[ovs-git] [ovn-org/ovn] a8362f: northd: Fix the missing force_snat_for_lb flows wh...

Dumitru Ceara noreply at github.com
Sat Mar 6 09:22:30 UTC 2021

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/ovn-org/ovn
  Commit: a8362ff85deea66741661a0df458c3305f46af8b
  Author: Numan Siddique <numans at ovn.org>
  Date:   2021-03-06 (Sat, 06 Mar 2021)

  Changed paths:
    M northd/lrouter.dl
    M northd/ovn-northd.8.xml
    M northd/ovn-northd.c
    M northd/ovn_northd.dl
    M tests/ovn-northd.at
    M tests/system-ovn.at

  Log Message:
  northd: Fix the missing force_snat_for_lb flows when router_ip is configured.

The commit c6e21a23bd8 which supported the option 'lb_force_snat_ip=router_ip'
on a gateway router, missed out on
  - updating the flows in 'lr_in_dnat' to set 'flags.force_snat_for_lb = 1'.
  - removing the flow to drop if ip.dst == router port IP in 'lr_in_ip_input'

This patch fixes these issue and adds a system test to cover the
hairpin load balancer traffic for the gateway routers.

Fixes: c6e21a23bd8("northd: Provide the Gateway router option 'lb_force_snat_ip' to take router port ips.")

Acked-by: Ben Pfaff <blp at ovn.org>
Signed-off-by: Numan Siddique <numans at ovn.org>

  Commit: 80a9a8e834829a80af2ee329fc69a1314fb5079b
  Author: Dumitru Ceara <dceara at redhat.com>
  Date:   2021-03-06 (Sat, 06 Mar 2021)

  Changed paths:
    M controller/binding.c

  Log Message:
  binding: Fix potential NULL dereference of lbinding.

There is a valid code path that can lead to 'lbinding' being NULL in
handle_deleted_vif_lport().  Make sure we check for it.

Found by code inspection.

Fixes: 68cf9fdceba8 ("binding: Fix container port removal from local bindings.")
Signed-off-by: Dumitru Ceara <dceara at redhat.com>
Signed-off-by: Numan Siddique <numans at ovn.org>

Compare: https://github.com/ovn-org/ovn/compare/19f0876d00ae...80a9a8e83482

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