10_*.
      packets: Define IPPROTO_SCTP if not provided by <netinet/in.h>.
      packets: Add ETH_TYPE_MPLS and ETH_TYPE_MPLS_MCAST.
      ofp-util: Implement translation to and from OpenFlow 1.1 ofp_match.
      Allow general masking of IPv4 addresses rather than just CIDR masks.
      Allow general masking of IPv6 addresses rather than just CIDR masks.
      ofp-util: Remove unused functions make_add_simple_flow(), make_del_flow().
      openflow-1.0.h: Clarify meaning of nw_tos in struct ofp_action_nw_tos.
      ofp-util: Improve return type of ofputil_decode_packet_in().
      vlog: Avoid use-after-free in corner case.
      tests: Add $(check_DATA) to check-valgrind dependencies.
      ofproto: Remove member whose value is always -1 from struct ofoperation.
      ovs-ctl: Document --ovs-brcompatd-priority.
      ovs-ctl: Add support for running daemons under valgrind or strace.
      debian: Enable passing extra options to ovs-ctl from init scripts.
      xenserver, rhel: Enable extra ovs-ctl options from init scripts.
      debian: Make DKMS automatically build for running kernel.
      Revert DSCP update changes.
      ofproto-dpif-governor: Wake up only when there is genuinely work to do.
      ovs-lib: Add time stamps to Valgrind log messages.
      docs: Add references to the database schema documentation.
      pinsched: Completely fill the token bucket at initialization.
      sat-math: Introduce macro version of SAT_MUL.
      token-bucket: New library for generic rate-limiting.
      ofproto: Periodically log a summary of flow table changes.
      netdev-linux: Break ethtool coverage counter into "get" and "set" versions.
      ofproto-dpif: Remove unused coverage counters.
      ofproto-dpif: Add coverage counters for facet revalidation.
      odp-util: Include <config.h> first.
      dpif-linux: Zero 'stats' outputs of dpif_operate() ops on failure.
      ofp-util: Avoid use-after-free in ofputil_encode_flow_mod().
      ofproto-dpif-governor: Improve performance when most flows get set up.
      SubmittingPatches: Correct mailing list to use for sending patches.
      meta-flow: Accept NXM and OXM field names, support NXM and OXM for output.
      nicira-ext: Fix typo in comment.
      tests: Fix MockXenAPI to make the ovs-xapi-sync test case pass again.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix handling of unexpected replies in dump_stats_transaction().
      ofproto: Report nonexistent ports and queues as errors in queue stats.
      openflow: Move enums for "packet_out" and "flow_mod" to common header.
      ovs-vswitchd: Call mlockall() from the daemon, not the parent or monitor.
      Use UTC consistently instead of local timezone.
      python: Call 'wait' methods correctly in jsonrpc and stream code.
      ofp-util: Add OFPUTIL_ACTION_INVALID to enum ofputil_action_code.
      Introduce ofpacts, an abstraction of OpenFlow actions.
      ofp-actions: Add decoding and encoding OF1.1 instructions and actions.
      ovs-brcompatd: Fix sending replies to kernel requests.
      nx-match: Drop NXM_MAX_LEN.
      ofp-util: Add comment to ofputil_postappend_stats_reply().
      ovs-check-dead-ifs: Tolerate processes that disappear during run.
      ofproto: Always include ofproto name in log messages.
      ovs-vswitchd: Log datapath ID in a more user-friendly way.
      ofproto: Fix typos in comments.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix typos in manpage.
      nicira-ext: Fix wrong information in comment.
      ofproto: Make ofoperation_create() return the new operation.
      debian: Add "netbase" dependency for /etc/protocols.
      debian: Remove obsolete advice to edit /etc/default/openvswitch-switch.
      datapath: Check gso_type for correct sk_buff in queue_gso_packets().
      FAQ: Add FAQ entry about flow normalization.
      ofp-actions: Add hex dump of bad actions to log message on error.
      FAQ: Add FAQ entry for determining OpenFlow port numbers.
      cfm: Always initialize CCM "internal_ms_x" extension field.
      FAQ: Patch ports are not targeted for upstream.
      ovs-vsctl: Correct example for removing a mirror.
      ofp-util: Reload ofpbuf pointers after nx_put_match().
      ovs-ofctl: Use the prepared connection to dump flows in do_dump_flows__().
      ovs-ofctl: Factor code out of read_flows_from_switch().
      ovs-ofctl: Add --sort and --rsort options for "dump-flows" command.
      ofp-print: Print out_port field in "flow_mod"s.
      ofproto: Mark some function parameters const.
      ofproto: Finalize all ofoperations in a given ofgroup at the same time.
      classifier: New function cls_rule_is_loose_match().
      ofp-print: Slightly extend ofp_print_bit_names().
      ofp-util: Make put_stats__() public as ofputil_put_stats_header().
      Add OFPRR_EVICTION to enum ofp_flow_removed_reason.
      rconn: Add byte counting feature to rconn_packet_counter.
      ofproto: Revert change in flow cookie when an ofoperation fails.
      ofproto: Represent flow cookie changes as operations too.
      ofproto: Add extra comments and checking for expiring a pending rule.
      ofproto: New feature to notify controllers of flow table changes.
      ovs-ofctl: Avoid use-after-free upon "ofctl/unblock" when connection dies.
      memory: Document the memory/show unixctl command.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix use-after-free error.
      ofp-actions: Improve comments.
      ofp-actions: Improve action error logging a bit more.
      ofp-util: Wildcard VLAN PCP in OF1.0 matches when 802.1Q not present.
      tests: Add detailed test for OF1.0 match decoding and encoding.
      INSTALL.userspace: Explain how and why to use iptables to drop packets.
      ofproto-dpif: Make OFPP_TABLE always resubmit to table 0.
      debian: Do not change iptables rules by default.
      socket-util: Remove 'passcred' parameter from make_unix_socket().
      socket-util: New function xset_nonblocking().
      socket-util: Add functions for sending fds over Unix domain sockets.
      util: Introduce "subprogram_name" to identify subprocesses and threads.
      daemon: Factor out code into new function fork_and_wait_for_startup().
      daemon: Factor out code into new function daemonize_post_detach().
      vlog: Add VLOG_ABORT() to log and call abort().
      worker: New library for breaking a daemon into multiple processes.
      vlog: Use system calls instead of stdio to write log files.
      vlog: Use worker process to write to log file.
      smap: New functions smap_from_json(), smap_to_json().
      smap: New function smap_steal().
      system-stats: Use "smap" instead of "shash".
      system-stats: Run as part of worker process.
      nx-match: Succeed pulling 0-byte nx-match from NULL buffer.
      nx-match: Improve log message in nx_entry_ok().
      tests: Avoid hash order sensitivity in "ofproto - flow monitoring" test.
      meta-flow: Fix mf_get_mask() bug for IPv6 flow label.
      tests: Add more tests for VLAN match encoding and decoding.
      netdev-vport: Warn about invalid TOS.
      ofp-print: Print the type of truncated messages, when available.
      tests: Remove daemon tests that have been skipped forever.
      tests: Remove bit-rotted support for "lcov".
      debian: Remove controller keys on openvswitch-controller package purge.
      flow: Rename flow_set_vlan_vid() to flow_set_dl_vlan().
      meta-flow: Add OF1.2-like MFF_VLAN_VID and MFF_VLAN_PCP.
      ovs-ofctl: Avoid printing false differences on "ovs-ofctl diff-flows".
      vswitch.xml: Fix typo in documentation.
      Fix race condition in parallel execution of "make install".
      ofproto-dpif: Add more details to "ofproto/trace" output.
      meta-flow: Fix "sparse" warning in mf_are_prereqs_ok().
      Makefile: Mark dist-hook-git and rate-limit-check as phony rules.
      configure: Fix check for GNU make $(if) extension.
      Makefiles: Enable "dist-hook-git" check only when GNU make is in use.
      packets: First-hop router redundancy protocol MAC addresses are not BPDUs.
      FAQ: Add another question about VLAN interaction with controllers.
      ovs-ctl: Start the rest of Open vSwitch if loading brcompat module fails.
      ofp-msgs: New approach to encoding and decoding OpenFlow headers.
      nicira-ext: Drop nx_aggregate_stats_reply structure.
      openflow: Rename OpenFlow 1.0 statistics messages with "10" infix.
      openflow: Separate OF1.0, OF1.1 flow_mod constants and types.
      ofp-util: Work on decoding OF1.1 flow_mods.
      test-vconn: Block in three cases where a race is visible on FreeBSD.
      test-vconn: Also accept EPIPE for TCP connection failures.
      lockfile: Fix hang locking through a dangling symlink.
      ovsdb: Make "ovsdb-tool create" work through a dangling symlink.
      Make the location of the database separately configurable.
      tests: Slightly generalize utility function tests.
      util: New function follow_symlinks().
      lockfile: Be more forgiving about lockfiles for symlinks.
      ovsdb: Do not replace symlinks by regular files during compaction.
      dirs: dbdir default must be based on sysconfdir.
      ofproto: Avoid sensitivity to hash order in flow monitor pause/resume test.
      flow: Correctly consider nw_frag_mask in some flow_wildcards_*() functions.
      flow: Remove superfluous casts.
      ofproto-dpif: Remove superfluous cast.
      test-sha1: Remove unneeded casts.
      util: New macro CONST_CAST.
      ofp-util: Fix typo in comment.
      ofp-util: Remove extra blank line.
      FAQ: Add an introduction to VLANs.
      ofp-msgs: ofpmp_reserve() must add "more" flag when splitting stats.
      ovs-pki: Remove "online PKI" features and ovs-pki-cgi.
      INSTALL.SSL: Remove obsolete information.
      ovs-pki: Improve manpage style.
      rconn: Remove unused functions.
      rconn: Treat draining a message from the send queue as activity.
      FAQ: Add section on basic configuration.
      vconn: Ensure that vconn_run() is enough to complete a connection.
      vconn: Fix vconn_get_version().
      learning-switch: Make lswitch own its rconn.
      learning-switch: Delay sending handshake until version negotiation is done.
      learning-switch: Don't use exact-match on every field by default.
      learning-switch: Normalize the flows that are sent to the switch.
      tests: Test that ofp10_match bytes that should be ignored really are.
      Add support for 'hard_timeout' in OF1.2 flow_removed message.
      stream-ssl: Seed OpenSSL if it fails to seed itself.
      stream-ssl: Avoid logging no-match error redundantly.
      stream-ssl: Change "bootstrap race" log message from ERR to INFO.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid searching all subfacets when creating first in a facet.
      ofproto-dpif: Make sure one-packet flows have zero duration.
      ovsdb-idl: Fix memory leak.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix typo in comment.
      dpif-netdev: Fix memory leak.
      dpif-netdev: Eliminate two malloc() calls per packet sent to "userspace".
      bond: Correct comment.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid dereferencing possibly null or wild pointer.
      vswitch.xml: active-backup and balance-slb bonds must be one-sided.
      vswitch.xml: Document that active-backup works OK with multiple switches.
      vswitch.xml: Generalize "carrier" to cover miimon also.
      vswitch.xml: balance-tcp can be rebalanced too.
      tests: Factor "seq" shell function out into common infrastructure.
      tests: Invoke daemons with --no-chdir so core files appear in test dir.
      tests: Put AT_CAPTURE_FILE on its own line.
      Do not include zeroed metadata fields in NXM/OXM packet-in messages.
      ofp-util: Drop unneeded null pointer tests.
      ofp-print: Fix memory leak printing flow stats replies.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix memory leak in "check-vlan" test command.
      tests: New m4 macro ON_EXIT to add a cleanup action.
      ofproto-dpif: Kill off test-netflow daemon if test fails.
      bond: Tag flows according to their hash bucket, not just their slave.
      dpif: Add 'used' argument to dpif_flow_stats_extract().
      ofproto-dpif: Make sure one-packet flows have zero duration (again).
      lockfile: In tests, also verify log messages.
      lockfile: Log more helpful message when locking fails due to a conflict.
      ofproto: Move 'max_ports' from ofproto-dpif.c to ofproto.c.
      ofproto: Move ofpacts_check() calls from ofproto-dpif to ofproto.
      flow: Fully separate FWW_* from OFPFW10_*.
      flow: Use bit-mask for DSCP and ECN bits, instead of FWW_* flags.
      flow: Use bit-mask for TTL match, instead of FWW_* flag.
      flow: Use bit-mask for IP protocol match, instead of FWW_* flag.
      flow: Use bit-mask for Ethernet type match, instead of FWW_* flag.
      flow: Use bit-mask for in_port match, instead of FWW_* flag.
      flow: Ensure that padding is always zeroed.
      flow: Take advantage of zero-padding in struct flow and flow_wildcards.
      flow: Replace flow_wildcards members by a single "struct flow".
      flow: Remove flow_wildcards_is_exact().
      flow: Simplify many functions for working with flows and wildcards.
      util: New function zero_rightmost_1bit().
      util: New function popcount().
      classifier: Fix typo in comment.
      classifier: Break cls_rule 'flow' and 'wc' members into new "struct match".
      classifier: Prepare for "struct cls_rule" needing to be destroyed.
      classifier: Optimize iteration with a catch-all target rule.
      util: New function raw_ctz().
      hash: Introduce an implementation of murmurhash.
      Introduce sparse flows and masks, to reduce memory usage and improve speed.
      extract-ofp-errors: Check that error codes are in the expected ranges.
      ovsdb: Enforce immutability of immutable columns.
      dpif-linux: Report packet loss as WARN instead of ERR.
      reconnect: Rename reconnect_received() to reconnect_activity().
      jsonrpc: Treat draining data from send queue as activity.
      jsonrpc: Treat receiving part of a message as activity.
      INSTALL: Recommend installing kernel modules with "make modules_install".
      ofp-actions: Right-justify the value in ofpact_reg_load 'subvalue' member.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix indentation in manpage.
      tests: Fix sensitivity to record ordering in test-netflow output.
      stream-unix: Reduce connection failure log level from ERR to WARN.
      FAQ: Describe difference between ovs-dpctl and ovs-ofctl "dump-flows".
      jsonrpc: Fix Python implementation of inactivity logic.
      ofp-actions: Improve explanation of 'compat' member in struct ofpact.
      ovs-ofctl: Accept port keywords, OF1.1 port numbers, reject port number 0.
      unixctl: Fix comment on unixctl_command_register().
      ovsdb-tool: Fix indentation in manpage.
      ovs-lib: Move DAEMON_CWD initialization to top of file.
      ovsdb-client: Use svec instead of sset for list of database.
      ovsdb-client: Make "list-dbs" print the list of databases in sorted order.
      ovsdb-server: Fix null pointer deref when bool "is_connected" is empty.
      ovsdb-server: Add --enable-dummy option for unit tests.
      ovsdb-server: Add support for multiple databases.
      openflow-1.2: Remove OFPAT12_* definitions that duplicate OFPAT11_* ones.
      ofp-actions: Prepare to treat OF1.2 actions as OF1.1 actions.
      ofp-actions: Allow OF1.1+ actions to be variable-length.
      Deprecate referring to ports by name in ovs-ofctl.
      ofproto-dpif: Report in trace "output" if an "output" action is ignored.
      dpif-netdev: Remove unneeded 'key' parameter from dp_netdev_flow_used().
      FAQ: Describe how bonded ports interact with OpenFlow.
      ovs-ctl: Add support for glibc malloc debugging.
      tests: Enable glibc malloc debugging features in testsuite.
      Fix vswitch-idl.ovsidl build rule with separate source and build dirs.
      Avoid requiring autom4te when it won't necessarily be needed.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid zeroing tunnel info in handle_miss_upcalls().
      Makefile.am: Distribute INSTALL.Fedora.
      nicira-ext: Correct and improve nx_flow_update_abbrev comment.
      ofproto: Fix typo in macro name.
      ofp-errors: Merge OF1.0 "all tables full" with OF1.1+ "table full".
      ofp-util: Separate output, error reporting in ofputil_port_from_string().
      ofp-util: Again allow OpenFlow port 0 in commands and actions.
      nicira-ext: Clarify behavior of overlapping src and dst for NXAST_REG_MOVE.
      ofp-parse: Remove unreachable code.
      ofp-actions: Prefer OFPAT11_DEC_TTL to NXAST_DEC_TTL for OpenFlow 1.1+.
      ovs-vsctl: Do not accept any arguments to "del-manager" command.
      Prepare for 1.9.0.
      Makefile: Allow "make modules_install" to work from top-level directory.
      socket-util: Report fd of -1 on error in inet_open_active().
      ofp-msgs: Accept all versions of OpenFlow "hello" messages.
      python/ovs/stream: Fix Stream.connect() retval for incomplete connection.
      bond: Fix segfault sending learning packets with LACP disabled.
      daemon: Start monitor process, not daemon process, in new session.
      meta-flow: Fix and simplify mf_get_mask().
      meta-flow: Correctly byteswap skb_priority/skb_mark for mf_value.
      ovs-ctl: Exit, instead of resuming, after handling fatal signals.
      rconn: Avoid memory leak in rconn_send_with_limit() on queue overflow.
      meta-flow: Fix uninitialized data parsing tnl_flags in mf_parse().
      ofp-util: Fix uninitialized bytes in OF1.0 and OF1.1 table stats replies.
      ofproto-dpif-governor: Fix small memory leak.
      vlog: Avoid calling worker_request() reentrantly.
      worker: Do not use poll_block() in worker_send_iovec().
      datapath: Avoid null deref when GSO is for verifying header integrity only.
      datapath: Don't dump partial action lists in flows.
      hash: Correct implementation of mhash_finish().
      ovsdb: Fix double-free in ovsdb_jsonrpc_session_close().
      ofproto: Properly refresh rule modified time when nothing else changes.
      meta-flow: Avoid null pointer dereference in mf_format_frag_string().
      meta-flow: Add missing "break" to mf_set_wild().
      ovsdb-idl: Fix memory leak on error path.
      ovsdb-tool: Fix memory leak on error path in "show-log" implementation.
      ofp-msgs: ensure that l2 is set in ofpmp_reserve()

Bob Ball (1):
      xenserver: Don't create XAPI cache at install.

Brian Kruger (1):
      rhel: Add timeouts to network scripts.

Bruce Davie (1):
      ovsdb-client: Fix bugs in man page

Bryan Phillippe (3):
      socket-util: Remove stray printf() from make_unix_socket().
      vconn-stream: printf() specifier for int is %d (not %zu)
      socket-util: Suppress uninitialized variable warning with old GCC.

Casey Barker (1):
      lib: Adapt headers for use in C++.

Chris Wright (15):
      Update FSF address in LGPL notices in bugtool plugins.
      rhel: openvswitch.spec.in installs README as executable
      rhel: openvswitch.spec.in: fix perms on logrotate and sysconfig.template
      man: fix pic issue at the source
      utilities: install ovs-lib.sh as data not a script
      utilites: rename ovs-lib.sh to ovs-lib
      bugtool: move plugins data from /etc/openvswitch to /usr/share/openvswitch
      SubmittingPatches: document the use of DCO
      ovsdbmonitor: move to its own data directory
      ovsdbmonitor: add .desktop file
      INSTALL.Linux: minor typo
      datapath: rename brcompat.c to brcompat_main.c
      datapath: update linux/.gitignore
      datapath: omit _mod from module names
      configure: add configure option to disable building brcompat

Chuck Short (1):
      debian: Apply Ubuntu patch to add DKMS support.

Cong Wang (2):
      ovs-ctl.in: increase the limit of fd
      datapath: fix the calculation of checksum for vlan header

Dan Carpenter (1):
      datapath: small potential memory leak in ovs_vport_alloc()

Daniel Roman (1):
      ovs-bugtool: Fix --unlimited option.

Danny Kukawka (1):
      datapath: use eth_hw_addr_random() and reset addr_assign_type

David Howells (1):
      datapath: Remove all #inclusions of asm/system.h

David S. Miller (1):
      datapath: Stop using NLA_PUT*().

David Tsai (1):
      xenserver: allow dom0 traffic in secure pool host when controller unavailable.

Devendra Naga (1):
      datapath: remove unused version.h includes

Dominic Curran (1):
      xenserver: Fix iteration of dictionary.

Ed Maste (22):
      lib: Do not assume sig_atomic_t is int.
      vlandev: Move Linux #include under #ifdef __linux__
      Route-table implementation for (Free)BSD
      Add forgotten header
      Avoid implementation-defined strerror behaviour
      Use int type for setsockopt IP_TOS value
      tests: Handle different output formats for 'wc -l'.
      tests: Make compatible with FreeBSD's sed.
      Don't assume python is in /usr/bin.
      tests: Avoid xargs, for FreeBSD compatibility.
      utilities: FreeBSD compatibility.
      tests: Get max rx socket buffer size on FreeBSD
      lib: Correct "old-style function definition" warning.
      lib: Add header #include for writev
      netdev-bsd: Initialize variable to silence a compiler warning.
      netdev: Map to OpenFlow port for flow lookup
      lib: Add xpipe_nonblocking helper
      tests: Also enable FreeBSD libc debugging
      tests: jemalloc debug config for FreeBSD 9 and 10.
      lib: Move addition of program_name to proctitle_set
      lib: Use FreeBSD libc function for proctitle
      lib: Accomodate FreeBSD return value for ssl connection.

Edward Tomasz Napierała (1):
      Fix build on FreeBSD.

Eric Dumazet (1):
      datapath: cleanup unsigned to unsigned int

Ethan Jackson (566):
      debian: Init script should put core dumps in an appropriate place
      debian: Created a debian equivalent to xen-bugtool
      xenserver: monitor-external-ids remove redundant ovs-vsctl calls
      python: timer_wait_until calculated current time incorrectly
      xenserver: monitor-external-ids responds to SIGHUP
      xenserver: reload sends SIGHUP to monitor-external-ids
      xenserver: Only put the primary XenServer UUID in default bridge-id
      debian: Support two locations for ethtool
      xenserver: Rename monitor-external-ids -> ovs-external-ids
      xenserver: Added additional logging to ovs-external-ids
      xenserver: monitor-external-ids should run with --monitor
      tests: Remove trailing whitespace from python daemon tests
      tests: Test that children restart with special exit code
      debian: Added a manpage for ovs-bugtool
      debian: openvswitch-common ethtool should not be required
      xenserver: ovs-external-ids log to file instead of syslog
      lib: ofp-parse segfaults if required argument isn't specified
      vswitchd: Bubble no-flood configuration up to bridge
      lib: Remove warnings in daemon.c
      xenserver debian: Add additional tc output to bugtools
      netdev-linux: Make queue 0 the default QOS policy
      netdev-linux: HFSC in linux
      vswitchd: Remove trailing whitespace
      ovsdb: Remove trailing whitespace
      ovsdb: constify should apply to all pointer types.
      ofproto: set up helpful flow pointers for odp miss messages
      ovs: Implement 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management
      lib: Add zero padding field to flow_wildcards.
      vswitchd: Correct indentation in bridge.
      vswitchd: Remove bond/migrate MAC argument.
      vswitchd: Incorporate vlan into bond hash.
      utilities: ovs-tcpdump references non-existent exception
      utilities: Implement ovs-vlan-test script
      ofp-parse: ofp-parse fails to properly validate DROP.
      multipath: Fix compiler warning.
      stream-ssl: Fix compiler warning.
      python: properly initialize string length on 64bit systems.
      rtnetlink: Remove LINK specific messages from rtnetlink
      lib: Show tunnel egress interface in ovsdb
      vswitchd: Whitespace fixups.
      vswitchd: Fix segmentation fault with bonded ports.
      vswitchd: Active backup bonding.
      bridge: Move tunnel_egress_iface to status column.
      vswitchd: Rename bond_mode configuration.
      xenserver: Allow bond_mode configuration in xen.
      tests: Fix bonding related test failures.
      vswitchd: Add miimon support.
      xenserver: Add miimon configuration support for xenserver.
      ovsdb-data: Fix warnings.
      retnetlink: Add rtnetlink_destroy function.
      lib: Simplify rtnetlink routing functionality.
      route-table: Process route messages more selectively.
      route-table: Handle route updates more robustly.
      netdev-linux: Fix strict aliasing warnings.
      ovs-vsctl: emer-reset should clear the fail_mode.
      xenserver: Allow unknown other-config attributes.
      xenserver: Allow fail_mode to be set from xapi.
      vswitchd: Display miimon interval.
      tests: Update interface-reconfigure tests.
      xenserver: Allow NULL pool in configuration cache.
      xenserver: Fix interface reconfigure crash when setting fail_mode.
      xenserver: Change all bridge's fail_mode when updating.
      ovs-bugtool: Indiscriminately capture all openvswitch log files.
      xenserver: Support fail_mode override at network level.
      dpif-linux: Remove extraneous name variable.
      tests: Fix tests with UCS-2 Python.
      lib: netdev-vport improperly initialized route-table.
      lib: route-table improvements.
      lib: Fix off-by-one error in route-table.
      ovs-vlan-test: clearly indicate failure.
      lib: Move l4 flow hash to the flow library.
      lib: Correct endianness of packets.h.
      packets: Add eth_addr_compare_3way function.
      bridge: Cache bridge Ethernet address in struct bridge.
      vswitchd: Cache interface carrier when bonding.
      vswitchd: Implement Link Aggregation Control Protocol.
      vswitchd: Implement balance-tcp bonding.
      xenserver: Allow LACP configuration from xapi.
      vswitchd: Reset LACP partner when set off.
      vswitchd: Tweak LACP values.
      vswitchd: Fix format of LACP appctl output.
      vswitchd: Instrument lacp_update_ifaces().
      vswitchd: LACP switch lacp_status to bit mask.
      vswitchd: Process special packets more aggressively.
      vswitchd: LACP attached status flapped.
      vswitchd: Incoming LACP packets should un-default links.
      ovsdb: Fix unused warning.
      xenserver: Set fail_mode on internal bridges.
      vswitchd: Fix broken load rebalancing with balance-tcp.
      ovs-bugtool: Ignore deprecation warnings.
      ovsdb-server: Fix memory leak.
      ofproto: flow_stats_ds() print flows properly.
      ofproto: Display idle time in bridge/dump-flows.
      ofproto: Batch statistics updates.
      ofproto: Resubmit Statistics.
      ofproto: Reset facet's rs_used at rule changes.
      ofproto: Guarantee uninstalled facets have no dp_packet_count.
      ofproto: Change account_cb to use uint64_t.
      ofproto: Update facet stats when used time increases.
      ofproto: facet_execute() stats changes.
      vswitchd: Initialize configuration on active-backup bonds.
      utilities: Improve ovs-vlan-test man page.
      reconnect: Fix printf() format warning.
      xenserver: Delete Bridge when creating vlan.
      ovsdb: Fix uninitialized data;.
      vswitchd: Dump QoS with appctl.
      qos: Remove min-rate requirement for linux-htb and linux-hfsc.
      hfsc: min-rate tweaks.
      htb: Set required min-rate to mtu not 1500.
      bridge: Create new port_run() function.
      ovs-vsctl: Back out garbage collection changes.
      bridge: Pull monitoring out of bonding logic.
      packets: create new compose_lacp_pdu() function.
      packets: Rename LACP portid and sysid to port_id and sys_id.
      vswitchd: Update lacp before bonding.
      vswitchd: Modularize LACP.
      lacp: Transmit more judiciously.
      lacp: Enable "fast" lacp timing mode.
      bridge: Memory leak in port_destroy()
      vswitchd: Destroy lacp in port_destroy().
      vswitchd: Properly calculate output port.
      utilities: Add ovs-vlan-bug-workaround to make distclean
      gitignore: Added ovs-vlan-bug-workaround and tests
      cfm: Move destination address to cfm.h
      packets: Create new compose_packet() function.
      cfm: cfm_run() return ccm instead of packet.
      schema: Monitor's remote_mps is not ephemeral.
      packets: Move CFM related packet information to cfm header file.
      cfm: Immediately signal fault on bad CCM reception.
      cfm: Don't report unexpected remote endpoints.
      cfm: Reduce missed CCM detection time.
      bridge: Write CFM updates more quickly.
      cfm: Create new cfm/show appctl command.
      cfm: No longer keep track of bad remote MPs and MAIDS.
      ovs-vsctl: Remove dead code.
      ovs-vsctl: Remove dead assignment.
      cfm: Fix appctl negative report.
      lib: Create new timer library.
      lacp: Use new timer library.
      cfm: Use new timer library.
      ofproto: Use new timer library.
      netdev-linux: Remove dead assignments.
      ovs-ofctl: Remove dead assignment.
      learning-switch: Remove dead assignment.
      cfm: cfm_configure() only update when necessary.
      cfm: Allow time for CCM reception after cfm_configure();
      bond: Choose slaves randomly.
      dpif-linux: Choose port numbers more prudently.
      bridge: Run once before configuring CFM.
      cfm: Fix broken fault logic.
      autopath: Create the autopath action.
      tests: Unit test autopath via ovs-ofctl.
      xenserver:  Warn when upgrading OVS on a bridged system.
      xenserver: Don't openvswitch-xapi-update in bridge mode.
      xenserver: Fix typo in RPM install message.
      bond: Reconfigure flows when bond mode changes.
      bond: Revalidate flows when bond_is_tcp_hash() changes;
      bond: Reset bond_entry's during massive flow revalidations.
      bond: Use bond_enable_slave at slave registration.
      lacp: New function lacp_slave_get_port_id().
      bond: New function bond_is_balanced().
      bond: New bonding mode "stable".
      lacp: Remove enabled flag.
      bond: Give bridge control over LACP module.
      bond: Create new 'stable_id' parameter.
      bond: Completely pull LACP module out of bond.
      bridge: Destroy bond when port is destroyed.
      lacp: New function lacp_slave_is_current().
      bridge: Generalize CFM rate limiter.
      bridge: Report lacp_slave_is_current() in the database.
      bond: Properly indent appctl output.
      bond: Fix ugly warnings at slave registration.
      lacp: Update attached status more often.
      lacp: New "strict" lacp mode.
      bridge: LACP port ID and system ID in database.
      lacp: Move LACP packet data to lacp header file.
      lacp: Remove LACP_[FAST|SLOW]_TIME_RX macros.
      lacp: Implement custom timing mode.
      bond: bond_stb_enable_slave() never triggered.
      bond: Give stable bonds one tag.
      bond: Revalidate no_slaves_tag when revalidating everything.
      bond: New flag "bond_revalidate".
      bond: BM_STABLE consistent hashing.
      bridge: Create new "null" interface type.
      bond: New bond-hash-basis setting.
      connmgr: Remove unused variable.
      ofproto: Remove unused variable.
      lacp: New other_config setting "lacp-force-aggregatable".
      lacp: Allow configurable aggregation keys.
      datapath: Remove dead code in queue_control_packets().
      dpif-linux: Recycle leaked ports.
      vswitchd: Update schema version number.
      bond: Convert stb_id to 32bit parameter.
      bond: Create new "bond-stable-id".
      lacp: New "lacp-heartbeat" mode.
      ofproto: Resubmit statistics improperly account during failover.
      bridge: Don't configure QoS without Queues.
      cfm: No longer trigger fault upon unexpected ccm_interval.
      cfm: No longer keep track of bad CCMs.
      cfm: Replace recv_time with a flag.
      cfm: Always log on CCM reception.
      cfm: Clarify cfm_create() documentation.
      bond: Bonds never sleep if carrier changes.
      ofproto: Datapath statistics accounted twice.
      timer: Remove timer_expired_at() function.
      ofproto: Fix compiler warning.
      xenserver: Pull slave MTU from bond record.
      netdev: Take responsibility for polling MII registers.
      bond: Remove useless slave->up flag.
      cfm: Migrate cfm/show unixctl command to CFM module.
      cfm: No longer allow configuration of ma_name and md_name.
      cfm: Remove Maintenance_Point and Monitor tables.
      cfm: Cleanup CFM module interface.
      cfm: Remove packet definition from CFM header file.
      cfm: Implement 802.1ag RDI flag.
      bond: Use CFM for slave status.
      bond: Always use L4 hash for stable bonds.
      flow: flow_hash_symmetric_l4() don't hash UDP ports.
      ofproto: Fix possible core dump during flow revalidation.
      cfm:  Require 'name' field for 'cfm' objects.
      cfm: Include cfm->name in log messages.
      cfm: Log sequence number of incoming CCMs.
      bridge: Interface may be configured with incorrect QoS.
      CFM: Revert default MA and MD name.
      netdev: New Function netdev_change_seq().
      ofproto: Discontinue use of netdev_monitor.
      bond: Discontinue use of netdev_monitor.
      netdev: Remove monitors and notifiers.
      ofproto: Enqueue improperly resets priority.
      ofproto: Optimize datapath actions.
      dpif-linux: Avoid duplicate code in dpif_linux_vport_send().
      tests: Unit test autopath action parsing.
      lacp: Loosen lacp_slave_is_current().
      ofproto-dpif: Remove obsolete comment.
      nicira-ext: Fix incorrect comment in autopath definition.
      PORTING: Remove trailing whitespace.
      xenserver: Fix use of undefined variable.
      xenserver: Give tap devices iface-ids.
      xenserver: New iface-status external id.
      schema: Update schema version due to xenserver changes.
      xenserver: Update all external_ids in tap interfaces.
      bond: Drop packets on backup slaves.
      ofp-parse: Fix invalid memory use.
      utilities: Update gitignore.
      bond: Drop packets on slaves disabled by LACP.
      tests: Fix deprecated use of qw.
      ofproto: Don't commit modifiers on OFPP_NONE outputs.
      nicira-ext: Generalize nx_mp_fields into nx_hash_fields.
      ofproto-dpif: Store bonding enabled flag on ofport.
      ofputil: Export ofputil_check_output_port().
      vswitch: Implement bundle action.
      mac-learning: Fix serious performance bug in the learning table.
      mac-learning: Convert to hmap.
      nx-match: Whitespace cleanup.
      utilities: Add ovs-bugtool to gitignore.
      bundle: Run bundle_check() in unit tests.
      nx-match: New helpers.
      bundle: Implement NX_BD_ALG_ACTIVE_BACKUP.
      bundle: New action "bundle_load".
      mac-learning: Use random secret in hash function.
      mac-learning: Simplify memory management.
      xenserver: Fix typo in spec file.
      git: Update gitignore in tests and utilities.
      nx-match: Shorten line length to 79 characters.
      ovs-ofctl: Print human readable nx_pull_match() errors.
      util: Fix non-ANSI function declaration.
      lib: Whitespace cleanup.
      tests: Update gitignore.
      flow: New FLOW_WC_SEQ build assertion.
      nx-match: Fix bug in "move" action.
      tests: test "load" and "move" actions.
      nx-match: Update register check functions.
      nx-match: New function nxm_read_field_bits().
      nicra-ext: New action NXAST_OUTPUT_REG.
      ofproto-dpif: Print register values in trace.
      ofproto: Clear packet and byte counters on flow additions.
      ofproto: Fix over accounting of byte counters.
      ofproto: Remove extra_bytes parameter of facet_account().
      ofproto: Update 'struct facet''s comments.
      rtnetlink: Notifiers should only run once per poll loop.
      dpif-linux: Call rtnetlink_notifier_run() as required.
      gitignore: Add manpage-check.
      socket-util: Suppress valgrind uninitialized use warning.
      cfm: Zero out empty field as required.
      rhel: Don't delete bridges on boot.
      rhel: Add ovs-pki to rpm.
      rhel: Poke iptables hole for gre in init scripts.
      lacp: Clarify documentation.
      lib: Rename rtnetlink.[ch] files.
      netlink-notifier: Rename rtnetlink code.
      netlink-socket: New function nl_lookup_genl_mcgroup().
      datapath: genl_notify() on port disappearances.
      dpif-linux: Stop listening for RTNL notifications.
      netlink-protocol: Define missing symbols.
      vswitch.xml: Whitespace cleanup.
      lacp: Clean up LACP module interface.
      ofproto-dpif: Drop special packets more judiciously.
      bridge: ovsdb_idl_omit_alert() on additional columns.
      bridge: Write CFM changes more aggressively.
      bridge: Clear fault when CFM is not configured.
      cfm: Trigger fault on unexpected CCM reception.
      cfm: Remove cfm_remote_mpid configuration.
      cfm: New cfm extended mode.
      cfm: Allow accurate transmission intervals in extended mode.
      cfm: Eight byte MPIDs in extended mode.
      cfm: Write remote MPIDs to the database.
      ofproto-dpif: Emit set_tunnel when required to.
      tests: Test ofproto-dpif set_tunnel translation.
      bridge: Don't update CFM on synthetic interfaces.
      lib: Suppress comparison warnings in ovsdb libraries.
      socket-util:  inet_parse_passive() had incorrect argument type.
      lib: TYPE_IS_SIGNED macro generates compiler warnings.
      man: pic failed to run during manpage-check
      ofproto-dpif: Revalidate on cfm and lacp addition.
      notifiers: Rename run and wait functions.
      notifiers: Create and destroy nln_notifiers.
      datapath: Hardcode vport multicast group ID on older kernels.
      dpif-linux: Open dpif despite notifier failures.
      dpif-linux: Handle nl_lookup_genl_mcgroup() failures.
      cfm: Update cfm_remote_mpids documentation.
      tests: Cleanup test-daemon.py style.
      daemon.py: Whitespace cleanup.
      daemon.py: Don't shadow built-in 'file' variable.
      daemon.py: Silence return warning.
      tests: test-jsonrpc references nonexistent variable.
      tests: test-jsonrpc.py whitespace cleanup.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Remove unused root-prefix option.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Style cleanup.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Remove dead code.
      ovs-xapi-sync:  Style cleanup.
      ovsuuid.py: Fix use of undefined symbol.
      test-ovsdb.py: Remove unused import.
      test-reconnect: Fix use of undefined symbol.
      python: Style cleanup.
      test-jsonrpc: Help option doesn't work.
      python: Backport argparse to older platforms.
      python: Create new vlog module.
      stream.py: Make usage() function return a string.
      python: Upgrade daemon module to argparse.
      python: Upgrade to vlog.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Convert to vlog.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Convert to vlog.
      tests: Use compat argparse when required.
      xenserver: Add vlog.py to spec file.
      xenserver: Don't specify python code by hand.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Crashes if root-prefix is unspecified.
      ofproto-dpif: Revalidate on port additions and deletions.
      ofproto-dpif: LACP registration should cause revalidation.
      xenserver: ovs-xapi-sync should create a log file.
      debian: ovs-monitor-ipsec has a stale init script.
      debian: Fully convert ovs-monitor-ipsec to vlog.
      debian: Make ovs-monitor-ipsec executable.
      debian: ovs-monitor-ipsec requires root_prefix option.
      vswitch.xml: Annotate 'false' keyword in CFM documentation.
      cfm: Show extended mode in cfm/show appctl command.
      cfm: New 'cfm_opstate' setting.
      rtnetlink-link: Expose carrier changes.
      vswitchd: Remove iface_get_carrier().
      vswitchd: Cleanup rate limited DB writes.
      vswitchd: Update link_state instantly.
      netdev-linux: Maintain carrier flag constantly.
      vswitchd: New column "link_resets".
      vswitch: Don't update STP on synthetic ports.
      bundle: Allow OFPP_NONE in bundle actions.
      bundle: Don't special case OFPP_LOCAL in bundle actions.
      nicira-ext: Fix stale documentation in the bundle action.
      bundle: Parsing bug when using bracketed syntax.
      nicira-ext: New action "exit".
      cfm: Support tagged CCM PDUs.
      flow: flow_extract() improperly parses IPv6 TOS bits.
      ofproto: Remove dead variable.
      ovs-dpctl: Suppress compiler warning on 64 bit linux.
      bond: Remove dead conditional.
      tests: Allow unit tests to run as root.
      ofproto-dpif: Remove trailing whitespace.
      ofproto-dpif: Consistently set NetFlow Output Interface.
      ofproto-dpif: Enqueue incorrectly calls add_output_action().
      ofproto-dpif: Improperly handled OFPP_ALL action.
      ofproto-dpif: Simplify output action composition.
      ofp-util: Support OFPP_LOCAL in enqueue actions.
      utilities: Update gitignore.
      ovs-ofctl: Support OFPPC_NO_FWD.
      ofproto-dpif: Test basic output and flooding.
      dpif-netdev: Allow enqueue actions.
      ofproto-dpif: Properly update tos and ttl fields.
      ofproto-dpif: Simplify commit logic.
      vswitch: Implement dscp column of the Queue table.
      ofproto-dpif: Remove redundant commit_odp_actions() call.
      odp-util: Move commit_odp_actions() from ofproto-dpif.
      bridge: Remove redundant newline.
      bridge: Honor lacp-system-id other_config setting.
      lacp: Require non-zero system ID.
      lacp: Remove trailing whitespace from appctl output.
      lacp: Sort slaves in appctl output.
      tests: Perform basic LACP unit tests.
      lacp: Update header file comments.
      vswitch.xml: Fix bond-hash-basis documentation placement.
      bond: Warn of imminent default bond_mode change.
      tests: Update gitignore to include test-netflow.
      dpif-netdev: Fix UDP checksum calculation.
      classifier: Update cls_rule_set_in_port() prototype.
      ofpbuf: Maintain header pointers in clone functions.
      flow: Improve flow_format() output.
      ofp-print: Remove vestigial 'total_len' argument.
      pktbuf: Directly use pointers in pktbuf_save().
      packets: Mask out CFI bit in eth_push_vlan().
      ofp-print: Remove tcpdump from ofp_packet_to_string().
      ofp-print: Print checksum in ofp_packet_to_string().
      ovs-ofctl: Support daemonization for monitor and snoop.
      tests: Unit test PACKET_IN.
      ofproto: Always clone packets in PACKET_IN message.
      ofp-util: Don't use ofpbuf in ofputil_packet_in struct.
      ofputil: New function ofputil_decode_packet_in().
      packets: New packet_set_*() helper functions.
      flow: Create new flow_metadata structure for packet_in messages.
      nx-match: New function nx_pull_match_loose().
      ofproto-dpif: Implement PACKET_IN in userspace.
      openflow: New Nicira Extended PACKET_IN format.
      news: Mention NXM_PACKET_IN.
      ofproto-dpif: Honor statistics in packet_out().
      vswitchd: Document maximum queue_id for Linux QoS.
      bond: Support ovs-appctl bond/show without arguments.
      bond: Sort slaves in ovs-appctl bond/show.
      bond: Add ovs-appctl bond/show to LACP sanity checks.
      lacp: Enforce valid lacp-system-id configuration.
      bond: Revalidate when lacp_negotiated status changes.
      bond: Change default bond_mode to active-backup.
      lacp: Require successful LACP negotiations when configured.
      cfm: Log more aggressively amidst packet loss.
      ofproto: Optionally flush all learning tables with appctl.
      vswitchd: Stop documenting nonexistent "min-rate" QoS.
      mac-learning: Only revalidate relevant flows upon flush.
      stp: Flush MAC table on topology change.
      stp: Allow manual topology change events.
      bond: Allow users to disable rebalancing.
      cfm: Allow manual override of CFM fault status.
      stp: Log topology change events.
      cfm: Support high priority CCM broadcasts.
      flow: Rename 'tp_addr' field in flow_hash_symmetric_l4().
      vswitch.xml: Remove trailing whitespace.
      idl: Generalize special case boolean exception.
      ovsdb-doc: Support per-element documentation of string sets.
      cfm: Expose detailed fault status in the database.
      xenserver: Remove openvswitch-xen.spec file.
      ofp-print: Fix compiler warning.
      bond: Remove stale documentation.
      netdev-linux: Get carrier from ioctl instead of sysfs.
      netdev-linux: Cache flags using netlink.
      netdev-linux: Use 'unsigned int's to track device flags.
      ofproto-dpif: Cleanup STP on ports when disabled on their bridge.
      ofproto: Print odp actions during traces.
      bond: Incorrectly reported an error in appctl.
      jsonrpc: Don't swallow errors in jsonrpc_transact_block().
      unixctl: New JSON RPC back-end.
      xenserver: Always update the bridge ID in ovs-xapi-sync.
      xenserver: Restart ovs-xapi-sync on kmod reload.
      tests: Prefer development Python files over installed ones.
      jsonrpc.py: Don't swallow errors in transact_block().
      tests: Add code coverage for Python.
      python: New method to retrieve OVS version at runtime.
      python: Add ovs_error() helper function to Python.
      python: Port unixctl to Python.
      python: Implement new SchemaHelper class.
      unixctl: Skip Python unixctl tests.
      unixctl: Re-enable unit tests.
      unixctl: Timeout unit tests instead of hanging.
      lacp: Notify LACP module when carrier changes.
      python: Make build number format consistent with C.
      git: Update gitignore to include new hstamp suffix.
      ofproto-dpif: Log traces when resubmit depth is exceeded.
      authors: Fix text alignment.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Remove useless root_prefix global.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Cache nicira-bridge-id in ovs-xapi-sync.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Add unixctl support.
      ovs-xapi-sync: Use unixctl to trigger cache flushes.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Add unixctl support.
      idl: Convert python daemons to utilize SchemaHelper.
      nicira-ext: Increase the number of NXM registers to 8.
      netdev: Consistently use 'enum netdev_features'.
      ovs-vsctl: Clarify br-exists usage.
      idl: Move vswitch-idl to libopenvswitch.
      cfm: Support random VLAN tag for CCM PDUs.
      xenserver: Verify updates in ovs-xapi-sync.
      bridge: Shorten long lines.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix CONTROLLER actions for LLC frames.
      idl: New helpers for accessing string maps.
      unixctl.py: Allow callers to manually set unixctl version.
      util: New function set_program_name_version().
      bridge: Rate limit default address warnings.
      bridge: Rate limit port creations and deletions.
      python: Honor zero probe interval in reconnect.py
      stream: By default disable probing on unix sockets.
      socket-util: Close socket on failed dscp modification.
      lib: Pull dscp bits out of reconnect.
      socket-util: Remove DSCP_INVALID.
      vswitch: Use consistent representation of DSCP bits.
      lacp: Remove custom transmission intervals.
      lacp: Remove heartbeat mode.
      vswitchd: Remove unused 'tag' from 'struct iface'.
      bridge: Refactor bridge_reconfigure().
      bridge: Ignore null interfaces as required.
      rconn: Simplify rconn_send() semantics.
      ofputil: Accept OFPP_NONE as a valid output port.
      gitignore: Add ovs-check-dead-ifs.
      ofp-util: Fix stale comment.
      bridge: Ignore "null" interfaces as required.
      memory: Memory leak when generating reports.
      dpif-linux: Fix invalid format specifier.
      packets: Fix eth_addr_equal_except().
      packets: Generalize reserved RSPAN protocols.
      packets: Update the reserved protocols list.
      ofproto-dpif: Avoid calling eth_addr_is_reserved().
      ofproto: Fix use after free in ofoperation_complete().
      packets: Use RARPs for learning packets.
      lacp: Print may_enable flag in appctl output.
      packets: Rename compose_benign_packet().
      bridge: Simplify VLAN splinter memory management.
      lib: New data structure - smap.
      lib: Utilize smaps in the idl.
      lib: Minor const tweak in smap library.
      cfm: Log the start of new fault intervals.
      cfm: Warn when delayed sending CCMs.
      cfm: Minor whitespace cleanup.
      bridge: Run fast when adding and deleting ports.
      ofproto-dpif: Place high priority on sending CCMs.
      ovs-ctl: Add additional options to strace wrapper.
      bond: Don't send learning packets on STABLE bonds.
      bond: Sending learning packets on active-backup.
      ovs-lib: Support old versions of strace.
      cfm: Remove sequence fault reason.
      userspace: Log version on startup.
      ofproto: Fix compiler warnings.
      ovsdb-server, ovs-vswitchd: Log version after daemonize_complete().
      tests: Fix unit test failures related to additional logging.
      bridge: Segfault when missing Open vSwitch table.
      cfm: Improve logging.
      cfm: Clear RDI on new CFM configurations.
      packets: Remove redundant RARP header.
      flow: Fix wild pointer dereference in flow_compose().
      netdev-dummy: New appctl command netdev-dummy/set-admin-state.
      cfm: Report opup as undefined if not in extended mode.
      cfm: Expose remote CFM opstate in the database.
      bridge: Write certain statistics to the database instantly.
      ofproto-dpif: Increase recursion limit.
      bonding: Update bonding documentation in INTERNALS.
      ofp-actions: Correct copyright statement.
      bond: Deprecate stable bonds.
      nicira-ext: Deprecate the autopath action.
      bridge: Deprecate the null interface type.
      vswitchd: Respect other_config:stp-enable port setting.
      bridge: Omit alerts on the cfm_remote_opstate column.
      idl: Optionally warn when writing to read-write columns.
      lib: Specify idl location more precisely.
      tests: Allow environment specified autom4te.
      timeval: Don't require signals for time_alarm().
      timeval: Recover from failed timer_create() calls.
      config: Add explicit support for building on ESX.
      cfm: Scope CFM packets to key zero.
      timeval: Add new "backtrace" appctl command.
      timeval: Block SIGALRM when sleeping.
      ofp-actions: Remove unused variable.
      m4: Remove trailing whitespace.
      timeval: Optionally enable cached timing at configure time.
      utilities: New helper ovs-parse-backtrace.
      timeval: Simplify poll interval logging.
      netdev-vport: Fix warning due to new GRE type.

Gaetano Catalli (1):
      Fix compilation of openvswitch-1.1.0pre2 on FreeBSD-8.1

Giuseppe Lettieri (2):
      dpif-netdev: allow for proper destruction of netdev datapaths
      netdev implementation for FreeBSD

Glen Gibb (1):
      Fix alphabetic ordering in lib/automake.mk

Gurucharan Shetty (17):
      ovs-ctl: Pull system_type and system_version from config file
      rhel: Correct an example in README.RHEL
      ovs-appctl: Document the facility "file" option.
      vlog: Change the default timestamp structure.
      rhel: Enable DHCP in redhat network scripts.
      rhel: Space separated list of DHCP interfaces in network scripts.
      xenserver: Add vm-id to the external_ids.
      debian: Remove unused directory.
      xenserver: Update Open vSwitch post upgrade instructions.
      debian: Add network integration scripts.
      debian: Remove --no-wait option from the ifupdown script.
      ovs-bugtool: Close file descriptors after use.
      ovs-bugtool: Avoid running ethtool on non-physical devices.
      ofproto: fix typo in documentation.
      ovs-pki: Increase the validity days for self-signed certificates.
      ovs-pki: Unique subject DNs for certificate requests.
      ovs-ctl.in: Ability to save flows and kernel datapath config.

Hao Zheng (1):
      datapath: fix flow used time stats

Henry Mai (1):
      ovs-ctl: Fix implementation of --extra-dbs.

Ian Campbell (47):
      xenserver: Update copyright on interface-configure and vif hotplug script.
      xenserver: Log attempts to enable promiscuous mode for bridge ports on vif plug.
      xenserver: Cope gracefully with non-integer MTU in interface-reconfigure.
      datapath: Only call skb_checksum_setup on 2.6.18 && Xen.
      xenserver: Factor out XAPI interactions in interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Only consider the host we are running on in interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Whitelist specific XAPI fields to pickle in interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Store XAPI dbcache as XML in interface-reconfigure.
      Move vswitch state files to /var/lib.
      Add PIF.currently_attached to the list of fields used by interface-reconfigure
      Only write Network.PIF elements for this host to dbcache.
      Do not renice the netback thread.
      Increase the default priority of vswitchd and brcompatd
      ovs-vsctl: additional commands for querying VLAN fake bridges.
      ovs-vsctl: /var/run/ovs-vswitchd.*.ctl is a Unix domain socket
      create/remove /var/lock/subsys/vswitch on initscript start/stop
      vswitchd: implement bond/hash unixctl
      xenserver: Synchronize interface-reconfigure from Citrix.
      Drop separate vswitch-cfg-update.log.
      xenserver: Clear stale configuration keys on boot
      xenserver: Clear stale configuration keys on boot
      Correct whitespace in xenserver/etc_init.d_vswitch
      xenserver: Clear vlan.* from /etc/ovs-vswitchd.conf on boot too
      xenserver: Rework interface-reconfigure.
      xenserver: Include bridge.*.xs-network-uuids for all networks
      xenserver: use ovs-vsctl for VIF VLANs instead of separate state files
      xenserver: interface-reconfigure and vif hotplug relicensing.
      datapath: Use HAVE_PROTO_DATA_VALID when defining vswitch_skb_checksum_setup
      xenserver: Update interface-reconfigure and vif integration scripts.
      CA-37154: vswitch: Use MAC address of tagged PIF for VLAN fake-bridge
      CP-1592: interface-reconfigure: Configure network device MTU from Network.MTU field
      vswitch: interface-reconfigure: bring down physical interfaces
      vswitch: do not access XenAPI from VIF hotplug script
      xenserver: Ensure that Bridge.other-config:hwaddr and Interface.MAC are set as appropriate.
      xenserver: Correct "service vswitch status" when brcompatd is disabled
      Ensure "service vswitch status" returns appropriate error code
      xenserver: Disable brcompatd except on XenServer 5.5.0
      xenserver: Fix init script typos that prevented turning brcompatd back on.
      logrotate: Allow logs to be missing
      xenserver: gate all logrotate reopens on presence of a pid file
      xenserver: strip all alpha-suffixes from the xenserver build number.
      interface-reconfigure+vif: accept openvswitch in /etc/xensource/network.conf
      xenserver: make ovs-xenserverd startup configurable and disable it for 5.6.0 onwards.
      interface-reconfigure: callout to datapath backend class method on rewrite
      xenserver: call "interface-reconfigure rewrite" instead of refresh-network-uuids
      interface-reconfigure: Handle CHIN Tunnel objects
      xenserver: Largely untested patch for 5.5 and 5.6 CHIN compatibility

Isaku Yamahata (33):
      build: automake complains IntegrationGuide is missing
      lib/meta-flow: use symbolic value instead of ~7
      lib/meta-flow: introduce a macro, CASE_MFF_REGS, to catch "case MFF_REG<N>:"
      openflow-1.2: correct action number
      ofp-actions: simplify ofpacts_from_openflow1[01]
      ofp-actions: export OVSINST_OFPIT11_xxx
      ofp-actions: sort OVSINST_OFPIT11_xxx value in execution order
      ofp-actions/instruction: helper functions for intructions
      lib/ofp-actions: improve ofpact_instruction_name_from_type()
      ofproto-dpif: refactor rule_dpif_lookup() for table miss whose id > 0
      ofproto-dpif: Make OFPP_TABLE send packet-in on miss.
      python/ovs/poller: use select.select instead of select.poll.
      lib/ofp-actions: use mf_subvalue in struct ofpact_reg_load.
      python/ovs: socket_util uses select.poll
      python/ovs/db/idl: add counterpart of ovsdb_idl_add_table()
      python/ovs/db/idl: make SchemaHelper accept schema in json form
      python/ovs/db/idl.py: Transaction._substitute doesn't handle list/tuple
      ofp-actions: Add support for OpenFlow 1.2 "set-field" action.
      stream-provider: remove stale declaration of stream_set_dscp()
      socket-util: export set_dscp()
      pstream: Add set_dscp method.
      python/ovs/db/idl: getattr(Row) raises TypeError, not AttributeError.
      python/ovs/socket_util: add tcp related helper functions which will be used by tcp
      python/ovs/stream: teach stream.py tcp socket
      python/ovs/socket_util: don't use Exception, but ValueError
      instruction: support goto-table action
      instruction/clear-actions: string parser/formater, of packet decoder/encoder
      stream.py: un-decorator Stream.register_method
      lib: support OF11 dec_nw_ttl
      ofpaction: support OF11 pop_vlan
      datapath: support Linux 3.7
      datapath: linux2.7 s/pid/portid/g
      linux/Makefile.main.in, acinclude: preparation for linux 3.7.0+

James Page (1):
      datapath: support Linux 3.8 kernel

Jarno Rajahalme (1):
      Make OVS_TUNNEL_ATTR_DST_IPV4 optional to allow configuration of null_ports.

Jean Tourrihles (1):
      vconn: Fix byte-swapping of message type when validating OpenFlow actions.

Jean Tourrilhes (7):
      datapath: Fix validation of ODPAT_SET_VLAN_PCP actions.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix use-after-free error in mod-flows command.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix use-after-free error in del-flows command.
      Revert "ovs-ofctl: Fix use-after-free error in del-flows command."
      ovs-controller: Add --wildcard and --normal features.
      ofp-util: Fix normalization of IP TOS bits.
      dpif-netdev: Handle ECN bits when updating IP checksum.

Jeremy Stribling (1):
      ovsdb: Fix bug in JSON-RPC server.

Jesse Gross (473):
      netdev: Swap transmit and receive stats on internal ports.
      netdev-linux: Set missing cache validity bit.
      Document issues with RSPAN and MAC learning.
      netdev: Fix typo in netdev provider enumerate.
      netdev: Fix memory leak in netdev_open.
      netdev-linux: Fix tap device using wrong FD.
      netdev: Add classes which don't require initialization.
      netdev-linux: Return correct error codes on receive.
      bonding: Update the link status on the bond fake interface.
      netflow: Increase maximum number of NetFlow records to 30.
      bonding: Compare ports, not interfaces, for loop checks.
      ofproto: Make current packet counts more accurate.
      vlan: Compare vlan tags before implicit tagging when RSPANing.
      xen: Correctly write VLAN key in config file.
      xen: Restore state files for VIF VLANs
      bonding: Drop unicast packets which have a different learned port.
      bonding: Balance bond slaves based on ratio.
      bridge: Eject NORMAL flows without a learning entry from datapath.
      bridge: Allow flows based on ARP opcode to be installed.
      netflow: Populate NetFlow output interface field.
      ofproto: Only zero stats for non exact-match sub-rules.
      datapath: Allow TCP flags to be cleared.
      netflow: Implement NetFlow active timeouts.
      datapath: Allow TCP flags to be cleared.
      netflow: Only query stats of installed flows.
      udatapath: Implement ZERO_TCP_FLAGS option.
      bonding: Ignore updelay if there is no active slave.
      bridge: Require learning table at all times.
      mirroring: Allow learning to be disabled on a VLAN.
      Merge citrix branch into master.
      ofproto: Update stats for exact match flows before expiration.
      bridge: Feed flow stats into learning table.
      mirroring: Preserve key for disabling learning.
      bridge: Fix segfault when updating learning table for deleted port.
      ofproto: Correctly credit stats for displaced rules.
      ofproto: Distinguish stats from before and after action changes.
      ofproto: Don't send OpenFlow flow expirations hidden rules.
      datapath: Copy Xen's checksumming fields when doing skb_copy.
      datapath: Allow minimum headroom to be set when copying buffers.
      netflow: Correctly set active timeout value.
      gre: Compatibility with older Linux kernel versions.
      gre: Add kernel GRE support.
      gre: Add userspace GRE support.
      gre: Temporary workarounds for GRE on Xen.
      fatal-signal: Run signal hooks outside of actual signal handlers.
      bonding: Use device names instead of Xen OpaqueRefs
      gre: Workarounds for large packets over GRE
      netdev: Fully handle netdev lifecycle through refcounting.
      gre: Add support for destroying GRE devices.
      netdev-linux: Cleanup tap netdev.
      netdev: Fix build for switchui.
      netdev-linux: Properly store netdev_dev pointer for RTNL callbacks.
      netdev-linux: Avoid potential issues with unset FD.
      netdev-linux: Use the netdev list of devices instead of cachemap.
      netdev: Compare full arguments instead of hash for reconfigure.
      hash: Prevent warnings about strict aliasing rules.
      ovs-vsctl: Prevent uninitialized variable warning.
      ovs-vsctl: Add missing columns.
      datapath: Handle packets with precomputed checksums.
      datapath: Transport port is not part of psuedoheader.
      datapath: Support CHECKSUM_PARTIAL on older kernels.
      datapath: Fix compilation on newer old-style Xen kernels.
      bridge: Properly read NetFlow parameters.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix uninitialized variable.
      dpif: Update dpif interface to match netdev.
      openflowd: Update for changes to dpif and netdev.
      netdev: Correctly maintain netdev refcounts even if errors occur.
      netdev: Allow providers to be managed at runtime.
      dpif: Allow providers to be managed at runtime.
      xenserver: Add XenServer 5.5.0 updates 1 and 2 to supported versions.
      datapath: Set datapath device MTU to minimum of MTU of ports.
      gre: Unify IPTUNNEL_XMIT across kernel versions.
      gre: Optimize tx path.
      gre: Convert locking to RCU.
      gre: Optimize multiple unregistration.
      gre: Network namespace upon device creation.
      gre: Net namespace identifiers are read_mostly.
      gre: Simplify net namespace operations.
      Fix some regressions from the merge from master.
      gre: Fix use after free in netns compatibility layer.
      vswitch: Consistently set Nicira OUI.
      datapath: Set Nicira random address in the datapath.
      Add extern "C" to more header files.
      collectors: Check for NULL set of collectors.
      collectors: Check for NULL set of collectors.
      datapath: Consistently maintain checksum offloading state.
      Update userspace datapath documentation.
      datapath: Update hardware computed checksum on VLAN change.
      datapath: Disable large receive offload.
      gre: Check that the IP header is actually there before using it.
      gre: Disable tx queue.
      gre: Always set TTL on outer packet to 64.
      gre: Allow IPv6 ToS bits to be propagated to tunnel packets.
      gre: Allow ToS on outer packet to be configured.
      gre: Add functions to determine address type to compat layer.
      gre: Correctly account for hardware header length.
      gre: Add support for path MTU discovery.
      Add extern "C" to more header files.
      bridge: Remove leftover from config file.
      datapath: Use constants instead of actual values.
      datapath: Validate ToS when flow is added.
      datapath: Consistently maintain flow key.
      classifier: Check all rules of equal priority when inserting.
      classifer: Fix test classifier to match real classifier.
      tunneling: Add support for tunnel ID.
      datapath: Add dev_get_stats compatibility function.
      datapath: Add rtnl_is_locked compatibility function.
      datapath: Don't read net namespace on kernels that don't use them.
      datapath: Add generic virtual port layer.
      netdev: Add function netdev_is_open().
      dpif-linux: Clean up vports that are no longer in config.
      datapath: Genericize hash table.
      datapath: Add skb_csum_help compatibility function.
      datapath: Add function to copy skb checksum bits.
      tunneling: Add datapath GRE support.
      netdev-linux: Check notifications are for netdev-linux device.
      netdev-linux: Don't free a member of a struct.
      netdev: Allow get_ifindex and get_features to be null.
      tunneling: Add userspace support for new GRE implementation.
      tunneling: Remove old GRE implementation.
      Document GRE port options.
      gre: Fix ICMP translation for path MTU discovery.
      datapath: Update 'struct ovs_skb_cb' comments.
      gre: Ensure skb properties are consistently set.
      bridge: Immediately drop interfaces that can't be opened.
      datapath: Ensure packet length matches headers during checksum setup.
      datapath: Don't hold dp_mutex when setting internal devs MTU.
      datapath: Add configure test for skb_warn_if_lro().
      datapath: Fix build issue with LRO.
      datapath: Break out test for dev_disable_lro().
      datapath: Enable offloading on internal devices.
      bridge: Add iface to hash table before calling iface_is_internal().
      gre: Include route headers in headroom calculation.
      flow: Zero tun_id if wildcarded.
      vport: Record and free packets on unattached ports.
      datapath: Use spin_lock_bh() consistently.
      datapath: Disable bottom-halves where necessary.
      datapath: Don't expect bottom-halves to be disabled.
      datapath: Hold rcu_read_lock where we claim to.
      datapath: Use per_cpu_ptr instead of percpu_ptr.
      vport: Extract common functions for virtual devices.
      datapath: Add 'patch' vport.
      netdev: Extract netdev vport functions.
      netdev: Add 'patch' userspace implementation.
      patch: Remove veth driver.
      gre: Check whether IPv6 is compiled into the kernel.
      netdev-linux: Quiet down ingress policing.
      debian: Fix version number check for changelog.
      netdev-linux: Fix tap device stats.
      netdev-linux: Give tap FD to first opener.
      netdev: Remove may_create/may_open flags.
      bridge: Filter some gratuitous ARPs on bond slaves.
      timeval: Use monotonic time where appropriate.
      vport: Rename userspace functions.
      vport: Move 'extern' declarations of vports to header.
      vport: Allow offsets to be set for stats.
      vport-netdev: Use vport stats layer on 32-bit machines.
      vport-internal: Convert internal devices to vport stats.
      netdev-linux: Add capability to get stats from vport layer.
      netdev-vport: Use vport set_stats instead of internal dev.
      tests: Allow some difference in rounding in timeval test.
      gre: Improve headroom calculation to reducing copying.
      ofproto: Consistently make queue_id uint32_t.
      datapath: Call vswitch_skb_checksum_setup() before doing GSO.
      datapath: Check vswitch_skb_checksum_setup() return code.
      datapath: Compute checksum while sending packets to userspace().
      datapath: Don't compute checksums on partial packets.
      ovsdb-idl: Check if row->written is valid.
      docs: Correct DB init instructions in INSTALL.Linux.
      datapath: Add loop checking.
      datapath: Move over-MTU checking into vport_send().
      gre: Fix headroom calculation.
      datapath: Make our checksumming more closely match skb_checksum_help().
      datapath: Make checksum offsets unsigned.
      vport: Use EBUSY to represent already attached device.
      datapath: Put return type on same line as arguments for functions.
      vport: Use DEFINE_PER_CPU instead of dynamically allocating loop counter.
      gre: Wait for an RCU grace period before freeing port.
      gre: Use struct for parsing GRE header.
      datapath: Don't set tunnel_id in a function.
      datapath: Don't update flow key when applying actions.
      doc: Make explicit that ovs-vswitchd is the preferred switch.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix unitialized variables.
      datapath: Don't query time for every packet.
      datapath: Catch missed formatting changes.
      datapath: Remove redundant checks on SKBs.
      datapath: Remove dead code.
      vport: Make dp_port->vport always valid.
      vport-internal: Set vport to NULL when detaching.
      datapath: Remove netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align() compat code.
      gre: Disable checksums by default.
      gre: Don't require incoming checksum.
      datpath: Avoid reporting half updated statistics.
      terminal: Remove vlog modules.
      datapath: Abstract tunneling implementation from GRE.
      netdev-gre: Genericize GRE netdev.
      datapath: Add support for tunnel fragmentation.
      datapath: Add support for CAPWAP UDP transport.
      netdev: Don't assume all netdevs are available at runtime.
      netdev-tunnel: Add CAPWAP userspace interface.
      datapath: Add compat functions for pr_*.
      AUTHORS: Add Joe Perches.
      datapath: Check for backported __wsum and __sum16.
      datapath: Check IS_ERR() in do_execute().
      AUTHORS: Add Vivien Bernet-Rollande.
      datapath: Remove backported random32().
      AUTHORS: Add Alexey I. Froloff as reporter.
      datapath: Move flow allocation into a function.
      datapath: Add ref counting for flows.
      datapath: Enable usage of cached flows.
      datapath: Move is_frag out of struct ovs_skb_cb.
      datapath: Backport workqueue functions.
      datapath: Add tunnel header caching.
      tunneling: Allow disabling tunnel header caching.
      tunnel: Correctly check for internal device.
      datapath: Force our include directory to be first.
      tunneling: Internal dev vport can be NULL.
      datapath: #define local_bh_disable to preempt_disable on RT.
      datapath: Add loop detection for RT kernels.
      netdev: Fix carrier status for down interfaces.
      autoconf: Tolerate missing file when grepping.
      datapath: Work around debugging for csum_and_copy_to_user().
      autoconf: Compat checks no longer support multiple files.
      datapath: Directly use free_netdev for internal devices.
      AUTHORS: Add Romain Lenglet.
      tunneling: Clear OVS_CB after call to update_header().
      tunneling: Clear IP control block in one memset.
      datapath: Drop obsolete comment.
      vport: Remove unused error types.
      datapath: Remove share check for internal devices.
      datapath: Don't unnecessarily set skb mac header.
      datapath: Use __read_mostly annotations where appropriate.
      datapath: Add compatibility code for inet_add_protocol().
      datapath: Provide compatibility code for SET_ETHTOOL_OPS constness.
      datapath: Constify ops structures.
      tunnels: Mark tnl_ops as static.
      datapath: Don't set dev->last_rx on kernels >= 2.6.29.
      datapath: Allow skbs with a frag list.
      datapath: Consolidate checksum compatibility code.
      datapath: Update 32/64 bit compat ioctl to match new names.
      tunneling: Remove call to eth_type_trans() on receive.
      tunneling: Access correct IP header when processing ECN.
      datapath: Convert patch vport to use call_rcu() on destruction.
      datapath: Fix indentation in patch-vport.c.
      tunneling: Update port pools on config change.
      datapath: Compatibility code for csum_replace4.
      datapath: Correctly update IP checksum with actions.
      datapath: Compatibility code for inet_proto_csum_replace2.
      datapath: Try to avoid custom checksum update function.
      capwap: Bind address should be big endian.
      datapath: Use NULL instead of 0 in alloc_buckets().
      datapath: Use static where possible.
      brcompat: Simplify generation of bridge ID.
      tunneling: Add missing rcu_dereference() to cache cleaner.
      datapath: Don't rcu_dereference() objects in table.
      datapath: RCU dereference correct pointer in table.
      datapath: dp_sysfs_add_dp() needs RTNL lock.
      datapath: Hold mutex for DP while userspace is blocking on read.
      datapath: Drop unused file ops.
      tunneling: Fix updated port pools commit.
      datapath: Don't use RCU for internal dev vport.
      datapath: Take advantage of IFF_OVS_DATAPATH.
      datapath: Drop synchronize_rcu() in internal dev destroy.
      datapth: Drop check for impossible condition after skb_gso_segment().
      datpath: Fix memory leak when a loop is detected.
      flow: Make size of flow struct a multiple of 8.
      vswitchd: Consistently use size_t for action lengths.
      nx-match: Use correct printf format specifiers.
      pinsched: Avoid uninitialized variable warning.
      datapath-protocol: Include netlink.h.
      datapath: Compatibility code for __packed macro.
      datapath: Use __packed macro.
      datapath: Add compatibility code for sparse annotations.
      datapath: Compatibility code for RCU check functions.
      datapath: Correct usage of __user annotation.
      datapath: Add usage of __percpu annotation.
      datapath: Add usage of __rcu annotation.
      datapath: Correct byte order annotations.
      datapath: Don't directly access RCU protected pointers.
      datapath: Convert rcu_dereference() to correct variant.
      tunneling: Add checks for header cache lock.
      datapath: Validate access to DP array.
      datapath: Check locks on access to flow table.
      datapath: Validate lock when handling flow actions.
      datapath: Correctly return error if percpu allocation fails.
      tunneling: Refresh IP header pointer after update_header().
      datapath: Harmonize [get|set]_skb_csum_pointers().
      odp-util: Correct length check in format_odp_action().
      tunneling: Don't shadow vport when generating cache.
      datapath: Add missing rtnl_dereference() calls.
      datapath: Use get_table_protected() in additional places.
      datapath: Add get_vport_protected().
      datapath: Don't directly access port array in query_port().
      datapath: Fix table sparse annotations.
      tunnel: Drop spinlock around cache free.
      datapath: Add casts for direct freeing of RCU data.
      datapath: Use RCU dereference in vport_get_ifindex().
      datapath: Allocate vports in more RCU friendly manner.
      datapath: Use local variable for freeing on flow put error.
      datapath: Merge do_destroy_dp into destroy_dp.
      datapath: Acquire dp->mutex when deleting a datapath.
      datapath: Add owner to file_operations declaration.
      datapath: Hold dp->mutex when calling new_vport().
      datapath: Don't check for RCU in free_buckets in table.
      datapath: Report ifindex of 0 if vport doesn't have one.
      datapath: Drop constness of datapath pointers.
      datapath: Use call_rcu() when deleting a datapath.
      datapath: Fix double counting of packet stats for Linux devices.
      AUTHORS: Add Krishna Miriyala as reporter.
      datapath: Avoid backported csum_replace4() on RHEL 5.
      datapath: Use multicast groups allocated for upcalls.
      dpif-linux: Add missing NLM_F_ECHO flag to flow requests.
      odp-util: Print EtherTypes consistently.
      datapath: Drop allocation of memory for ODP_PACKET_ATTR_TYPE.
      datapath: Correct version check for genetlink net namespaces.
      datapath: Avoid nla_parse_nested const warning on < 2.6.22.
      datapath: Fix flow time used computation.
      dpif-linux: Read flow used time.
      tunneling: Simplify path MTU discovery logic.
      datapath-protocol: Dropped unused __aligned_* types.
      datapath-protocol: Drop useless/obsolete comments.
      vlan-test: Add examples of vlan problems to man page.
      tunneling: Fix uninitialized variable warning in check_mtu.
      tunneling: Always use skb->len for PMTUD.
      tunneling: Check refcount of each page in frags.
      datapath: Add vlan acceleration field for older kernels.
      datapath: Use vlan acceleration for vlan operations.
      datapath: Add definition for FCoE offload.
      datapath: Add module parameter to allow TSO with vlans.
      datapath: Don't use vlan_features before 2.6.26.
      datapath: Use vlan deacceleration function in upcall.
      datapath: Check for backported rcu_read_lock_held.
      datapath: Memset executed packet's fields using memset.
      datapath: Don't free vport until all references are gone.
      datapath: Destroy internal devices before freeing datapath.
      AUTHORS: Add Valient Gough.
      flow: Avoid assertion failure on invalid IPv6 packet.
      datapath: Record upcall errors as lost packets.
      datapath: Check packet len does not exceed attribute len.
      datapath: Allow jumbograms through IPv6 parsing.
      datapath: Update IPv6 parsing code for kernel style.
      flow: Make IPv6 userspace code match kernel.
      datapath: Drop BUG_ON when checksumming and copying.
      datapath: Add backport for USHRT_MAX.
      tunneling: Don't leak dst on vlan tagging failure.
      datapath: Enable vlan offload on internal devices.
      tunneling: Rely on protocol handles to parse ToS.
      datapath: Use compat directory only for backported code.
      datapath: Check for backported dev_get_by_index_rcu().
      datapath: Backport ip4_dst_hoplimit() from 2.6.38.
      datapath: Use ipv4_dst_hoplimit() instead of direct access.
      datapath: Backport DIV_ROUND_UP.
      datapath: Pull data into linear area only on demand.
      datapath: Check that netdev vport is fully initialized.
      datapath: Don't call genlmsg_reply() under rcu_read_lock().
      tunneling: Warn if CAPWAP is not available on this kernel.
      datapath: IP fragments should include L4 header in flow length.
      datapath: Remove redundant nw_ prefix from fields in flow key.
      datapath: Check for supported kernel versions.
      datapath: Use strip_vlan() for modify_vlan_tci().
      datapath: Simplify make_writable().
      tunneling: Avoid extra copying if expanding headroom.
      datapath: Drop set_skb_csum_bits().
      datapath: Further mirror checksum offloading state on old kernels.
      datapath: Backport consume_skb().
      datapath: Use consume_skb() on non-errors.
      datapath: Add missing header.
      datapath: Rename linux-2.6 and compat-2.6 directories.
      tunneling: Force selection of an IP ID with GRE.
      datapath: Backport reciprocal division.
      datapath: Don't pass __GFP_ZERO to kmalloc on older kernels.
      datapath: Backport flex_arrays.
      datapath: Calculate flow hash after extracting metadata.
      NEWS: Mention support for keys in CAPWAP.
      datapath: Set vport in skb when executed from userspace.
      datapath-protocol: vport_stats types are unsigned.
      datapath: Correctly set error code in queue_userspace_packets().
      datapath: Fully initialize datapath before local port.
      datapath: Remove check for shared skbs.
      datapath: Correctly validate vport attributes on old kernels.
      datapath: Send to userspace errors shouldn't halt processing.
      datapath: Cleanup actions.c:do_output().
      datapath: IFF_BRIDGE_PORT is backported by Centos 5.6.
      netlink: Expose method to get Netlink pid of a socket.
      datapath: Use unicast Netlink sockets for upcalls.
      ofproto-dpif: Flush flows before dpif_recv_set_mask().
      poll-loop: Enable checking whether a FD caused a wakeup.
      netlink: Expose version of nl_attr_find for key and len.
      dpif-linux: Prevent a single port from monopolizing upcalls.
      route-table: Close netlink notifier before closing nln.
      route-table: Clear route_notifier after free.
      flow: Drop datapath-protocol.h from flow.c.
      ofp-util: make_packet_out() shouldn't receive OVSP_NONE.
      in-band: Classifier rules should use OpenFlow ports.
      datapath: Remove unused vlan constants.
      datapath: Add version check for struct netdev_ops.
      datapath: Assert IFF_TX_SKB_SHARING on internal devices.
      datapath: Fix uninitialized variable warning.
      datapath: Define constants for versions of GENL families.
      datapath: Cleanup openvswitch.h formatting.
      tests: Fix intermittent failure in ovs-monitor-ipsec test.
      datapath: Add IPv6 to list of parsed EtherTypes.
      datapath: Drop useless WARN_ON_ONCE during flow conversion.
      ofproto-dpif: Use send_packet() instead of netdev_send().
      datapath: Don't set flags on internal vports.
      datapath: Remove vport from OVS_CB.
      datapath: Slim down the vport interface.
      datapath: Renumber non-upstreamable interfaces.
      tunneling: Reduce priority of multicast tunnels.
      tunneling: Separate out multicast port pools.
      datapath: Fix comment formatting.
      datapath: Reformat copyright messages.
      datapath: Fix flow table sparse RCU annotations.
      datapath: Fix whitespace error.
      datapath: Update startup banner.
      datapath: Fix unaligned access when storing stats.
      datapath: Better handle vlan packets sent to userspace.
      datapath: Use u64_stats_sync for datapath and vport stats.
      datapath: Add genl_dereference() and use it.
      datapath: Directly use methods for protecting RCU/RTNL data.
      datapath: Always notify in initial namespace for port deletions.
      datapath: Remove unused variable in dp_notify.c.
      datapath: Scope global symbols with ovs_ prefix.
      datapath: Fix build after global symbol rename.
      datapath: Don't use ipv6_addr_copy().
      datapath: Fix outdated comment.
      datapath: Remove custom version of ipv6_skip_exthdr().
      AUTHORS: Add Zhi Yong Wu.
      AUTHORS: Add Dan Carpenter.
      datapath: Alphabetize include/net/ipv6.h compat header.
      packet: Match userspace and kernel definition of ICMP header.
      datapath: IFF_OVS_DATAPATH is backported by RHEL 6.2.
      datapath: Fix version check for 3.2.
      AUTHORS: Add Linux upstream committers.
      datapath: Correct GRE checksum offset.
      datapath: Don't dereference potentially NULL vport in patch ports.
      datapath: Fix checksum update for actions on UDP packets.
      flow: Add length check when retrieving TCP flags.
      flow: Enable retrieval of TCP flags from IPv6 traffic.
      packet: Add additional TCP flags extraction on IPv6.
      datapath: Backport nla_put_be* functions.
      AUTHORS: Add David S. Miller
      datapath: Reset upper layer protocol info on internal devices.
      datapath: Backport net_warn_ratelimited() and friends.
      Add Tadaaki Nagao to AUTHORS.
      datapath: Relax set header validation.
      AUTHORS: Add Kyle Mestery.
      tests: Add delay in NetFlow unit tests before killing processes.
      datapath: Fix namespace refcount leak on failed init.
      datapath: Remove vport list node.
      datapath: Fix FLOW_BUFSIZE definition.
      datapath: Drop comment describing vport node.
      datapath: Add version info for out-of-tree modules.
      netdev-vport: Fix ToS/TTL mixup in unparsing.
      packets: Add ECN constants.
      flow: Extend struct flow to contain tunnel outer header.
      flow: Fix struct flow size build assertion failure.
      datapath: Print device when warning about over MTU packets.
      odp: Enable parsing ipv4_tunnel key.
      datapath: Remove flow refcount functionality.
      datapath: Include OVS_KEY_ATTR_IPV4_TUNNEL in upstream range.
      datapath: Don't write into IPV4_TUNNEL data when using TUN_ID.
      datapath: Don't allow flows installed with only TUN_ID.
      datapath: Shorten flow tunneling flags.
      datapath: Allow GRE64 to use flow based tunneling.
      tunnel: Zero keys if marked as not present.
      datapath: Use RCU callback when detaching netdevices.
      datapath: Zero out key when looking up null ports.
      datapath: Initialize tunnel_key pad member.
      datapath: Move LRO check from transmit to receive.
      Revert "datapath: Avoid null deref when GSO is for verifying header integrity only."
      datapath: Return correct error code when dumping flow actions.
      tunneling: Don't send ICMP messages if no tunnel port is found.

Joe Perches (3):
      treewide: Remove trailing whitespace
      treewide: Use pr_fmt and pr_<level>
      datapath: Convert net_ratelimit uses to net_<level>_ratelimited

Joe Stringer (11):
      packets: Adds ethernet-matching helper functions
      flow: Adds support for arbitrary ethernet masking
      nicira-ext: Fix nx-action documentation
      Add OXM_OF_METADATA field as a step toward OpenFlow 1.1 support.
      tests: Improve test coverage of OXM metadata field
      meta-flow: Reduce redundant transport set/get code
      man-pages: Add missing entry for matching metadata
      tests: Fix autopath tests
      datapath: Fix typo
      third-party: Fix tcpdump patch
      ofp-actions: Implement writing to metadata field

Jun Nakajima (1):
      Update INSTALL.XenServer to indicate that 5.6.0 is supported

Justin Pettit (531):
      vswitch: Send Xen UUIDs associated with system and networks
      vswitch: Fix OFMP alignment problem on 64-bit systems.
      vswitch: Fix typos in OFMP comments.
      Fix url in RPM spec.
      Xen: Fixes for core handling configuration
      xenserver: Send VIF details to controller
      xenserver: Add dump-vif-details to automake
      vswitch: Clarify what "ingress" means in policing
      vswitch: Fix memory leak when OFMP resource updates are sent
      xenserver: Remove debugging redirect from vif script
      vswitch: Add support for large OFMP messages
      xenserver: Fix key used to identify network UUID
      xenserver: xen 2.6.27 kernel doesn't need skb_checksum_setup defined
      Increase version number to v0.90.1.
      xenserver: Force reload of config file after VIF deleted
      xenserver: Handle slave disconnection more gracefully in xsconsole plugin
      xenserver: xsconsole plugin doesn't need execute permissions
      vswitchd: Reduce number of calls to reconfigure() during mgmt updates
      Add some comments to description to netdev functions.
      Remove references to Open vSwitch being a "virtual" switch
      vswitchd: Adding and removing mgmt interface breaks connection
      xenserver: Validate controller IP address in xsconsole
      Adjust Open vSwitch mailing lists to reflect reality
      xenserver: Remove cacert when user reconfigures the controller
      vswitch: Set minimum probe interval to 5 seconds
      Merge commit 'origin/citrix'
      Increase version number to 0.90.2.
      vswitchd: Enable updating resolv.conf by default when using discovery
      vswitchd: Add missing argument to check for update-resolv.conf config
      secchan: Display mgmt and datapath id in status messages
      Include "inttypes.h" to pickup definition of PRIu8.
      Have rconn and vconn export information about IPs and ports
      Show more information about connection when querying status.
      Provide method to locate device by IP and add more nodev functions to netdev
      secchan: Various fixes to run in-band on non-"local" port
      Provide ability to retrieve coverage information
      Fix small typo in ovs-ofctl man page.
      Remove "coverage/clear" command due its limited use
      Fix unitialized variable in coverage_log()
      First cut of guide to using Open vSwitch as a simple OpenFlow switch.
      Set version number to 0.90.3.
      Add INSTALL.bridge and INSTALL.OpenFlow to distribution
      Various clean-ups to INSTALL.OpenFlow
      Label the current "citrix" release 0.90.4.
      xenserver: Retrieve vSwitch version from binary in xsconsole
      Merge commit 'origin/citrix'
      Merge commit 'origin/citrix'
      Cleanup warnings about "save_ptr" in strtok_r argument
      vswitchd: Remove non-used function to prevent compiler warnings
      Fix tab/space issue in datapath-protocol.h
      Fix DHCP request source port and add port #define's
      vswitchd: Add unixctl command to dump all flows, including hidden ones
      XenServer: Correct license in spec file
      cfg: Terminate cfg to prevent crashes
      vswitchd: Initialize cfg properly and check return values
      datapath: Support jumbo frames in the datapath device
      ovs-dpctl: Add dump-dps command
      ovs-dpctl: Remove UNUSED attributed in do_show
      daemon: Provide option to not chdir to root
      secchan: Remove mention of "-f" flag as being equivalent "--fail"
      daemon: Remove short options from daemon library
      XenServer: Add knowledge of vswitch to xen-bugtool
      dpif: Only clear 'all_dps' argument in dp_enumerate().
      XenServer: Increase ulimit on open file descriptors in init script
      secchan: Clarify log message about failing open.
      mgmt: Local config changes can cause update failures from controller.
      ovs-pki: Add uniqueness to CA certs
      ovs-pki: Add uniqueness to CA certs
      xenserver: Add missing argument for fake-iface config
      datapath: Return EFBIG instead of EXFULL when no room in flow table
      Merge commit 'origin/citrix'
      Cleanup isdigit() warnings.
      dpif: Address portability issues in dpif-netdev
      mgmt: Cleanup handling of extended messages
      tests: Rename NTOHL/NTOHS macros
      Cleanup incorrect unitialized variable warnings.
      tests: Cleanup islower() warning.
      tests: Cleanup getsockname argument warning
      netdev: Fix reversed arguments in netdev_recv warning.
      ofproto: Cleanup bridge/dump-flows output
      in-band: Fix status checks that could prevent in-band updates
      secchan: Tighten in-band traffic always allowed into switch
      Return netmask along with IP address when querying through netdev
      Add ability for the datapath to match IP address in ARPs
      netdev: Add netdev_get_next_hop call
      dpif: Add dpif_port_get_name call
      in-band: Implement L3-based in-band control
      datapath: Don't drop MTU-sized VLAN packets from userspace
      Merge commit 'origin/citrix'
      logging: Lower logging level for coverage messages due to slow poll loops
      xenserver: Set default file log level and fix brcompatd file
      xenserver: Have ovs-brcompatd's log file rotated
      Merge commit 'origin/ctrix' into k
      Merge commit 'origin/citrix'
      xenserver: Have xen-bugtool collect OVS logs
      vswitch: Correctly identify slave status in /proc compatibility layer
      ovs-appctl: Correct "target" option synopsis in man page
      Add ChangeLog to track changes
      in-band: Document logic behind in-band's design.
      vswitch: More accurately identify slave status for compatibility
      Add ChangeLog to track changes
      Get ready to tag 0.90.5 release.
      dpif-linux: Fail earlier if OVS kernel module isn't loaded
      dpif-linux: Clarify bad device warning message
      xenserver: Include dbcache in xen-bugtool output
      Merge commit 'origin/citrix'
      xenserver: Fix dbcache location for xen-bugtool
      Prepare for v0.90.6 release.
      Merge commit 'v0.90.6' into citrix
      ovs-vswitchd: Document "bridge/dump-flows" management command
      flow: Differentiate between "port" when printing flows
      xenserver: Print program name on error in dump-vif-details
      openflow: Fix endian issues in flow expiration messages
      Mention running boot.sh when pulling sources from Git
      xenserver: Fix issue with deleting network UUID on VLAN destruction
      vconn: Clean-up "match" typo in comments
      ofp-print: Add missing error types
      ofproto: Correct structure length assertion for ofp_action_vlan_pcp
      ovs-openflowd: Setup default listener
      ofproto: Update time of super-rule to match sub-rule
      ovs-appctl: Fix shadow variable that could cause segfault
      datapath: Calculate proper checksum for set_tp_src/dst action
      ofproto: Support missing set_nw_dst and set_tp_dst translations
      ovs-ofctl: Add support for transport and network modification actions
      vconn: Fix endian issue in unknown action type error message
      datapath: Cleanup tab/space issues in datapath
      datapath: Remove unused print_flow() function
      Correct dameon options in INSTALL.bridge
      ovsdb-idlc: Remove "sha" deprecation warning
      vswitch.ovsidl: Various cleanups
      ovsdb: Minor cleanups to the SPECS file
      Updates for 0.90.6 release.
      dpif: Minor provider comment cleanups.
      netdev: Allow explicit creation of netdev objects
      ovs-vsctl: Fix traceback when telling target to reload
      vswitch: Add description for configuring GRE tunnels
      xenserver: Remove ip_gre kernel module when other modules are removed
      xenserver: Modify init scripts to use new configuration database
      Update .gitignore files
      ovs-vsctl: Fix minor memory leak in add_port().
      ovs-brcompatd: First cut at integration with new config db
      ovs-brcompatd: Change man page to reflect new config db changes
      xenserver: Remove references to "reload" in init script
      ovs-brcompatd: Remove references to locking config file
      xenserver: Fixes related to creating config DB in RPM spec file
      xenserver: Fix typo in dump-vif-details
      xenserver: Have brctl wrapper use config DB instead of config file
      vconn: Have check_action() perform all validation
      xenserver: Suppress output when creating initial config DB
      xenserver: Cleanup vswitch-xapi-update init script
      xenserver: Add xs-network-names to "external_ids" column in config db
      Have git ignore "vswitch-idl.txt"
      xenserver: Cleanup xs-network-uuids and xs-network-names usage
      ovs-vsctl: Set timeout to a default value of five seconds
      xenserver: Actually destroy VIFs by using ovs-vsctl
      Clean-up compiler warnings about ignoring return values
      ovs-vsctl: Add commands for modifying controller settings
      ovs-vsctl: Fix minor typo in error message
      ovs-vsctl: Don't allow controller configuration on fake bridges
      ovs-vsctl: Support configuring SSL.
      xenserver: Use ovs-vsctl for controller configuration in xsconsole
      Remove cfg library
      xenserver: Use ovs-appctl to reopen log files
      datapath: Add missing definitions for building GRE on older kernels
      xenserver: Fix small typo in vswitch-xapi-update
      Add extended vlog options to utilities
      vconn: Add comment describing usage of VCONN_SSL_LONG_OPTIONS
      ovs-vsctl: Add support for extended vlog options
      debian: Create the config database if it doesn't exist on startup
      debian: Fix tab/space issues
      ovs-vsctl: Print correct fail-mode
      vswitchd: Fix issue of networking not working when Tools not installed
      ovs-brcompatd: Don't consume CPU if can't connect to config db
      ovsdb: Provide helper function to determine if IDL has ever connected
      ovs-vsctl: Don't mask timeout argument
      Release Open vSwitch 0.99.0.
      ovs-vsctl: Add option to create fake iface when adding a bond
      xenserver: Give ovs-vsctl a bit more time to do its work
      netdev: Increase default ingress policing burst size
      rtnetlink: Fix typo in comments referencing rtnetlink_notifier_register()
      Release Open vSwitch 0.99.1
      Merge branch 'master' into next
      Merge branch 'next' of repo.nicira.com:/srv/git/openvswitch into next
      xenserver: Fix permissions on new interface-reconfigure files
      xenserver: Exclude compile Python byte code from packaging
      xenserver: Various cleanups to get OVS to work with XenServer 5.5
      vswitch: Set control_ip in sFlow configuration
      xenserver: Exclude compile Python byte code from packaging
      xenserver: Fix VIF script to work with XenServer 5.5
      Release Open vSwitch 0.99.2
      ofproto: Match VLAN PCP and rewrite ToS bits (OpenFlow 0.9)
      ofproto: Check overlap, emerg flow cache, and error code sync (OpenFlow 0.9)
      ofproto: Add selective Flow Removed messages and flow deletes (OpenFlow 0.9)
      ofproto: Cleanups to openflow.h (OpenFlow 0.9)
      ofproto: Add support for barrier command (OpenFlow 0.9)
      ofproto: Use 64-bit datapath id and management id (OpenFlow 0.9)
      ofproto: Add user-specifiable datapath description (OpenFlow 1.0)
      ofproto: Add support for flow cookies (OpenFlow 1.0)
      ofproto: Add support for matching IP addresses in ARP header (OpenFlow 1.0)
      ofproto: Improve resolution of flow stats and removed messages (OpenFlow 1.0)
      ofproto: Match on IP ToS/DSCP bits (OpenFlow 1.0)
      ofproto: Querying port stats for individual ports (OpenFlow 1.0)
      ofproto: Add wire-compatibility for slicing (OpenFlow 1.0)
      ofproto: Set protocol version to 0x01 (OpenFlow 1.0)
      ofproto: Don't leak descriptions when destroying an ofproto
      Don't go beyond buffer length when printing descriptions
      ovs-openflowd: Fix typo in comment describing dp_desc
      ovs-vswitchd: Remove inline OpenFlow descriptions
      ovs-openflowd: Standardize on OpenFlow description option
      ofproto: Always terminate OpenFlow description strings
      ezio: Fix typo in function call
      openflow: Fix frag config flag values
      dpif-netdev: Clarify function to modify VLAN TCI field
      bridge: Map an "internal" config device type to a "system" netdev type
      Properly escape quotes in process_escape_args() library function
      xenserver: Various fixes for vif script
      ovs-brcompatd: Add rate-limit argument to rate-limited log call
      ovs-brcompatd: Add comments to config db transactions
      veth: Remove obvious debug printk's
      brcompat: Print warning when kernel times out waiting for userspace
      Add "external_ids" column to Open_vSwitch table, add "system-uuid" on Xen.
      ofp-print: Cleanup typos in print OpenFlow Flow Stats Reply
      xenserver: Add ovsdb-server logs to xen-bugtool
      xenserver: Remove support for setting different controllers for datapaths
      xenserver: Make OVS xsconsole plugin configure management channel
      xenserver: Add ovsdb-server status to xsconsole vswitch overview
      Cleanup default file locations and XenServer packaging
      xenserver: Correct renaming issue in openvswitch-xapi-update
      xenserver: Only show ovs-brcompatd status in xsconsole for XS 5.5.0
      xenserver: Update MD5 sums of scripts for 5.5.900-29381p
      xenserver: Don't reload ovs-brcompatd's log file if it's not running
      xenserver: Add emergency_reset hook to XAPI plugin
      debian: Fix executable name of ovs-controller in init script
      ovs-monitor: Put run files in "/var/run/openvswitch"
      debian: Fix references to OpenFlow in ovs-switch-config template
      debian: Bring Debian packaging in-line with new file locations
      Define IQ macro for SSL man page fragment
      debian: Add $remote_fs to Required-Start/-Stop field in init scripts
      debian: Clarify packages' purpose in description
      debian: Cleanup config template for Lintian
      debian: Updated templates.pot
      xenserver: Only rotate files that end in .log
      xenserver: Minor spec file cleanups
      xenserver: Don't install xsconsole plugin as symlink
      xenserver: Remove stray "\" in spec file
      vswitchd: Fix small memory leak in bridge_init
      xenserver: Put kernel modules in "extra" directory
      leak-checker: Document "--leak-limit" option
      vswitch: Mark bridge_update_desc argument as unused
      ovs-ofctl: Allow setting cookie as a decimal or hex value
      print: Print mod_vlan_vid action in decimal
      xenserver: Do not raise XenAPIPlugin.Failure in xsconsole plugin
      xenserver: Only register xsconsole plugin if OVS is running
      xenserver: Allow use first class datamodel field for controller IP
      xenserver: Fix ip_gre_mod modprobe issue in init script
      ovs-vsctl: Cleanup some formatting in man page
      veth: Fix problems removing veth devices
      xenserver: Load veth driver on 2.6.18 systems
      netdev: Add support for "patch" type
      xenserver: Fix name of veth module so it can be loaded on startup
      xenserver: Set internal network-uuids in Bridge table on XS5.5
      xenserver: Clean-up space/tabs issues in vif script
      datapath: Define kmemdup() for kernels older than 2.6.19
      veth: Do a better job cleaning up on rmmod
      Have git ignore new symlinks and dynamic files from datapath builds
      xenserver: Fix typo in prompt
      ovs-vsctl: Add emergency reset command
      xenserver: Wire up emergency reset plug-in and call it on manager change
      Fix issue with "strict" deletion of flows
      Release Open vSwitch 1.0.0
      datapath: Add stddef.h compat header to list of files in distributions
      Don't define "skb_dst_drop" if other skb_dst accessor funcs are defined
      datapath: Fix build with backported dev_get_stats().
      dpif: Include stat.h header
      Release Open vSwitch 1.0.1
      Open vSwitch: Be more definitive about fixing wdp issues in PORTING
      xenserver: Don't start OVS if network.conf isn't "openvswitch"
      xenserver: Don't complain for "bridge" network.conf value
      debian: Correct naming in init scripts
      ofp-parse: Break string-to-openflow parsing into library functions
      learning-switch: Add ability to define default flows
      ovs-controller: Add ability to define default flows
      vswitchd: Remove default controller config from Open_vSwitch table
      vswitchd: Move fail-mode config to Bridge table
      vswitchd: Don't act as learning switch in secure mode with no controllers
      datapath: Fix undefined symbol "set_normalized_timespec"
      datapath: Clean-up previous undefined symbol commit
      vswitch: Add port status column to Port table
      vswitch: Break out XenServer-specific external ids
      xenserver: Report the system type and version as external ids
      xenserver: Prepend XenServer external ids with "xs-"
      xenserver: Add monitor-external-ids daemon
      Release Open vSwitch 1.1.0-pre1
      XenServer builds barf on hyphens in versions.
      netflow: Send multiple records for byte counts > UINT32_MAX
      xenserver: Don't monitor external-ids until XAPI is up
      xenserver: Don't delete pidfile when stopping monitor-external-ids
      Release Open vSwitch 1.1.0pre2
      datapath: Increase default MTU on patch ports
      vswitchd: Remove duplicate "external_id" from Interface table
      ovsdb-tool: Remove reference to non-implemented "extract-schema" command
      Indicate that OVS only works with kernels 2.6.18 and greater
      debian: Allow automake versions greater than or equal to 1.10
      debian: Add support for GRE-over-IPsec
      vswitch: Reference ipsec_local_ip and ipsec_psk with underscores
      debian: Use DODTIME instead of DIETIME in init scripts
      vswitch: Disable header-caching when IPsec is enabled
      netdev: Cleanup minor comment formatting issues.
      vswitch: Consistently use spaces instead of tabs in vswitch.xml
      debian: Create ovs-monitor-ipsec rundir if it doesn't exist
      debian: Restart ovs-monitor-ipsec when --monitor specified
      Add Nicira extension for modifying queue without transmitting
      ovs-openflowd: Don't segfault when no controllers specified
      classifier: Add missing argument in CLASSIFIER_FOR_EACH_EXACT_RULE_SAFE
      netdev: Don't divide by zero when "linux-htb" zero min-rate is used
      netdev: Enforce a floor "linux-htb" min-rate
      odp-util: Remove extraneous "set_tci(" from format_odp_action()
      ofproto: Update flow context for resubmit on VLAN actions
      netflow: Back-out optimization that could lead to infinite loop
      netdev-vport: Actually destroy the vport when "destroy" is called
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Add ability to traverse NATs
      ovs-vswitchd: Add ability to disable in-band on a bridge
      bridge: Log port destruction
      ovs-vsctl: Prevent double-free when retrying a transaction
      ovs-external-ids: Better handle VIFs from recently resumed VMs
      ofproto: Print "drop" action when dumping hidden flows
      ofproto: Add coverage counter for reinit_ports()
      PORTING: Update to describe netdev-vport.c
      ofp-util: Fix offset when making Nicira extension error messages.
      ofp-util: Fix starting offset of OpenFlow error messages.
      ofp-print: Print Nicira error extension messages.
      ofproto: Fix problem that caused facets not to be installed into datapath.
      datapath: Return vport configuration when queried.
      ovs-dpctl: Print extended information about vports.
      debian: Don't require ipsec_local_ip to configure IPsec
      vswitch: Use "ipsec_gre" vport instead of "gre" with "other_config"
      vswitch: Remove unnecessary iface_get_options function
      vswitch: Add support for IPsec certificate authentication.
      debian: Require ipsec-tools version 0.8~alpha20101208.
      vswitch: Provide option to pull cert from SSL table
      xenserver: Remove "Required-" parameters from "openvswitch" init script.
      uuid: Correct name of header file in comment.
      Add some new generated files to .gitignore.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Use "require" when adding SPD entries.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Create cert directory if it doesn't exist.
      tests: Skip frequently hanging "closes standard fds" tests
      Debian: Don't include ovs-vlan-test man page in "common" package.
      debian: Remove extra space in switch init script.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix small typo about nw_tos in man page.
      ovs-ofctl: Group NXM field matches into own subsection of man page.
      tests: Add test suite for packets.h.
      lib: Replace IP_TYPE_ references with IPPROTO_.
      nicira-ext: Support matching ARP source and target hardware addresses.
      nicira-ext: Support matching IPv6 traffic.
      nicira-ext: Support matching IPv6 Neighbor Discovery messages.
      debian: Backup OVSDB db file before converting it.
      xenserver: Consistently use spaces instead of tabs in init script.
      debian: Store more system information in OVSDB.
      datapath: Increase size of max nlattr-formatted flow to 132.
      datapath: Better calculate max nlattr-formatted flow size.
      xenserver: Remove brctl wrapper script.
      xenserver: Remove support for XenServer versions older than 5.6 FP1.
      xenserver: Rename ovs-external-ids to ovs-xapi-sync.
      jsonrpc.py: Import "ovs.json".
      ovsdb: Fix double free in ovsdb_file_open_log().
      ovs-brcompatd: Fix memory leak in handle_fdb_query_cmd().
      ofproto: Free "controller_name" in ofconn_run().
      discovery: Free "buffer" in discovery_set_accept_controller_re().
      ovsdb-data: Free string leaked in ovsdb_datum_from_string().
      daemon: Fix leak of string in make_pidfile().
      ovsdb: Free "error" string in ovsdb_execute_insert().
      socket-util: Free strings in make_sockaddr_un() error handling.
      ovsdb: Don't check "date" before assignment in ovsdb_file_txn_from_json().
      ovs-vsctl: Check "key" is valid before dereferencing in get_external_id().
      vconn: Fix comparison that should be assignment in vconn_open_block().
      table: Free "error" in cell_to_text().
      netdev-linux: Zero-out "sin" in netdev_linux_arp_lookup().
      ovs-vsctl: Free "columns" in cmd_find().
      test-ovsdb: Don't leak return value from ovsdb_txn_commit().
      ovsdb-tool: Close "log" in do_show_log().
      nx-match: Don't fall through case when handling dest mcast mac addresses.
      ovsdb-idl: Remove deadcode related to "reply" in ovsdb_idl_run().
      ovsdb: Warn when result of ovsdb_txn_commit() is ignored and fix caller.
      xenserver: Remove other_config option for setting controller.
      netdev-vport: Don't warn when a tunnel key is set.
      netdev-vport: Warn on IPsec tunnels when ovs-monitor-ipsec not running.
      system-stats: Don't bother calling kill() after read_pidfile().
      netdev-vport: Don't create port when ovs-monitor-ipsec not running.
      netdev-vport: Log at ERR level when port won't be created.
      odp-util: Print tunnel ids in host-order.
      ofproto: Allow tunnel id to be in decimal or hex for trace command.
      Release Open vSwitch 1.1.0
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Allow IKE fragmentation
      xenserver: Use xe-switch-network-stack in RPM spec file.
      xenserver: Better document scriplet action in RPM spec file.
      xenserver: Fix bugs related to using xe-switch-network-backend in spec file.
      vlog: Output configuration list in alphabetical order.
      Remove NXAST_DROP_SPOOFED_ARP action.
      ofproto: Correct comment describing set_netflow().
      netdev: Add methods to do netdev-specific argument comparisons.
      ofproto: Rename ofproto-sflow.[ch] to ofproto-dpif-sflow.[ch].
      netdev-vport: Don't use ipsec options for either arg in config_equal_ipsec().
      ovs-ofctl: Document "in_port" action in man page.
      PORTING: Add some minor clarifications.
      ofproto: Rename "private.h" to "ofproto->provider.h".
      Update version to reflect this branch is for post-1.1.x development.
      debian: Fix path for ovsdb-server in init script.
      Update ChangeLog to reflect changes since 1.1.0.
      Prepare Open vSwitch 1.2.0 release.
      Prepare for a post-1.2.0 world (1.2.90).
      util: Introduce get_program_version function.
      ovs-appctl: Add "version" command to print version of running daemons.
      ovs-appctl: Add common commands to man page.
      vswitch.xml: Remove unused "hwaddr" other-config key.
      datapath: Correct comment for vport_add().
      datapath-protocol: Correct a description in odp_flow_attr structure.
      datapath: Use "OVS_*" as opposed to "ODP_*" for user<->kernel interactions.
      bridge: Make bridge_pick_local_hw_addr() easier to reason.
      netdev-linux: Introduce netdev_linux_ethtool_set_flag().
      datapath: Disable LRO from userspace instead of the kernel.
      Set MTU in userspace rather than kernel.
      ovsdb-tool: Correct markup for 'db' argument in show-log description.
      ovs-bugtool: Use RUNDIR macro for ovs-appctl target.
      ovs-appctl: Print command arguments for "help".
      cfm: Make argument to ovs-appctl "cfm/show" command optional.
      lacp: Make argument to ovs-appctl "lacp/show" command optional.
      ovs-vswitchd: Document "coverage/log" in man page.
      bugtool: Collect "lacp/show" and "cfm/show" information.
      xenserver: Correct location of xen-bugtool plugins.
      xenserver: Update README to be current.
      ovs-vsctl: Remove "cfm_remote_mpid" from man page.
      cfm: Cleanup output of ovs-appctl "cfm/show" command.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix small typo in comment.
      nicira-ext: Bump number of registers to five from four.
      nicira-ext: Fix build problems on 64-bit systems.
      bridge: Fix comment describing iface_refresh_cfm_stats().
      ovs-vsctl: Print warning for invalid controller and manager targets.
      ovs-vsctl: Update man page description of controller support.
      ofproto-dpif: Update bundle when OFPPC_NO_FLOOD changed.
      ovs-vsctl: Fix small formatting error in man page.
      ofproto: Fix comment describing ofport_modified().
      packets.h: Fix STP destination MAC address.
      Add back 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) library code.
      Various bug fixes and cleanups to STP library.
      ofproto: Mark 'ofproto' arg in is_mirror_output_bundle() as const.
      ofproto: Add function to set OpenFlow state and update controller.
      ovs-vswitchd: Add support for 802.1D STP.
      debian: Start ovs-monitor-ipsec after ovsdb running.
      Declare the version as "1.3.0".
      Prepare for post-1.3.0 (1.3.90).
      ovs-ofctl: Correct bad reference in parse-flows error message.
      tests: Provide banner for ODP tests.
      nx-match: Increase upper bound length for an nx_match.
      meta-flow: Update mf_field description of size.
      ofproto-dpif: Actually disable STP on port when disabling STP on port.
      datapath: Properly calculate checksum when updating TOS field.
      ovs-ofctl: Clarify that nw_tos doesn't match on ARP.
      flow: Rearrange IPv6 addresses to remove potential hole in structure.
      Support matching IPv6 flow label.
      Don't overload IP TOS with the frag matching bits.
      Support matching and modifying IP ECN bits.
      Support matching and modifying IP TTL.
      odp-util: Use PRIu8 instead of PRId8 when printing ip_proto.
      datapath: Rename ipv6_tos to ipv6_tclass.
      Prepend "nw_" to "frag" and "tos" elements.
      classifier: Don't check masks when adding IPv4/IPv6 addresses.
      ofp-util: Rename MAY_IPV6_ADDR to MAY_IPV6.
      flow: Use FWW_ flags to wildcard IP DSCP and ECN.
      flow: htons() zero initializers to make their size more clear.
      stp: Track BPDU tx and rx counts.
      stp: Fix tick remainder calculation.
      ofproto: Disable STP when unregistering a port.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix segfault in mirror_update_dups().
      mirroring: Use more generic terms for mirroring.
      ovs-vswitchd: Track packet and byte statistics sent on mirrors.
      mirroring: Don't require the "normal" action to perform mirroring.
      Declare the version as "1.4.0".
      Prepare for post-1.4.0 (1.4.90).
      netdev-linux: Don't restrict policing to IPv4 and don't call "tc".
      ovs-ofctl: Fix error in man page related to TCI masks.
      Add ability to restrict flow mods and flow stats requests to cookies.
      ovs-ofctl: Fix "cookie mask" issue in diff-flows command.
      ofproto-dpif: Have lookup_input_bundle() return a bundle.
      ofproto-dpif: Fake-up OFPP_NONE input bundle for mirroring and normal.
      ofproto-dpif.at: Add test for normal action with OFPP_NONE in_port.
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Don't reconfigure cert-based authentication as often.
      Don't specify program name in passive connection man page fragments.
      Prepare for post-1.5.0 (1.5.90).
      NEWS: Point out userspace is compatible with Linux 3.3 OVS kernel module.
      Set dates for 1.4.0 release.
      ovs-vsctl.at: Use full name for referring to the "NetFlow" table.
      Prepare for post-1.6.0 (1.6.90).
      ovs-monitor-ipsec: Use all caps for global constants.
      WHY-OVS: Update to reflect OVS's inclusion in Linux 3.3.
      ofproto: Rate-limit STP status errors on non-existent ports.
      OpenFlow: Move stats message enums into "common".
      ofproto: Add support for OF1.3 port description multipart message.
      ofp-util: Add ofputil_switch_features_ports_trunc function.
      ofp-util: Factor out determining physical port size.
      ovs-ofctl: Support large number of ports with "show" command.
      ovs-ofctl: Use port description stat to look up ports when necessary.
      Prepare for 1.7.
      Prepare for post-1.7.0 (1.7.90).
      ofp-util: Clean up cookie handling.
      NEWS: Move learning timeout changes to 1.5.0 section.
      Set dates for release of 1.5.0.
      FAQ: Add FAQ entries from website.
      FAQ: Add additional entries.
      IntegrationGuide: A guide to help platform integrators.
      Update dates and notes for 1.6.1 release.
      ipsec gre: Don't cache bad ovs-monitor-ipsec pid values.
      Prepare for 1.8.
      Prepare for post-1.8.0 (1.8.90).
      Fix "*tivty" typos.
      NEWS: Document flow setup improvement in 1.7 release.
      ovs-ctl.in: Consistently use spaces instead of tabs.
      ovs-ctl.in: Don't stop forwarding while restarting the database.
      dpif: Allow the port number to be requested when adding an interface.
      ovs-dpctl: Allow requesting the port number from "add-if" command.
      Set dates for release of 1.7.0.
      vconn: Properly line up description for "tcp:" and "ssl:" usage.
      vlog: Ignore return value of some write() calls.
      ovs-vsctl: Add "--real" and "--fake" options to "list-br".
      ovs-ctl: Don't run "ovs-save save-flows" on fake bridges.
      ofp-util: Fix typo in invalid port range error message.
      meta-flow: Don't allow negative port numbers.
      dpif-linux: Report dropped lost messages at WARN level.
      worker: Don't have worker abort when parent dies.
      ofp-parse: Ignore "idle_age" and "hard_age" when parsing a flow string.
      NEWS: Rearrange announcements related to 1.9.
      Set dates for 1.9.0 release.

Keith Amidon (2):
      Minor documentation fixups.
      Add ability to set controller for specific bridges

Kyle Mestery (3):
      Bump up the supported kernel versions to include 3.5.x.
      datapath: Add support for tun_key to Open vSwitch datapath
      Update INSTALL.Fedora to mention Fedora 17 instead of Fedora 15

Leo Alterman (3):
      datapath: fix typo in README
      lockfile: Remove lockfile_lock timeout argument
      timeval: On Linux x86-64 systems refresh time whenever it is requested.

Luca Giraudo (1):
      ofproto-dpif-sflow: allow sFlow to infer the agent device.

Mehak Mahajan (22):
      Allow configuring DSCP on controller and manager connections.
      Granular link health statistics for cfm.
      Revert "Granular link health statistics for cfm."
      Granular link health statistics for cfm.
      Added handling of previously ignored cfm faults.
      No need to restart DB / OVS on changing dscp value.
      jsonrpc: Correctly setting the dscp value before reconnect.
      Reapplying the dscp changes: No need to restart DB/OVS on changing dscp value.
      Setting miss_send_len on receiving NXT_SET_ASYNC_CONFIG message.
      Improving comment for OFP10_VLAN_NONE.
      Fix a typo in commit f973f2af2.
      Create .conf.db.~lock~ in same dir as DBDIR.
      Adding checksum to IP packets created by ovs for testing.
      Adding checksum to ICMP packets created by OVS for testing.
      Correct number of bytes to allocated for slaves in bundle action.
      Add Nicira vendor extension action NXAST_DEC_TTL_CNT_IDS.
      ovsdb/jsonrpc-server: ovsdb-server closes accepted connections immediately.
      Change logging format for flows to that accepted by ofproto/trace.
      Do not print ICMP fields for non IP packets.
      ARP packets must have print arp_tpa/arp_spa instead of nw_dst/nw_src.
      Allow processing of RARP packets.
      Process RARP packets with ethertype 0x8035 similar to ARP packets.

Neil McKee (5):
      Allow sFlowCpInterval=0 to disable counter samples, and fix bug in sampler removal.
      sflow: Include Ethernet FCS in frame_length to comply with sFlow spec.
      sflow: Properly fill in initial destination VLAN in sFlow output.
      sflow: Always add poller and sampler together.
      sFlow: add Sun Industry Standards Source License 1.1 as licensing option

Patrick Mullaney (4):
      xenserver: Only start ovs-external-ids on XenServer.
      xenserver: Don't require /etc/xensource/network.conf if not on XenServer.
      xenserver: Add defaults for ENABLE_BRCOMPAT, ENABLE_FAKE_PROC_NET.
      xenserver: Remove Linux bridge on startup if no bridges exist.

Peter Senna Tschudin (1):
      datapath: Remove unecessary semicolon

Philippe Jung (1):
      INSTALL.Linux: Fix up reference to old option name --with-l26.

Pravin B Shelar (81):
      datapath: Fix tunnel hashing.
      datapath: Strip down vport interface - ifIndex.
      datapath: Fix recv path for CONFIG_PREEMPT_RCU.
      datapath: Remove RT kernel support.
      ofproto-dpif: Fix in-band action for sFlow.
      tunnel: hh_cache access cleanup
      tunnel: Handle hh_cache access for Linux kernel 3.1
      datapath: Update supported kernel check.
      datapath: Refactor actions in terms of match fields.
      datapath: Convert kernel priority actions into match/set.
      datapath: Convert internal_dev to ndo_fix_features.
      datapath: Define net_device_ops->ndo_get_stats64() for internal_dev.
      datapath: Fix coding style issues.
      datapath: Fix vport tx_packets count.
      datapath: Update kernel support to 3.2.
      datapath: Fix compiler warning on older kernel.
      datapath: Use skb_copy_and_csum_dev() to csum upcall packet.
      datapath: Remove unnecessary definition of is_internal_vport()
      datapath: Don't use Nicira's OUI for generating mac-address.
      datapath: remove actions.h
      datapath: Use correct ethernet addr len.
      datapath: Dont export get_dp().
      datapath: Fix pop_vlan().
      ofproto-dpif: Fix memory leak.
      ofproto-dpif: Delete un-fit flow from datapath.
      datapath: Fix build on RHEL 5.5
      ofproto: Device stats should include packets generated by userspace/controller
      sflow: Use ofproto_port_get_stats().
      datapath: Add genl_exec().
      datapath: Fix OVS compat workqueue support.
      datapath: Implement flow table re-hashing.
      odp-util: Handle ipv6 in set nw action.
      ofproto: New action TTL decrement.
      netdev-linux: Add MTU check before setting MTU.
      datapath: Add support for namespace.
      datapath: Increase maximum number of datapath ports.
      netdev-linux: Fix stats for ovs internal device.
      netdev-linux: Make netdev_set_policing coverage counter consistent with other counters.
      netdev-linux: Cache drv-info for net device.
      netdev-linux: Cache error code from mtu ioctl.
      netdev-linux: Cache error code from ether-addr ioctl.
      netdev-linux: Cache error code from set-policing.
      netdev-linux: Cache error code from get-features.
      netdev-linux: Cache error code from do_get_ifindex().
      ofproto: Fix internal port mtu setting.
      datapath: Move CSUM_MANGLED_0 definition to net checksum header.
      netdev: Rename netdev->get_status() to netdev->get_drv_info().
      datapath: Support for kernel 3.3
      ofproto: Optimize internal device MTU update
      vswitchd: Do not refresh existing iface on new device addition.
      datapath: Validation of IPv6 set port action uses IPv4 header
      tunnel: Accept 'set options:tos' as hex value.
      datapath: Fix Tunnel options TOS
      datapath: Avoid system freeze due to ovs-flow-rehash softlockup.
      datapath: Fix use-after-free bug in dp_notify.
      datapath: Fix sparse warning on BUILD_BUG_ON_NOT_POWER_OF_2 definition.
      datapath: Check currect return value from skb_gso_segment()
      datapath: Make 'struct work_struct' consistent with kernel definition.
      datapath: Support for kernel 3.4.
      datapath: 64-bit GRE support
      datapath: Fix GRE tunnel without any key.
      datapath: Allow GRE64 tunnels without any key.
      datapath: Optimize flow key match for non tunnel flows.
      datapath: Tunnel port without destination IP.
      datapath: Fix zero key tunnels.
      datapath: Add Upstream id for GRE type.
      datapath: enable encap for capwap.
      netdev: Deprecate CAPWAP support.
      datapath: Fix sparse warning for symbol 'BUILD_BUG_ON_NOT_POWER_OF_2'
      datapath: Remove tunnel header caching.
      datapath: Add support for 3.6 kernel.
      datapath: Add missing bug.h file
      vswitchd: Fix function prototype of packet_set_ipv6()
      odp-utils: Refactor slow_path_reason parse and format functions.
      odp-utils: Print human readable ipv4-tunnel-key flags.
      vswitchd: Log all tunnel parameters of given flow.
      brcompat: Mark ovs-brcompat as deprecated.
      datapath: More flexible kernel/userspace tunneling attribute.
      datapath: Fix Flow dump operation.
      datapath: Fix nelink attribute size for flow.
      datapath: Clear struct ovs_key_ipv4_tunnel padding.

Pravin Shelar (12):
      Strip down vport interface : iflink
      datapath: Fix br_nlmsg_size
      datapath: VLAN actions should use push/pop semantics
      datapath: Improve kernel hash table
      datapath: Strip down vport interface : OVS_VPORT_ATTR_MTU
      datapath: Fix tunnel lookup
      datapath:  Always use generic stats for devices (vports)
      sflow: Use ODP-port number to lookup ifindex.
      datapath: Fix OVS build failure on older kernel
      sFlow: Genericize/simplify kernel sFlow implementation
      datapath: Avoid skb-clone in upcall
      datapath: Streamline tunnel port lookup

Raju Subramanian (2):
      ovs-bugtool: Add ability to prioritize files by date.
      Global replace of Nicira Networks.

Ralf Spenneberg (1):
      build: Add support for building RPMs for Fedora Linux

Reid Price (2):
      dump-vif-details:  Safeguard 'finally' code
      stream.py: Don't use class decorators.

Rich Lane (1):
      datapath: Fix ovs_vport_cmd_del return value on success

Rob Hoes (2):
      xenserver: Reduce number of xapi DB calls in plugin
      xenserver: Improve efficiency of code by using get_all_records_where()

Romain Lenglet (1):
      ofp-print: always print the flow nw_tos if not wildcarded

Sajjad Lateef (10):
      debian: Add openvswitch-python package
      debian: Rename openvswitch-python to python-openvswitch
      Create /etc/openvswitch dir when package is installed.
      debian: Modify ovs-bugtool to include collectd rrd logs
      xenserver: Collect /proc/slabinfo in a Server Status Report
      xenserver: modify module spec file
      xenserver: modify module spec file
      xenserver: remove unneeded macro definitions
      xenserver: remove unneeded macro definitions
      xenserver: Collect xenserver configured timezone in bugtool report

Sanjay Sane (1):
      Option to forward BPDU (Ethernet control class) frames

Shan Wei (1):
      datapath: kill duplicate included header

Shih-Hao Li (2):
      Add tar.gz output option in ovs-bugtool
      ovs-bugtool: Add support for user-provided output filename.

Simon Horman (167):
      Debian: Add Ben Pfaff and Simon Horman the uploaders
      Debian: Update to standards version 3.9.1
      Debian: Add Build-Depends on python
      Debian: Use ${source:Version} for versioned dependencies as appropriate
      debian: Add override of non-standard-dir-perm to corekeeper
      debian: Use horms at debian.org the uploaders field
      datapath: dont use non-existent receive hooks
      datapath: Handle duplicate netdev in netdev_rx_handler_register()
      datapath: rtable may not have a u. member
      datapath: Take a rcu_dereference() in netdev_get_vport()
      datapath: use rx_handler_data pointer
      datapath: Use rtnl_link_stats64
      datapath: struct brport_attribute no longer has an owner element
      Debian: make debian/copyright more friendly to the ftpmasters
      datapath: Unconditionally call kfree_skb()
      Debian: Add Homepage
      Debian: openswitch-dbg should depend on the packages it has debugging symbols for
      datapath: Include linux/version.h in action.h for LINUX_VERSION
      Debian: Add Joe Perches to debian/copyright
      datapath: Include net/udp.h in vport-capwap.c
      debian: Add override of non-standard-dir-perm to corekeeper
      debian: Dont fail init if module cant be inserted
      debian: The second argument to m-a should be openvswitch-datapath
      debian: update copyright for xenserver/
      debian: Make the init script's start command idempotent
      datapath: IFF_OVS_DATAPATH will exist in in 2.6.37
      datapath: The definition of struct tbl is needed by rcu_dereference()
      debian: Remove ${shlibs:Depends} dependency pki packages
      datapath: Treat GSO skbs as if they were fragments
      debian: Update changelog for 1.1.0~pre2.g1.bbe8d06e-1 upload
      Debian: Update change log for 1.1.0~pre2.g2.ea763e0e-1 upload
      Debian: install man pages
      datapath: Clear rxhash when using an action that may affect it
      datapath: Update for changes in 2.6.39-rc1
      Debian: Add ${misc:Depends} dependency to python-openvswitch
      Debian: Update standards version from 3.9.1 to 3.9.2
      Debian: ${source:Version} dependency on python-openvswitch
      Debian: Update changelog for 1.1.0-1 and 1.1.1-1
      Debian: set source format to 3.0 (quilt)
      datapath: Support Linux 3.0
      ofproto: Simplify bucket finding in facet_max_idle()
      datapath: An expanded table should be larger than its predecessor
      ofproto-dpif: Allow setting of flow eviction threshold
      datapath: Allow table to expand to have TBL_MAX_BUCKETS buckets
      datapath: Allow the number of hash entries to exceed TBL_MAX_BUCKETS
      ovs-dpctl: Show number of flows
      Debian: Add dependency on ${misc:Depends}
      docs: Suppress "warning: macro `DD' not defined" warning
      docs: Add missing escape
      Debian: set -e in brcompat postinst
      debian: Transition to dh_python2
      ovs-ctl: Add load-kmod command
      Debian: fail gracefully if modules can't be loaded on install
      Include <sys/socket.h> in socket-util.h
      Include <sys/time.h> in socket-util.h
      Add fallback definition of SIG_ATOMIC_MAX
      Do not include net/ethernet.h and linux/if_tunnel.h
      Remove netdev_find_dev_by_in4
      Include sys/wait.h for WIFEXITED
      Include sys/socket.h for SOCK_STREAM
      Make unixctl_command_register() idempotent
      stream: Make classes const
      Debian: Depend on python (>= 2.7) | python-argparse
      debian: Add dependency on ${misc:Depends} to openvswitch-test
      ovs-ofctl: Remove documentation that ovs-ofctl uses TUN_ID_FROM_COOKIE
      ovs-ofctl: Clarify that tun_id will not be nonzero unless the key is nonzero
      debian: Update changelog for 1.4.0-2 upload
      ofp-util: Remove duplicate declaration of ofputil_decode_packet_in()
      Make the string parameters const for do_flow_mod__()
      Use struct nicira_header nxh in struct nx_set_flow_format
      Add error codes for Open Flow v1.2
      Add some missing common Open Flow definitions
      Use ovs_be32 in nx_flow_mod_table_id
      Use ovs_be16 in ofp_queue_prop_min_rate
      Move structures into openflow-common.h
      Add some missing Open Flow 1.0 definitions
      Add some missing Open Flow 1.1 definitions
      Definitions for Open Flow 1.2
      datapath: tunnelling: capwap: UDP_ENCAP_CAPWAP is an abitrary value
      datapath: Include linux/completion.h
      datapath: Use ETH_ALEN instead of VLAN_ETH_ALEN
      Correct OFPXMC12_{OPENFLOW_BASIC,EXPERIMENTER} definitions
      Add OXM_OF_* definitions
      Add OXM data to mf_fields
      ofproto-dpif: Make parameters const.
      Remove forward declaration of vsp_vlandev_to_realdev()
      ovs-dpctl: Don't include include/openvswitch/tunnel.h
      openflow: Use spaces for indentation
      nx-match: Add parsing and serialisation of OXM matches.
      openflow: Add ofp11_group
      openflow: Add Open Flow 1.2 to ofp_to_string__()
      openflow: Rename OFP_VLAN_NONE as OFP10_VLAN_NONE
      NXM, OXM: Add Flow Label Tests
      meta-flow: Remove mf_set_subfield and mf_set_subfield
      OXM, NXM: Add tests for all zero and all one masks
      ofproto: More vlan tests
      OXM: Allow masking of IPv6 Flow Label
      classifier: Add helpers for setting ethernet addresses
      OXM: Allow masking of ARP SHA and THA
      ofp-util: Add OFPUTIL_P_OF12 and NXFF_OPENFLOW12
      OXM: Add encoding of VLAN VID and VLAN PCP
      OXM: Add VLAN VID as a prerequisite for VLAN PCP
      tests: OXM VLAN match encoding and decoding
      OXM: Add tests for masked VLAN VID match
      openflow: Add enum ofp_version
      ofproto: As of Open Flow 1.1 switch_features has no capabilities field
      ofp-util: Add of12_action_bits
      ofp-util: Reduce scope of variables in ofputil_encode_flow_mod()
      ofp-util: Update Capabilities for Open Flow 1.2
      ofp-util: Set switch_features actions to zero for Open Flow 1.1+
      nx-match: Separate raw match and header/pad pull/put
      ofp-util: Allow encoding of Open Flow 1.1 & 1.2 Barrier Request Messages
      ofp-util: Make ofperr_encode_msg__() use correct Open Flow version
      ofp-error: Remove ofperr_domain from external API
      ofp-util: Make make_echo_request() aware of different OpenFlow versions.
      ofp-print: Use the prevailing protocol to call ofputil_decode_flow_mod()
      learning-switch: Send Features Request and Set Config with correct version
      ofp-util: Allow encoding of Open Flow 1.2 Flow Mod messages
      ofp-util: ofputil_pull_ofp11_match: Allow OXM match
      ofp-print: Open Flow 1.2 Flow Mod message tests
      ofp-util: Allow encoding of Open Flow 1.2 Packet In Messages
      ofp-util: Allow decoding of Open Flow 1.2 Packet In Messages
      ofp-msgs: Update OFPRAW_OFPT_SET_CONFIG for OpenFlow 1.2
      ofp-actions: Return action size
      ofp-util: Prepare Packet Out encoder for other Open Flow versions
      ofp-util: Allow encoding of Open Flow 1.1 and 1.2 Packet Out Messages
      ofp-util: Prepare Packet Out decoder for other Open Flow versions
      ofp-util: Allow decoding of Open Flow 1.1 and 1.2 Packet Out Messages
      ofp-util: Allow encoding of Open Flow 1.2 Flow Removed messages
      ofp-util: Allow encoding Open Flow 1.2 Flow Stats Request Messages
      Allow decoding of Open Flow 1.1 & 1.2 Flow Removed Messages
      ofp-util: Use 32bit port for Open Flow 1.1 & 1.2 Port Mod Request
      ofp-util: Allow encoding of Open Flow 1.2 Port Mod Messages
      ofp-util: Allow decoding of Open Flow 1.2 Port Mod Message
      ofp-util: Allow encoding of Open Flow 1.2 Flow Statistics Response Messages
      ofp-util: Allow decoding of Open Flow 1.2 Flow Statistics Response Messages
      ofp-msgs: Allow 1.0-1.2 range
      ofp-msgs: Split OFPRAW_OFPST_TABLE_REPLY
      ofp-print: Enable display of Open Flow 1.1 & 1.2 Table Stats Reply Messages
      ofp-util: Allow decoding of Open Flow 1.2 Flow Statistics Request Messages
      ovs-ofctl: Use vconn as a parameter of dump_stats_transaction()
      ofp-msgs: Allow encoding and decoding of Open Flow 1.1 & 1.2 Barrier Messages
      ofp-errors: Remove OFPERR_NXBIC_DUP_TYPE
      ofp-errors: Use standardised code for OFPERR_OFPBMC_BAD_VALUE
      lib/ofp-util: preparation for OF12 of ofp-util
      ofp-errors: Ignore text enclosed in square brackets
      ofp-errors: Use OFPERR_OFPBRC_BAD_PORT
      ofp-errors: Use OFPERR_OFPBRC_BAD_TABLE_ID
      ofp-util: Allow decoding of Open Flow 1.1 & 1.2 Table Statistics Request Messages
      ofp-actions: helper functions for of12 set-field action
      flow: Only show IPv4 flow information for IPv4 flows
      ofproto: Rationalise comments in handle_flow_mod().
      ofp-actions: Add parsing of set_field actions
      ofproto: Add del-flow based on table-id tests
      ofp-util: Use table_id in OF1.1 and OF1.2 Flow Remove Messages
      ofp-util: Set Packet In Format: Use prevailing OpenFlow version
      ofp-msgs: Open Flow 1.1 and 1.2 Port Status Messages
      Use enum ofperr in ofputil_decode_flow_removed()
      ofp-msgs: Update for OpenFlow 1.1 & 1.2 Port Desc Stats
      ofp-util: Correct comment above ofputil_append_port_stat()
      ofp-msgs: Open Flow 1.1 and 1.2 Queue Status Messages
      ofp-util: Correct setting of Flow Mod cookie on encode
      ofp-print: Do not display flow mod cookie if it is UINT64_MAX
      ofproto: Do not add flow on flow mod if new_cookie is UINT64_MAX

Tadaaki Nagao (1):
      datapath: Check for backported skb_frag_page().

Tetsuo NAKAGAWA (5):
      ofproto: Fix segfault when changing command execution settings
      ovs-dpctl: Fix setting of packet length for "controller" action
      ovs-dpctl: Fix setting of packet length for "controller" action
      vconn-stream: Copy stream's IP and port info into vconn at creation time.
      dpif-linux: Fix file descriptor leak.

Thomas Goirand (10):
      debian: Add long descriptions for init scripts.
      debian: Bump debhelper compat level to 8 and make build-depends consistent.
      debian: Improve long descriptions so as to better describe the packages.
      debian: Add missing ${python:Depends} to openvswitch-test package.
      debian: Build-depend on python-all to pull in all Python versions.
      debian: Remove po-debconf build dependency.
      debian: Clean .pyc files in "clean" target.
      debian: Remove some useless files from the dkms pacakge.
      debian: Bump standards-version to 3.9.3.
      doc: Fix typo in manpage.

Thomas Graf (3):
      rhel: Automatically start openvswitch service before bringing an ovs interface up or down
      rhel: Add OVSREQUIRES to automatically bring up OpenFlow interface dependencies
      linux: Increase accuracy of ingress_policing_rate at low rates

Todd Deshane (1):
      Add instructions for using Open vSwitch with KVM.

Tsvi Slonim (1):
      backtrace: Use generic code to find the bottom of the stack.

Tyler Coumbes (1):
      rhel: Add ability to enable bridge compatibility mode in /etc/sysconfig/openvswitch

Valient Gough (2):
      datapath: call tnl_ops only after setting options
      datapath: add key support to CAPWAP tunnel

Vivien Bernet-Rollande (1):
      brcompat_mod: Check if user has CAP_NET_ADMIN in ioctl handler

Wei Yongjun (4):
      ovsdb-idl: fix compile warning of lib/ovsdb-idl.c
      ofproto: fix compile warning of ofproto/ofproto.c
      tests: fix compile warning of tests/test-ovsdb.c
      datapath: introduce a method to install kernel modules

Yasuhito Takamiya (1):
      documantation: Trivial fix for kvm option error.

Yu Zhiguo (1):
      datapath: fix header file include

Zhi Yong Wu (1):
      datapath: Fix build breakage on kernel 2.6.40

Zoltan Kiss (1):
      lib: Define OVSP_NONE in a more clear way

pravin shelar (1):
      Datapath action should not refer to controller


Open vSwitch

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